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~3h ago

hrovac: @cat: dl-limit reached! pls contribute before next dl ;)

~3h ago

catweasel: I get logged out when I'm in the contributions section...

~7h ago

drehwurm: Is it possible to export an animation with lights from cinema 4d to v4?

~9h ago

aelfwine: the same for the search engine..doesn't work the tag selections

~10h ago

joreg: @aelfwine: interesting..checking..

~12h ago

aelfwine: legacyvvv site doesn't work?

~13h ago

gegenlicht: little-patcher aww kawaii as vvvvuck

~13h ago

gegenlicht: I remember that someone created a VVVV mascot 3D Character? Quadhead?Cant find it, was it a dream?

~1d ago

evvvvil: Am I the only one who lied about having a beard, or not?... in the survey... Trying to throw you off joreg. :)

~1d ago

horricane_hazard: My first SHOUT-out XD