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Realname Simone Marin
Registered since 25/10/09
Last seen 27/08/14
Website http://io-lab.org


Hi, how are you?

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~3h ago

m4d: excellent reel!

~6h ago

Noir: quote readme

~6h ago

readme: >chris: great work!

~17h ago

purf.: ah, nevermind. tUrux (dextro)

~17h ago

purf.: hey, I'm trying to remember a website/ collective/group from Austria - torux? torus? turok? something? they must be known aroundhere

~21h ago

Alec: Leap Motion 4 VR: http://bit.ly/1tH4w5G

~1d ago

~2d ago

ventolinmono: Someone has used Muse (EEG) with VVVV? > http://www.choosemuse.com/