» ‘Spiel mit mir’ (Play with me)
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‘Spiel mit mir’ (Play with me)

credits Alessandro Maggioni (Perelà) Daniel Huber (CeeYaa)

vvvv + kinect2 + projector + some plywood
and a lot of pictures of a museum catalog
shaked and mixed together ---- kids will get crazy

An interactive multimedia installation which combines elements of learning, communication, and physical activity in a playful and intriguing contemporary exposition for kids.


Spiel Mit Mir was realized after a concept awarded with the first place of the Grassi für Kinder competition developed by Barbara Falkner, Alessandro Maggioni (Perelà) and Anton Mezhiborskyi (robotanton). The permanent installation is now implemented in the foyer of the Grassi Museum of Leipzig, covering the content of three different museums: Applied Arts, Ethnology, Music Instruments.

Co-designed by BadaBoom.Berlin (badaboom.berlin) and Raumsektor (raumsektor.com)

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Jan 26th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  
vasilis 26/01/2016 - 13:35

Nice one!!

metrowave 14/02/2016 - 01:44

Well done...

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~1h ago

mino: @manuel current possibilities are hololens remote integration, which send video stream from PC

~2h ago

StiX: It is one week before deadline for LINK summer camp applications -> go and sing up! link-summer-camp-slovakia-edition

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domj: Day 2 of Schéma workshop, stream now live. Starting at 15:00 CET https://www.twitch.tv/dominikjancik Yesterday dind't work out due to time issues.

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udo2013: hello. does anyone know why with fractals no camera works? does this have something to do with raymarching?

~3d ago

manuel: Anyone doing stuff with hololens ?

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domj: Here's the Schéma presentation from yesterday's meetup: https://youtu.be/_oqonrkE3xU