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credits Banco Santander, Edt eventos,otucinema,romera,colorsound,Augmented Laser,vvvv, vl

colorsound, Sunday, Jun 24th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

credits autechre <> garbage

garbage I
udo2013, Sunday, Jun 24th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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A club in SANLITUN in Beijing
controled by vvvv

Jeff Zhu, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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RE_SONANCE an audiovisual composition for old piano, biofeedback equipped performer and four empty music sheets

Development within the artist-in-residency program of Subnet 2017 at the Human-Computer-Interaction Center at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

An old piano was used and four blank music sheets capable to "remember" and modulate, through their shape, short sounds of the piano by using computer vision and granular sound-synthesis. The performer modulates the sound additionally through sensors monitoring in real-time the body movement, the level of stress and the heart-rate.


raijekov, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Everywhen is dark, depressive and captivating intermedia performance on the recurrence in history.

dance, concept: Soňa Ferienčíková
visuals, concept: Mária Júdová
sound, concept: Alexandra Timpau

light design: Ints Plavnieks
movement cooperation: Martina Hajdyla Lacová
visual tech support: Andrej Boleslavský, Constantine Nisidis
sound tech support: Sara Pinheiro, Matěj Šenkyřík
costume collaboration: Daniela Danielis
production: BOD.Y

co-producer: Motus> Alfred ve dvoře
partners: GAFFA O.Z., Institute of intermedia, Lunchmeat studio
residencies: Stanica Žilina- Záriečie, Štúdio 12

video trailer: Jirka Jiráček
photos: Vojtěch Brtnický

thanks to: Boris Adamčík, Zuzana Hájková, Michal Freriks, Marek Godovič, Honza Noháč, Ján Ptačin, Michal Šimečka

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

more info http://mariajudova.net/works/everywhen/

maria judova, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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An extract from Full Dome project CAGE by Past Video in co-production with SAT Montreal
+INFO here http://sat.qc.ca/fr/cage-lost
rendering and animations made with vvvv
sound by Kristian Westergaard
singing by Daniel Flores of Ashaninka family from Mayantuyacu Peru
our gratitude for the inspiration and for letting us work with his chant

past video, Thursday, Jun 14th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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a interactive light installation.
made with vvvv

Jeff Zhu, Thursday, Jun 14th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Voici l'introduction pour laquelle nous avons eu l'honneur de travailler pour le concert de NTM à Bercy Arena Paris 2018
Mise en scène : Jeremie Lippmann
Scénographie : Jacques Gabel
Musique : R-ASH, Dj Pone & Thomas Vaquié Music
Merci et bravo à Pierre Gufflet, Joanie Lemercier, Basile Buisson, Edouard Grnr, Valentin Bachelot, Virginie de Clausade, Pierre Nouvel et à tout le reste de l'équipe
Et évidement un grand merci à JoeyStarr & Kool Shen

Visual System, Thursday, Jun 14th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Museum Night Fever 2018

Passionate about digital and generative art, Michaël Verlinden's light interventions take place in the remains of the Coudenberg Palace for Museum Night Fever 2018. Immerse yourself in a playful and interactive universe with installations with a minimalist aesthetic.

You may compare Digital Wool with an interactive luminous carpet that has a psychedelic and poetic power.

Practical information:

Entrance via 10 Royale Place
Saturday March 3, from 7pm to 2am. Last entry at 1:45am!

Museum Night Fever 2018

Les interventions lumineuses de Michaël Verlinden prennent place dans les vestiges du Palais du Coudenberg dans le cadre de la Museum Night Fever 2018. Passionné par l'art numérique et génératif, il propose de vous plonger dans un univers ludique et interactif avec des installations à l'esthétique minimaliste.

L'oeuvre Digital Wool est comparable à un tapis lumineux interactif au pouvoir psychédélique et poétique.

Renseignements pratiques :

Entrée via le 10 Place Royale.
Samedi 3 mars, de 19h à 2h. Dernière entrée à 1h45 !

Vision Nocturne, Tuesday, Jun 12th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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When I finally understood n. sinigaglia's ("dottore") gpu-particles library after a year, my computer crashed and the project had died. Now I can carry on with my new laptop where I had to stop two years ago (only particles, vvvv had worked). and it's my entry into the dx11 world. I'm 61 and old people like to do what they already can ;-) incomparably easier to handle! a pure pleasure to try out my ideas.

udo, Tuesday, Jun 12th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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~3h ago

metrowave: Yes, thanks for the streamming.

~2d ago

Hadasi: ...classic

~2d ago

Hadasi: @welove the videos are still up there https://www.twitch.tv/wirmachenbunt/videos

~2d ago

welovemedia: Big thanks for the stream, will this stay online or be shared as a download for those who could not watch it live?

~2d ago

CeeYaa: Big THX for the daylong streaming - and amazing Project Insights https://www.twitch.tv/videos/412932722

~3d ago

u7angel: twitch livestream vvvv gamma

~4d ago

u7angel: @domj, sure

~4d ago

domj: @u7angel: nice! How about the talk later at 7?

~4d ago

u7angel: vvvv-gamma-presentation will be streamed on twitch, starts 2pm, channel name is vvvv gamma

~4d ago

joreg: vvvv heads in #hamburg #kiel: if you're bored this thursday, please come join us for a workshop and/or talk: vvvv-gamma-presentation