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Realname Roberto Santoro
Registered since 13/12/10
Last seen 01/08/14
Website http://www.unitac1.com
Company Unità C1


Hello VVVVorld!
Check my website:www.robesantoro.com

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~39min ago

AndyC: Can anyone recommend things to do here in Berlin in the next 10 days?

~1h ago

catweasel: mrboni I suggest on having matrox crap software on 1 pc, config on that one and just plug it into a charger when in use

~2h ago

esnho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=c9gBcPWh0pU#t=3 now also the change while moving works. thanks vux for the insipiring patches

~4h ago

antokhio: it's on matrox website

~9h ago

mrboni: arrrrg! th2go requesting firmware update on win 8.1 cant find new firmware anywhere. anyone experienced this?..

~9h ago

nothingtolose: how to use gesture,circlegesture,swipegesture

~14h ago

joreg: how ql is that: on the downloads/alphas page you now get a list of changes for each build..

~22h ago

rrrr: @fleg German resident or German citizen?