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Who maarja, tobyk
When Tue, May 1st 2018 - 10:00 until Fri, May 4th 2018 - 20:00
Where Pistoriho palác, Štefánikova 834/25, Bratislava, Slovakia

CCL is an internationally traveling format offering digital media ‘code savvy’ artists the opportunity to translate aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and apply choreographic thinking to their own practice. In a one week interdisciplinary peer-to-peer setting, the participants work on their own projects, share knowledge, find new collaboration partners, discuss ideas and challenges. Previous CCLs have been joined by digital artists, musicians, architects, physicists and dancers, all bringing along a variety of emerging new media tools and setups that can be experimented with and explored for new artistic ideas. Results from the week might range from prototypes for artworks to new plug-ins for working with dance related datasets (www.choreographiccoding.org). CCLs finally seek to initiate a sustainable collaborative practice among its participants encouraging ongoing exchange in an artistic research community of individuals.

Limited number of participants. Submissions deadline is 23th of March.

Workshop is free of charge thanks to the support of the Goethe-Institut Bratislava.

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Who fibo
When Fri, Mar 16th 2018 - 14:00 until Sun, Mar 18th 2018 - 02:30
Where Ri-make, Via Artesani 47, Milan, Italy

rimake flyer

We are happy to be hosted by Ri-Make, that is a sort of squat in a dismissed bank, for few installations and a free vvvv workshop!

The workshop will be on saturday 17th March 2018, in the afternoon. In the last Patcher Kucha I organized I knew many people from Brera Accademy in Milan and noticed and increased interest in vvvv.

Thanks also to fusomario who is spreading the vvvvord really hard, there will be few vvvv installations hosted.

My installation is related to mathematics, of course, and let user interact with music generated by prime numbers and tells the user their history while a bitcoin data graph in real time is showed... in some way they are related.

On the other hand fusomario will present two installations (of course using vvvv, otherwise italian mafia gang is disappointed): one is hard to believe at first, there is some vegetable connected with an arduino to get its feelings into an IObox. I saw with my eyes and it is true: the vegetable responds to stimuli (light, sounds and caresses) , connects with people, and manifests its feelings.

I have heard other people from Brera will show other installations using vvvv.

Come to vvvvisit us!

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Who David Gann, schnellebuntebilder
When Sat, Apr 28th 2018 - 12:00 until Sat, Apr 28th 2018 - 18:00
Where schnellebuntebilder, Rudolfstr. 11, Berlin, Germany


''VVVV.js features many essential JavaScript and WebGL programming methods packed in a set of over 300 nodes. The browser-based patch editor enables you to get started right now on any platform and it is possible to quickly deploy your application to web and mobile.
Recently VVVV.js received a huge update which implements advanced rendering techniques like physical based rendering, instancing and depth-buffer based post effects.

To jump right into action follow this link:https://tekcor.github.io/vvvv.js-examples/
There is also a very detailed overview in written form here:http://000.graphics/tutorial/02_VVVV.js_Introduction.html
or watch the video:

Workshop Content

In detail we will look at the following topics:

• Physical Based Rendering
• glTF Import and three.js model loading
• Instancing Engine
• Deferred Effects
• Collision Detection
• Terrain Rendering
• Multi-Texturing
• Particles
• Derivative Maps (Tangent free Normal and Parallax Occlusion Mapping)
• Shader and Node Development for VVVV.js

Booking and Fees

Reserve your workshop seat now via mailto:vvvvorkshop@schnellebuntebilder.de

There will be a fee of 50,00 € per attendee (recerving room + support for lecturer).
If you consider yourself a professional or your company sends you here, we use T.R.U.S.T to encourage you to pay a professional fee, which is 200,00 €.

Become a Patreon

If you can`t make it to berlin but want to learn it,
consider joining my online course or receive direct mentoring by becomming a Patreon. Your support will accelerate the development of this amazing framework.

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Who maarja, id144, nissidis
When Tue, Feb 13th 2018 - 20:00 until Tue, Feb 13th 2018 - 21:00
Where Prague, Františka Křížka 36, 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Everywhen is dark, depressive and captivating contemplation on the recurrence in history. Everywhen orbits around two sides of life - the personal and the political. An often caring, gentle and well-meaning personal life is contrasted here with the reality of the social individual, who can often be sinister, vengeful and hateful. But how can we be critical to our own world views when they are created by those closest to us?

Trailer https://vimeo.com/249193177

Visuals, concept: Mária Júdová
Dance, concept: Soňa Ferienčíková
Music, concept: Alexandra Timpau
Lights: Ints Plavnieks
Technical support: Andrej Boleslavský, Constantine Nisidis
Produced by: BOD.Y – Zuzana Hájková
Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

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Who David Gann
When Sat, Mar 10th 2018 - 14:00 until Sat, Mar 10th 2018 - 17:30
Where LOFFT Verein zur Förderung des Leipziger OFF-Theaters e.V., Lindenauer Markt 21 , 04177, Leipzig, Germany

ATLAS @ Deep Space Ars Electronica

Dem Körper angepasste Interfaces ermöglichen es Tänzer*innen und Performer*innen, direkt mit Sound und Computergrafik zu interagieren. Die Körperbewegung wird dadurch zum Ausdrucksvektor für audio-visuelle Kompositionen, basierend auf Chaos und Noise.

  • - English below --

Der Workshop vermittelt eine Basis, Tanz und Performance mit interaktiver Kunst und Medienkunst zu verbinden. Die Teilnehmenden nähern sich Methoden an, mit denen Körperbewegungen digital erkennbar werden und setzen diese Bewegungsdaten in Echtzeit für die Erzeugung audiovisueller Elemente ein. Dabei wird primär die visuelle Programmiersprache VVVV gezeigt, welche besonders gut für den flexiblen Einsatz auf der Bühne geeignet ist (auch für Anfänger). Es wird speziell auf die Themen Chaos und Noise in der Computergrafik und im Sound Design eingegangen mit dem Ziel, Wege zu finden, durch Bewegungen komplexe und eindrucksvolle Bilder und Klänge zu erzeugen.

David Gann studierte Biologie und Interface Art und arbeitet als Künstler, Entwickler und Designer im Bereich interaktive audio-visuelle Medien, Computergrafik und Sound Art.

English Description
Wearable DIY interfaces enable dancers and performers to directly connect to real-time generated audio and computer graphics. The body movement becomes an expression vector for generating audio-visual productions based on chaos and noise. The participants approach methods of digitally capturing body movements and use the data gathered to create audio-visual elements in real-time. The primary focus is on the coding language VVVV, which is especially applicable for the flexible use on stage (even for beginners).

David Gann studied biology and interface art and is working as a artist, developer and designer in the field of interactive audio-visual media, computer graphics and sound art.

Wearable Motion Controllers
FBM Noise

HINWEIS: Die Workshopgebühr beinhaltet ein Ticket für einen Vorstellungsbesuch von CABOOM vom 09. bis 11. März 2018.

Anmeldung unter: workshop@lofft.de


KONZEPT+DURCHFÜHRUNG+FOTO David Gann. Ein Workshop von David Gann/ooo.graphics in Kooperation mit LOFFT – Das Theater. Gefördert von der Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt. Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushaltes.

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Who dominikkoller
When Wed, Jan 3rd 2018 - 09:00 until Wed, Jan 10th 2018 - 20:00
Where vvvv Praxis Berlin, Oranienstrasse 10, Berlin, Germany

Hello everyone!

here it is, the second edition of vvvv Academy!

Here's all the info:http://vvvv.academy/winter-course.html

It will be more compact than the Summer Course - 6 full days, with lectures and patching sessions. Starting January 3rd.

We will once again be in the vvvv developer's office in Berlin - where else would you want to learn vvvv?

Also, we'll have less people - a group of 6 this time, so we can have an even more focused learning environment.

Get in touch via

Best from the rainy UK

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When Thu, Nov 2nd 2017 until Sat, Nov 4th 2017
Where Theater of Namur, Brussles, Belgium

The KIKK festival is hosting a series of workshops around the topics of “Design and technology, creative coding and machine learning, scanning, 3D printing, etc.”

Two of the workshops are using vvvv:

Also check the full program of the festival including conferences, exhibitions, installations, parties,...looks like something we shouldn't miss..

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Who fibo, fusomario
When Tue, Nov 14th 2017 - 19:00 until Tue, Nov 14th 2017 - 21:00
Where Mikamai / LinkMe, via Venini 42, metro Pasteur, Milan, Italy


Patcher Kucha Milan 2017

Yet another Patcher Kucha vvvvolks. If you are around Milan, please join(t).

L'ambiente di sviluppo VVVV permette ad artisti, creativi e (perchè no?) anche ai programmatori di programmare, sia in maniera grafica che testuale, scene 3d, installazioni multimediali, vjing, projection mapping, kinect, arduino e moooolto altro ancora in maniera troppo divertente (attenzione, provoca dipendenza).

In questo primo incontro vedremo insieme come creare ed editare un vertex shader, per esempio l'Attractor3d, in tempo reale... sì perchè, non lo sapevi? VVVV funziona solo in tempo reale!

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Who KOPFFARBEN Julia Schäfer + Johannes Schmidt (Lichtmalerei und Animation) FRIEDWOLF Jonas Wolf + Das Friedel (Human Beatbox, Loop Station, Gitarre)
When Sat, Oct 14th 2017 - 19:30 until Sun, Oct 15th 2017 - 19:30
Where FORUM Factory, Besselstraße 13, Berlin, Germany


This Weekend we will perform our newst production, on the occasion of "BERLIN leuchtet", "AUSFAHRT BABYLON".
We're going to embark on a visuell journey through the macrocosm of the city.

All it's done with vvvv. All it's live.

Official showact of „BERLIN leuchtet 2017“
Music to see, painting to listen to!
„AUSFAHRT BABYLON“ – A Visual Concert

Date: 14 and 15 October 2017
Start: 19:30 hrs (duration 50 minutes)
Location: Forum Factory, Besselstrasse 14,10969 Berlin


Am Wochenende ist es endlich soweit: anlässlich "BERLIN leuchtet" zeigen wir unsere jüngste Produktion "AUSFAHRT BABYLON".
Mit live Musik und Lichtmalerei begeben wir uns auf eine Reise durch den Makrokosmos Stadt.

Offizieller Showact zu „BERLIN leuchtet 2017“
Musik zum Sehen, Malerei zum Hören!
„AUSFAHRT BABYLON“ – Ein Visuelles Konzert

Datum: 14. und 15. Oktober 2017
Beginn: jeweils 19:30 Uhr (Dauer 50 Minuten)
Ort: Forum Factory, Besselstrasse 14, 10969 Berlin

Die Stadt – Wiege der Zivilisation oder Ort der Unzucht und Unterdrückung? Mit Musik und Malerei treten wir eine Reise an durch die Vielfältigkeit des Makrokosmos Stadt.
Vor Ihren Augen und Ohren entwickelt sich ein riesiges Gemälde aus Licht. Es tanzt, es verändert sich, verschwindet und entsteht neu.
Extra für „Berlin leuchtet 2017“ haben die Lichtkünstler KOPFFARBEN mit den Musikern von FRIEDWOLF ein Visuelles Konzert komponiert.
Es besteht nicht allein aus Noten, sondern auch aus Malerei. Die Bilder entstehen nicht auf einer Leinwand, sondern auf einem Bildschirm. Was daraus entsteht, hängt nicht an einer Wand im Museum, sondern geschieht live auf einer Bühne.

Das ist jedoch kein Film, der lediglich projiziert wird. Während der Aufführungen von Kopffarben wird alles aus dem Augenblick heraus geboren. Man kann dem Bild bei seiner Entstehung zuschauen, aber auch bei dessen Metamorphosen, bis hin zum Verschwinden. Doch eigentlich ist es ja auch kein Bild, das entsteht. Es sind viele Bilder, ohne ein Film zu sein. Vielleicht ist es ein multimediales Ereignis, eine ‚Lichterscheinung‘, ein visuelles Feuerwerk, das die Fantasie entzündet.

Künstler Visuelles Konzert:
KOPFFARBEN Julia Schäfer + Johannes Schmidt
(Lichtmalerei und Animation)
FRIEDWOLF Jonas Wolf + Das Friedel
(Human Beatbox, Loop Station, Gitarre)

mit Lichtinstallationen von:
Andrey Vrady, Anton Marchenko, Ran Ancor

Berlin leuchtet e.V.: http://berlin-leuchtet.com/guide/forum-factory/
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/909308175901058/

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Who Daniel Huber (CeeYaa), Alessandro Maggioni, Mika Satomi, Benjamin Hohnheiser (benju)
When Thu, Sep 28th 2017 - 21:15 until Sun, Oct 8th 2017 - 23:30
Where Schaubude Berlin, Greifswalder Str. 81-84, Berlin, Germany

Buch der Schatten
  • (DE // see english version below) -


Berlin Premiere: im Rahmen von "Digital ist besser" präsentieren wir am 28. September unsere Installation "Das Buch der Schatten" an der Schaubude Berlin. Die Präsentation findet bei der Premiere und den weiteren Abenden jeweils nach der Abendversanstaltung statt (Start der Abendveranstaltung normalerweise 20 Uhr, Sonntag 19 Uhr, somit ist die Ausstellung unserer Installation jeweils ab ca. 21:30, Sonntags 20:30 geöffnet).

Außerdem an folgenden Terminen:
Do, 28. September (Berlin Premiere)
Fr, 29. September
Sa, 30. September
So, 1. Oktober

Fr, 6. Oktober
Sa, 7. Oktober
So, 8. Oktober

Mehr Informationen:

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/316563498808417
Web: http://buch-der-schatten.net

Ein Projekt von Alessandro Maggioni, Benjamin Hohnheiser, Daniel Huber, Mika Satomi

  • (EN) -


We will open our our interactive installation "Book of Shadows" on September 28th @ Schaubude Berlin after the evening show: https://www.facebook.com/events/316563498808417

Also exhibiting on:
Thu, September 28th (Berlin Premiere)
Fri, September 29th
Sat, September 30th
Sun, Oktober 1st

Fri, Oktober 6th
Sat, Oktober 7th
Sun, Oktober 8th

always after the evening shows (starting at 20:00, Sunday at 19:00) at Schaubude (https://www.facebook.com/schaubude.berlin), so ususally the installation exhibition is open from around 21:30ish (Sunday 20:30ish).

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/316563498808417
Web: http://buch-der-schatten.net

A project by Alessandro Maggioni, Benjamin Hohnheiser, Daniel Huber, Mika Satomi

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~2d ago

joreg: another release candidate is out for the weekend: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv please test and report!

~4d ago

microdee: I realized that I will just do those updates on separate branches, Still stay tuned...

~4d ago

microdee: I'm making mp.* packs CI and release friendly. Meanwhile vpm downloads might not work with them for a bit. Stay tuned...

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~5d ago

karistouf: thank you joreg

~5d ago

joreg: good to hear!

~5d ago

Xini: the old problem was the renderer on a second screen freezing when fullsize, under certain conditions which i can't remember now...

~5d ago

Xini: @joreg now i got hold of a projector and i tested, should be fine! :D @joreg

~5d ago

joreg: i'm not exactly sure what "old problem" you're talking about. have you tested if it still exists?

~5d ago

Xini: tx @joreg . Do you think it's better for me to install a 32bit version of vvvv, or is there another workaround for that old problem?