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if you were happy with beta27 you should be even more happy with this release. we tried to only get rid of still annoying buggers. there should now be no reason left for anyone to still use an older version.

so there is not much new stuff, true. but our feature-branches of development are only waiting to be merged into the alpha-line of code where you'll soon be able to testdrive new stuff.

also don't forget the addonpack this time, which for the first time includes Kinect nodes for both OpenNI and Microsoft drivers (for you to choose) and vuxens complete christmaspack among all the other goodies.

and in the meantime, while waiting for beta28 document some of your projects in the gallery and buy more licenses.


Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta27.1 | See Changelog | 12378 Dls
joreg, Saturday, Feb 18th 2012 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  


what have we got to offer this time. lets see. how about a trinity of

  • performance
  • stability
  • featurestuff

big words as such so let us shed some light on them:


remember those annoying freeze-crashes? no more! we quite positively identified the sole bugger of those, extracted it and squashed it to pieces which we burnt and then burried on different continents. so if from now on you experience a freezecrash you can at least be certain it is a new phenomenon and we'll be happy to hear how you got there. also a lot of work was put into dx9-devicehandling so you should see improvements when working with multiple monitors (still bugging though in those setups: videotexture. omg, will this ever end?!).


you've probably noticed and didn't dare to mention that since around beta20 vvvv got slower and slower with each release. how embarrassing really. now here we go: beta27 is most likely the fastest #vvvv ever so far (consider: this could make a nice quote on twitter). rework has been done on the holy grounds of the vvvv graph and we were able to squeeze out quite some frames (for most common scenarios). please report your findings... and while at it we also introduced a (hidden by default) Evaluate on every patch that allows you to disable evaluation on a per patch basis. ja, this should allow you to increase your framerates even further.


forget the GDI category of nodes, vvvv now has a new 2d drawing engine based on SVG. while it is not exactly suitable for highperformance realtime applications it does not only allow you to render 2d stuff with antialiasing and transparency but at the same time save the result as .svg files for printing or further editing in any vector graphics editor. in the right hands this should have quite some potential...

and now for the small print: we have some breaking changes this time. nothing too bad though:

  • vvvv is now using .net4 which means that plugins from the contributions will need a rebuild. contributors please do so and reupload your contribution or consider putting your stuff in the addonpack (using the vvvv-sdk)?
  • vvvv ships with a new and more clean directory-structure. just don't touch anything inside \lib if you don't want to break anything and note that all assets that have ben scattered all over the place are now to be found in \lib\assets
  • input Get Original File Infos and output File Format pins of Info (EX9.Texture) had to be removed (due to internas).

ah and we were able to get rid of that annoying crack sound. how on earth was that supposed to be funny in the first place. haha.

so we hope there is something for everybody in this release. to those not satisfied: you're right, never be! we're on your side. but if words comfort you, let us start rumors that considering all available evvvvidence we have to assume that the real big shit is still to come.

merry and happy,

Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta27 | See Changelog | 7386 Dls
joreg, Saturday, Dec 24th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 21 comments  


this is beta26 speaking. first of all thanks to all my alphatesters who found some buggers that would have annoyed you quite a bit. so be grateful and if you still find a bug, blame it on them. see? i cannot be bothered...

apart from tons of bugfixes in all of my most dirty corners which you'll only feel subconciously (if you're too lazy to read my Change Log)? there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. changes to ioboxes
  2. relative paths into modules
  3. realtime cubemap
  4. new fx compiler
  5. startup time

Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta26 | See Changelog | 12983 Dls
joreg, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

dir patchers and coders,

exclusively for you. again. after all the featuridoo in beta24 and beta25 we thought we'd owe you a more stable one: here comes beta25.1 as a bugfix only release. focus has been put on 3 things:

foremost we wanted to get the dynamic plugin coding solid. this includes fixes and small features to the CodeEditor and the ProjectExplorer and tons of fixes to the backend.

then we heard you moan about the enum "situation" and started to tackle that. this goes handinhand with the improved red-node warning system. generally you should now see more red-nodes which tell you they have a problem. this could now be a missing plugin, a runtime error or a missing enum entry like a missing channel at a receiver node or a missing device on your system... so whenever you feel something isn't right, startup the finder in global mode and check for red nodes.

lastly we still find people having trouble getting vvvv to run and therefore we tried to get the install experience more familiar. so now as you're used to with every great software you are using, first run crack.exe (included). if you get all green lights, just exit the crack and start_with_demo.bat (or vvvv.exe to get a vanilla patch). red lights indicate something is missing, pointing you to the right downloads. hope that helps.

all in all a convenience release. but you'll be the judge of that.
your devvvvs.

ah and don't forget to get the suitable addons45beta25.101

Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta25.1 | See Changelog | 16659 Dls
joreg, Friday, Feb 18th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 5 comments  

..what we got here.. oh xmess. sou lets see:
nothing really new to those who saw the keynode. an overview:

mainly there are 2 new windows:
ctrl+j opens the Project Explorer which gives you an overview of all textural code (ie. effects and dynamic nodes) in use. you can now add references to projects directly and you can specify to compile dynamic nodes as release or debug builds where debug is useful if you want to connect to the vvvv process with an external debugger..

ctrl+f opens the Finder which gives you an overview of all nodes and lets you search for nodes by tags. Check the Finder page for details.

and there is the completely overhauled handling of references to addons and the new more important role of the root patch. we prepared two pages for your reading pleasure covering those topics: Root and Nodes and Paths. in short you can now organize your own and downloaded addons more transparently anywhere on disk as long as you specify a searchpath in the root via the new NodeList (VVVV).

the rest is bugs and fixes. a lot of time went into performance tuning and garbage collection concerning dynamic nodes. meanwhile that should be quite usable... please check the changlog as usual.

and now for the fish. i always wonder if salmon is aware of tasting that delicious...

yours devvvs.
we value tradition.

Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta25 | See Changelog | 5985 Dls
joreg, Friday, Dec 24th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 12 comments  


no new features this time. we just tried to get rid of the most annoying bogus we introduced with beta24 making it the most rocksolid vvvversion ever (so far). most notably the CodeEditor is now also working for effects. for details see the changelog.

as of this writing: 3527068 seconds until node10.
now for some mojitos,
yours devvvvs.

Download: 32bit vvvv_45beta24.1 | See Changelog | 8631 Dls
joreg, Wednesday, Oct 6th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

this one goes out to the lovvvvers...

beta24 is quite featurepacked and therefore might not be for everyone because as you know behind every great feature stands a big fat bug. please take a seat and some time to read the following:

in order to make the news easier to digest they are presented here in two bits:

joreg, Thursday, Sep 16th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 18 comments  

it is true: on a date without any religious connotation we count up to 23, which is just a prime like any other really.

we fixed again a bunch of bugs, focused on some improvements on basic nodes and layed the ground work for new wonderful plugins. there are also some advancements in the GUI.
please check the Change log for details. download here

so have fun using the best vvvversion ever!
yours devvvvs

Download: 32bit vvvv_40beta23 | See Changelog | 24857 Dls
gregsn, Friday, Mar 12th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

halleluja, seems we did it again.

thanks for your patience, it has been a while since the last release. we've been hindered by the higher power of business but as yo shall see (in the Change Log ), we have quite some goodies again. first we hope you notice all our tiny bugfixes that should result in an ovvvverall evvvven more stable impression.

then we'd like to specially point out a quite nerdy new feature: multiboygrouping. ie, each client can now listen to any number of servers at once. while we'll still have to document this in the coming days you'll have to finally show us how to make use of this..

also there is this experimental FileStream2 (DShow9) node that you may be curious to test. nothing promised, but the idea is that it would switch files without choking. who believes in vvvv?

well and of course there is an addonpack again, stuffed with an extra 139(!) plugins contributed by woei, vux, fibo, chrismo and i guess some more (notetoself: organize a creditspage).

and if i am not mistaken there is still more to come of this kind...

tsit for now, parents are screaming for attention. so please help yourself and let us know about your findings.

happy nevvvv to you,
yours devvvvs.

Download: 32bit vvvv_40beta22 | See Changelog | 11760 Dls
joreg, Thursday, Dec 24th 2009 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Easter is such a real shwopsy mopsy thing, if you know what we mean.

The new release comes with the following features:

  • pixel precise 2d rendering within 3d scenes
  • text and sprite rendering
  • billboards and onesided objects
  • a more versatile Multiscreen technique
  • spreadable ex9 primitives
  • more performant caching with known switches and S+H nodes
  • faster patches in hidden tabs
  • GUI enhancements for module writers (middleclick an iobox)
  • HID nodes for driver development
  • more possibilities for plugin developers (mesh and layer outputs, enums in and out)

And some more shwops and mops.

Get it at Downloads, be sure to have installed all the requirements listed under Additional Downloads and also don't forget the latest addonpack!
Go for it!
Yours devvvvs, groups

Download: 32bit vvvv_40beta21 | See Changelog | 32051 Dls
gregsn, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2009 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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~1d ago

joreg: absolutely. if it is for a repo that is public, just submit a pullrequest. otherwise please start a forum thread.

~1d ago

benjawmino: @joreg I ended up figuring out BezierSegment yesterday, so nevermind! Tell me, could a user submit a help patch? :)

~1d ago

joreg: @benjawmino please elaborate on this question a bit in a new forum thread. otherwise it is hard to answer..

~2d ago

benjawmino: so are there no splines/curves in gamma yet??

~6d ago

skyliner: wanna do drone shows or applications? then check this super cool project of our man e1n

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NoseBleedIndustries: Thanks Joreg! The few minutes I was able to see, very good workshops!

~10d ago

joreg: @NoseBleedIndustries please give us some days, we'll have an announcement soon...

~10d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: I could not assist the Node20 (workshops ) Any Idea when we will have access to the links of the recordings?

~12d ago

bjoern: unity has c# bindings for usd, under apache license: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/usd-unity-sdk