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~8h ago

rrrr: @fleg German resident or German citizen?

~9h ago

Noir: @fleg NODE festival: 27.4. –3.5. 2014

~12h ago

lasal: Ceeyaa is on holidays, ok i ask here in the office

~13h ago

joreg: lasal i think ceeyaa recently had the same issue. probably from the same location you're at. can you check with him?

~13h ago

lasal: Hey, i can not download the vvvv alpha builds, anyone with the same problem?

~17h ago

hrovac: any v4user in singapore? some visiting tips or ready for a bubbletea or two?

~21h ago

graphicuserinterface: anyone with quadrature plugin? to read limbs rotation direction from polar node?

~22h ago

graphicuserinterface: another massive piece of work from vux. 10x