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@poo : looks nice! too bad I won't be able to read it ;)

sebescudie, Friday, Jan 31st 2014  

quick question: did anybody get the apple remote (6 button IR) to work with vvvv? thanks.

fleg, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

vvvvooking nice!

skyliner, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

yeah, congrats to all vvvvook people! result is looking very nice. :)

m4d, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

see: vvvvook

mino, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

vook vook horray..

joreg, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

primary learning on vvvv programming at Art University in Tokyo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFiCnKHa3og&feature=youtu.be

poo, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

the first tutorial book on vvvv in Japanese! will be released on 14th Feb. http://www.bnn.co.jp/books/6211/

poo, Thursday, Jan 30th 2014  

Crowdfund a real-time audio analysis and tempo detection tool that works with vvvv: AudioBox - http://igg.me/at/audiobox/x/3051787

bigfug, Tuesday, Jan 28th 2014  

http://clara.io/ 3D-modeling in the browser

timpernagel, Tuesday, Jan 28th 2014  

@sebl: noflo is a project funded by many thousand dollars. Compared with vvvvjs I think thy could do better than that.

fibo, Tuesday, Jan 28th 2014  

didn't know this yet http://www.farb-rausch.de/~fg/kkapture/ any experience?

rrrr, Monday, Jan 27th 2014  

I'm Going to Paris march 6 to 10 anyone there something not to miss?

sunep, Monday, Jan 27th 2014  

vvvVR: https://vimeo.com/84845133

everyoneishappy, Monday, Jan 27th 2014  

@joreg: nice touch.

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

@lasal: you may be interested in this competition: http://tinyurl.com/ptr6o3q

metrowave, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

upcoming deadlines: http://www.dandad.org/dandad http://www.sonicartsaward.it/http://emare.eu/ http://icmc14-smc14.net/ If you to get added to shared dl calendar write me

tekcor, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

hm beta31 dx11 mp4/avi h264 runs fine here. maybe try this older version

tekcor, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv/issues/99 anyone else having dx11 vlc issues, codec reccomendations?

catweasel, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

@joreg: nice :)

Curveau, Sunday, Jan 26th 2014  

vector graphics web app http://mondrian.io

joreg, Saturday, Jan 25th 2014  

tompeak reminded me of an idea: see how a users vcard now shows "registered since"

joreg, Saturday, Jan 25th 2014  

If Google Was a Guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuOBzWF0Aws

guest, Saturday, Jan 25th 2014  

another motion tracking to sound & visuals experiment: panik-steim

zeos, Saturday, Jan 25th 2014  

Who's already played with Novint Falcon? http://www.novint.com/index.php/novintfalcon

Takuma, Friday, Jan 24th 2014  

@mrboni: I'm trying, but just black window..

robe, Friday, Jan 24th 2014  

@mrboni it works but if you need good performances have a look at dxtory

guest, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  

Corrupt link-message in Patch ... srcViewPin or dstViewPin is nil! (?)

tekcor, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  

anyone used https://obsproject.com to capture vvvv? Get window capture mode to work?

mrboni, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  

try: exif-info-from-picture

bjoern, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  

Anyone knows how to get geo-coordinates from photographs?

Yoctopory, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  


guest, Thursday, Jan 23rd 2014  

Thats good! Dont need shared texure for this... Thanks!

catweasel, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

@catweasl: most of the time it should be fine. but shared texture memory is problematic

tekcor, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

are there still issues with optimus?

catweasel, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

mini industrial robot arm for your desk

skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

Spam attack on wiki and business pages carefull!

tekcor, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

@msberger any experience in comparison to tripleHead2go?

katzenfresser, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

@io - yes, basically these devices work and do what they claim to do ... for Details better open a thread in the forum !?

MSBERGER, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

Need to name your next gen cutting edge patch? http://tinyurl.com/pqg857l

newemka, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

Anybody tried this ?

io, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

screenswhot without topic cannot be commented @shit

tekcor, Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014  

hi any quick way to send a video via network from quartzcomposer or max msp to vvvv?

koit, Tuesday, Jan 21st 2014  


psylion, Tuesday, Jan 21st 2014  

If you guys holding iPad or tablet by hands in gigs + shows, this is a cool + cheap option Get Micro Suction, http://tinyurl.com/phppr4h

metrowave, Monday, Jan 20th 2014  

good luck @ dullence and welcome

tekcor, Monday, Jan 20th 2014  

@sagishi: gentle remind, can you give me a coomit bit on vvvvjs organization pliz?

fibo, Monday, Jan 20th 2014  

Hi guys, Im new here.. wish me luck ;) greet

dullence, Monday, Jan 20th 2014  

@joreg: Reminds me of: Every Line is part of an enough sized Circle!

d0this, Sunday, Jan 19th 2014  

@joreg: totally rad!

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Jan 19th 2014  

short video from our experiment at Schmiede 2013: http://vimeo.com/84340182

zeos, Saturday, Jan 18th 2014  

@westbam just so you know you can also always edit your shouts here home/contributions

joreg, Friday, Jan 17th 2014  

And another tutorial done.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaDbe3IJO-k

Westbam, Friday, Jan 17th 2014  

dds-converter with option for ATI cards and drag drop folders. sorry for spam

u7angel, Friday, Jan 17th 2014  


metrowave, Friday, Jan 17th 2014  

isnt the point that he is handcrafting it ?

ggml, Thursday, Jan 16th 2014  

one month + 30 people x 1000$... it´s not really good paid btw

lasal, Thursday, Jan 16th 2014  

@lasal: and he wants a whopping $30000 to do it! you need to show them how it's really done in a day or two not months!

metrowave, Thursday, Jan 16th 2014  

@metrowave: i don´t understand why they cut it by hand! ;)

lasal, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

L1A Makerspace new non commerical and open for all makerspace/fablab/workshop near frankfurt in darmstadt. www.l1a.de

koit, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

new version dds-converter

u7angel, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

vvvvjs is definitely worth spreading!

skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

@sagishi: I just submitted in the news, but the link was approved and moved to home page almost immediatly :)

fibo, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

vvvvjs BOOM! Amazing.

defetto, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

@sagishi: amazing! I will introduce it in my book

mino, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

vvvvjs rulez obviously

tekcor, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

Release 0.2 on VVVVjs Lab is amazing! Just added some flow.

psybot, Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014  

thx fibo, just got the traffic warning from my hosting provider :)

sagishi, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

come on guys VVVVjs is on HS, push it up ! https://news.ycombinator.com/news (and give me karma points :)

fibo, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

ahah joreg, thank you I didn't noticed that link

fibo, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

yes from austria its 1h flight :) i play the upcoming double LP album and have finished my av producer software. with DX11 its crazy

tekcor, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

@tekcor: Belgrad, Germany? really?:) unrender-session-belgrade-17.-jan

guest, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

and @fibo maybe you http://osrc.dfm.io/fibo

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

@sagishi: just submitted VVVVjs lab to Hacker news :)

fibo, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

@devvvvs: maybe you like it https://bitdeli.com

fibo, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

next auto industry app (and shameless self promo) https://vimeo.com/83676645

bo27, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

@sagishi Great stuff :) Good see a few canvas bits in there - looking forward to testing!

Curveau, Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014  

@sagishi: that's great news! Looking forward to play.

vasilis, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

@sagishi: it looks fab!

metrowave, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

= gaz

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

@sagishi: brilliant!!1

m4d, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

@sagishi: nice will have a play!

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

the VVVV.js Lab now live with in-browser patching and shader editor http://lab.vvvvjs.com

sagishi, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

can't seems to trigger windows keypresses in betas > 29.2. Trying with keyboardstate(join) into keyboard(global). Any ideas?

mrboni, Monday, Jan 13th 2014  

360 degree video action cam

skyliner, Sunday, Jan 12th 2014  

@drehwurm try the HWND (Windows) & Window (Windows) nodes. :)

rounce, Sunday, Jan 12th 2014  

how can I move patchwindows that are out of range because auf disconnected monitor

drehwurm, Sunday, Jan 12th 2014  

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~10h ago

mino: metaio SDK update. supports managed C++ app.

~22h ago

everyoneishappy: Thanks Cat

~23h ago

catweasel: @everyoneishappy https://copy.com/OOK1Xrc8qC1AmMfl Is a quick hack of a playerDx11

~23h ago

Westbam: So I wanted to send a user an Eamail, the Captcha went wrong and I lost all my text!!

~23h ago

everyoneishappy: @skyliner thanks. For a second was wondering what that had to do with dx11 player lol. Vimeo. Gotcha.

~1d ago

Urbankind: Kinect-Powered Projector Guides Climbers Up A Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNr3bxysSb0

~1d ago

skyliner: @everyoneishappy: try clipconverter.cc

~1d ago

everyoneishappy: @clone Indonesia

~1d ago

lecloneur: @skyliner, typo from UNC... true master, crazy. @everyoneishappy where are you ?

~1d ago

skyliner: @clone: dat typo!! @io: grande!