» -->04/12/09 Canarias Crea Dysplay 09, Instituto Cervantes, (Berlin).
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-->04/12/09 Canarias Crea Dysplay 09, Instituto Cervantes, (Berlin).

When Fri, Dec 4th 2009 - 01:00 until Fri, Dec 4th 2009 - 01:00

04/12/09 Instituto Cervantes, (Berlin).

Canarias Crea Display 09

“Form und Zeit“ is a collaborative project between the artists Lars Ullrich and Arístides García, which explores the geometry of the time and its graphical perception.

Sound reactive visual motifs creating a dynamic and precise speech in conjunction with microrythms and abstract textures, developed under the premise of the physical examination.

Live set for 2 screens at 2048x768 px, 75 fps.
Lars Ulrich Sound design
Arístides García (Lasal) Realtime audioreactive visuals.

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