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better open thread to discuss.

gregsn, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

It's simple. Don't use whole numbers. Translate text by 1/2 pixel X&Y to improve rendering.

xd_nitro, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

@xd_nitro: you could checkout the sdk and send us a pull request. if this is too hard you can send it via email to devvvvs. dx9or11?

gregsn, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

how can I edit a vvvv help patch? I have a great tip to improve rendering pixel precise text.

xd_nitro, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

can we have a FrameDelay (Raw), please? thanks

sebl, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

Kölle Alaavvvv!

gegenlicht, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

@levi: it's standard intel HD. (right now HD5000 afaik)

m4d, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

anyone had experience with macmini's gpu? any specific problems, shaders not working etc?

levi, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

VVVV.Audio bugfix release: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

@elektromeier: beautiful

aivenhoe, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@beyon : super cool! +1 for resch

geometrica, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@beyon: Ron Resch is the best!

lasal, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

ghostcube look cool, inspired by? or generally inspiring at least: http://vimeo.com/36122966

beyon, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

Thanks @skyliner! I want to invite Erik to a conference next year... the cubes are amazing.

metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@drehwurm, @mediadog: known problem. please post a specific case that fails in the forum.

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  


skyliner, Tuesday, Feb 25th 2014  

@drehwurm - I was just checking the docs to see, same problem, only get an empty subpatch...

mediadog, Tuesday, Feb 25th 2014  

@AndyC Wow, great event, I'll try to catch it, thanks!

metrowave, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

How come Ctrl-G sometiomes doesn't work?

drehwurm, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@tekcor uber cool the source: https://github.com/s-macke/SAM

guest, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

johnny lee is back! http://youtu.be/Qe10ExwzCqk

tks, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

Can the default max/min for Value IOBoxs be widened please? Low for pixel precise work :)

xd_nitro, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@ele open a file dialogue

sunep, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@elektomeier: a dynamic plugin containing an infinite loop ( while(1){} ) should do the job

motzi, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

elektromeier, you may try issues in alpha forum

h99, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

actually i want to hang it. so the process is still running but unresponsive...

elektromeier, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@elektromeier just type "ps vvvv | kill" in powershell.

alg, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

anybody knows a quick and reliable way to make v4 crash? need to test a process restart tool...

elektromeier, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@metrowave & @ravaquez http://www.barbican.org.uk/bie/upcoming-digital-revolution July, give me a shout if your around?

AndyC, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@ravazquez: Matt Pyke is very good in what he does: https://vimeo.com/52057332 I wonder what software is his digital medium?

metrowave, Sunday, Feb 23rd 2014  

Amazing! https://vimeo.com/85596568

ravazquez, Sunday, Feb 23rd 2014  

metrowave@ no, i didnt join in

skyliner, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

@skyliner: impressive! have you experienced it yourself through their beta dev. program?

metrowave, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

C++ coders wanted for open source ! I m releasing here my whitecat: https://github.com/ChristophGuillermet/

karistouf, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

Coffee mug sized PC packs a little punch and has 3 graphic outs http://www.xi3.com/desktops/x7a-modular-computer (maybe a double post)

elliotwoods, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

Would love it if plugins could be git backed with a connection to github. Version your own code and pull new versions of others.

psybot, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

@zeos: Great - 3D accuracy seems really tight

Curveau, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

@zeos: Great - 3D accuracy seems very tight

Curveau, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  

@lasal: Great job!

metrowave, Saturday, Feb 22nd 2014  


guest, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

@lasal wow that's really cool! You take interns ;)

drehwurm, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

Vitruvian, one act interactive opera, tonight in LEHRTER SIEBZEHN, Berlin, at 9:00 https://vimeo.com/86599796

lasal, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

i've got a myo on my desk right now... :)

bildwerk, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

vvvv on android + tango http://www.google.com/atap/projecttango/

fibo, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

@m4d, It'd be nice to have something that play's everywhere but guess it'll have to do. Thank you!

guest, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

@guest: http://gif2apng.sourceforge.net/ no native chrome or ie support though..

m4d, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

Will gifs ever become fully operational on forum posts?

guest, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

https://vimeo.com/86783099 - motion tracking with VVVV, interactive sound - pd/SuperCollider

zeos, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 19th 2014  

Reverse might be appropriate. :)

newemka, Tuesday, Feb 18th 2014  

how can I change the order of spreads and start from the last one backwards? thx

kockaart, Tuesday, Feb 18th 2014  

we are hiring! www.ferp.de/jobs

fleg, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

@Gareth: interesting illusion!

Alec, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

@gareth: this is so wow!

skyliner, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

Make video appear 3D: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/3d-gifs

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Feb 16th 2014  

Is anyone here in Sochi?

AndyC, Sunday, Feb 16th 2014  

@geometrica ole ¡¡ well done !!

colorsound, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

after long time..proud to show our last crazy show..VVVV_Dmx_Timeliner_goes on Fashion ;) https://vimeo.com/86620113

geometrica, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

spam attack again

u7angel, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

Sphere fractal reflected 22 times > http://youtu.be/x0mRp05qabA

ventolinmono, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

@ventolinmono: Thanks!

gerrit, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@mino thanks for the note. it is back now..

joreg, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@gerrit The Intel HD 4000 graphics card hightest fullscreen antialiasing quality level is 1.

ventolinmono, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@gerrit The Intel HD 4000 graphics card hightest fullscreen antialiasing qualiti level is 1.

ventolinmono, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@ethermammoth. I'm currently digging through "3d game programming with dx11" but gave up on it. realized i need to understand c++

drehwurm, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

Is anyone using the intel hd4000 graphics card? What is the highest possible antialiasing quality? Thanks!

gerrit, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

32bit/64bit description disappeared from download page?

mino, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

can someone recommend a HLSL book, preferable with latest SM for learning DX11, but also basics?

ethermammoth, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

spam attack in forum

u7angel, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

there's no vvvv-category on devart. yet.

sebl, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

make sure to read the rules

bjoern, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  


bjoern, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

u7angel and gerrit: very nice projects!!

skyliner, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

This is Lucid www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnEpvjP117Y

Bunai Carus, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  


gerrit, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  

happy birthday gregsn!

readme, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  

quad recipe leaked http://t3n.de/news/hardwrk-massive-dock-iphone5-526868/

u7angel, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  


graphicuserinterface, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

okey there is just no delaunay gpu implementation in vvvv?

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

i mean polygonize

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

is uncs triangulate fx a delaunay algorithm on the gpu? or does someone has this.

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

sunep are you testing it?

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

While we are waiting for vvvv on android for real: http://slashdot.org/story/14/02/10/0251201/wine-on-android-starts-allowing-windows-binaries-on-androidarm

sunep, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

also worth checking out: snap-nodes-to-grid

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

k, found it: operandomatic

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

Wasn't there a really useful set of modules that allowed for quick operators (/*+-) somewhere in the contributions?

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

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~19h ago

ivan.rastr: junior developer full-time opportunity in Saint-Petersburg. please contact

~2d ago

~2d ago

joreg: @barman74: define "doesn't work"

~2d ago

barman74: NOW i HAVE ALL GREEN BUT WHEN I TRY TO RUN vvv.exe or run start with demo bat ... doesn't work

~2d ago

StiX: hey guys i am in Berlin doing job on IFA, let me know if somebody wants to meet for some vvvv talk :3, i am here until the end of ifa

~2d ago

joreg: barman74: make sure you have \lib\thirdparty\x..\AddFlow5.ocx there. just in case..re-download, re-unzip (using 7-zip)

~2d ago

barman74: 5 of 6 are green I have problem to turn the last one to green (add flow acitvexcomponent)any advises ??

~3d ago

Gareth.Griffiths: @TidensBarn: Very nice, I just need a DK2 to test now =)

~3d ago

TidensBarn: plugin for oculus rift DK2: oculus-rift Head tracking works, more coming next week..

~3d ago

karistouf: set up all green