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Realname David Mórász
Registered since 05/09/09
Last seen 23/07/14
Website http://mcro.de
University MOME - Media Design
Company Kitchen Budapest




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~1h ago

everyoneishappy: @clone will check that via proxy later, vimeo banned here for being too sexy :P

~1h ago

everyoneishappy: did someone have a dx11 texture player??

~13h ago

DiMiX: @clone:nice!!!

~17h ago

m4d: @lecloneur: outstanding!!

~18h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: Grea to see vvvvjs being used in the wild

~20h ago

io: vvvvjs full bg http://keroxen.com/

~23h ago

lecloneur: Vux, Unc, Clone, live vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/101467958

~1d ago

Urbankind: @gerrit: It's clean not just magnificent!

~1d ago

mino: @dawoof: i'm in tokyo

~2d ago

dawoof: anyone in tokyos?