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and since I need to read question properly, any codec does, just with some reasonably high bitrate ;) (h264 or xvid are fine)

vux, Friday, May 30th 2014  

@dawoof: directly from vvvv, image sequence is likely best

vux, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

whats the best codec to compress vvvv rendered vids without losing 2 much quality?

dawoof, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

Not Great Projector specs but an interesting package: http://www.gigabyte.us/fileupload/microsite/363/images/projector.html

AndyC, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

new Leap Motion V2 Tracking Developer Beta http://youtu.be/zXghYjh6Gro

kld4, Thursday, May 29th 2014  


manuel, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

@bildwerk: 2 kinect 2 > stallone node = 4 kinect 1? or what are we talking about here? ;)

evvvvil, Wednesday, May 28th 2014  

two kinect2 just arrived :)

bildwerk, Wednesday, May 28th 2014  

bill gates wealth well explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2inExgT77s

aivenhoe, Sunday, May 25th 2014  

Nice one Velcrome. Quite a place eh?

mrboni, Sunday, May 25th 2014  

@mrboni say hi to the sat guys from me. https://vimeo.com/92245909

velcrome, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

@aaa please check pipet-broken-in-beta32

joreg, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

@hrova:somewhere in Hamburg :) there are still lots of free ports available if you want to control some lights as well ;)

d0this, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

Pipet(EX9 Texture Simple) no longer works with FileTexture?(beta32_x86)

aaa, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

Meanwhile, in 1940: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-vsKwQ0Cg

purf., Friday, May 23rd 2014  

in case anyone is in Montreal over the next week or so - our new fulldome a/v show - http://vimeo.com/95790078

mrboni, Friday, May 23rd 2014  

also: Player (Kinect Microsoft) is not spreadable? i ant users with different colors..

robe, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

fast question: it's ok Kinect for Windows 1.8 sdk and toolkit to work with current relase and kinect for XBOX hardware?

robe, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

@dothis: where is this garden?

hrovac, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

Summertime ... http://vimeo.com/95868983

d0this, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

preparing an open summer compilation music vise, if anyone interested write me a mail pls

tekcor, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@sinus: i take my morning shower in bugreports..

joreg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

joreg,thx! already awake? hihi

sinus, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@sinus yes. please see camera-(tranform-softimage)-bug-wrong-keyboard-node and try latest alpha-build

joreg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

beta 32. 32bit. win7. keyboard node not working. did i miss something?

sinus, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@joreg but it's harder, when you need a proper link, not just pasting long url.

alg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

i mean higher fps when loading many vertexes

ggml, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

can i expect better performance in loading xfiles with the 64 version ?

ggml, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  


skyliner, Tuesday, May 20th 2014  

call for projects: call-for-projects-schmiede-2014-selfassembling

zeos, Tuesday, May 20th 2014  


skyliner, Monday, May 19th 2014  

@alg you don't need to remember anything. just paste the link and you're done.

joreg, Monday, May 19th 2014  

Please, add markdown support to the forums. Every time i want to post a link i need to remember wiki syntax (

alg, Monday, May 19th 2014  

@sagishi: Congrats, vvvvjs is on http://javascriptweekly.com/ newsletter

fibo, Monday, May 19th 2014  

microsoft infinity room

skyliner, Monday, May 19th 2014  

@vux that will be absolutelly amazing, I wish i could help ! +1

nissidis, Saturday, May 17th 2014  

Call for projects: http://www.fascinateconference.com/showcase/

zeos, Saturday, May 17th 2014  

@vux: a toast to you and eric! :)

m4d, Friday, May 16th 2014  

eric king

Noir, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@m4d : yeah eric already grabbed the code and doing his monkey magic, I drink wine and feed him bananas ;)

vux, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@vux: no need to hack ;) https://code.google.com/p/angleproject/

m4d, Friday, May 16th 2014  

Can I capture my GoPro Hero's http stream on VVVV? I can watch it via VLC but VVVV does not like the url on a FileStream.

ravazquez, Friday, May 16th 2014  

Thanks @DigitalSlaves and @katzenfresser.

ravazquez, Friday, May 16th 2014  

can dx11 rendering in vvvv make use of SLI?

mrboni, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@m4d: or hack into chrome since webgl is rendered using DirectX11 anyway, so they are converted at some point ;)

vux, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@guest: converting these is not really hard. just replace all openGL-only stuff with proper dx syntax. (e.g. vec3 -> float3)

m4d, Friday, May 16th 2014  

+1 for a nice cloud shader!

purf., Friday, May 16th 2014  

does anyone have some tips to adapt shaders from shadertoy like this one: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4dsXWn

guest, Friday, May 16th 2014  

"Removal Firm in Pune" spam alert in news&dates

m9dfukc, Friday, May 16th 2014  

I never got my BM shuttle working cozz I have the wrong USB3 port.. so better test one first.

Westbam, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@ravazquez: for us it was the best choice though its not really cheap

katzenfresser, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@Cat on my experience no IR from LED screen

DigitalSlaves, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@ravasquez Black Magic Intensity Pro working fine with vvvv

DigitalSlaves, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

Thanks for the info @bildwerk !

ravazquez, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

cat: no, but LEDs should pretty much only output light in a very narrow band, so for RGB I wouldn't expect any IR

beyon, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@ravazquez - yes, i used a blackmagic intensity pro vvvv.nodes.decklink

bildwerk, Thursday, May 15th 2014  


skyliner, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

has anyone tested blackmagic intensity video capture devices with vvvv?

ravazquez, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

anyone tracked in front of an LED screen, does it give an IR backlight?

catweasel, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

"the device has thermal problems" http://talksandlectures.aec.at/?id=191 treasures of >30 years of #arselectronica

joreg, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

super vux!

geometrica, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

big up MrVux

lecloneur, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

@vux whooop!

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

tnx mr vux

Noir, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

Freshly uploaded directx11-nodes-alpha

vux, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

Thank you for watching our next self-promo https://vimeo.com/94525500 ;)

ivan.rastr, Monday, May 12th 2014  

Daito Manabe's documentary on today, in Japan NHK Professional

mino, Monday, May 12th 2014  

@vux did Gesture (Kinect Microsoft) disappear completely in beta32 addon pack?

sunep, Monday, May 12th 2014  

@dottore, i like your work!

u7angel, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

bravo lo zio natan

Noir, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

@dottore: Excellent Work!!Amazing!

vasilis, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

finally some video documentation: http://goo.gl/OknIIv

dottore, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

thanks ggml

guest, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

@guest yes, the last two pins of getpatch

ggml, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

Lots of awesome 4v tingz going down jaa!

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

Is it possible to see which node in a patch has focus/is clicked?

guest, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@vux - splendid :)

mrboni, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

guest: if on win7 see if it makes a difference if you turn aero on/off and start a forum thread..

joreg, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

Anyone have issues with Keyboard(Desktop)

guest, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

hello ppl

majortom, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@mrboni : early next week

vux, Saturday, May 10th 2014  


dl-110, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@vux - we got long till new dx11 build?

mrboni, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@av_sac Test Leds of NanoKontrol2 http://youtu.be/-UYkypzrqDM

av_sac, Friday, May 9th 2014  

@joreg - Mmmmmm, doughnuts! Thanxxxx!

mediadog, Friday, May 9th 2014  

this is leiwand!

armin, Friday, May 9th 2014  

if you want something to go unnoticed release on a friday afternoon. our latest and greatest: vvvv45beta32 #vvvv

joreg, Friday, May 9th 2014  

http://cryengine.com/renderdoc nice dx11 debugger, you can capture 1 Frame and analyze

kopffarben, Friday, May 9th 2014  

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~13h ago

joreg: @io: we have a new workshop format planned for that this year. to be announced with the rest of the workshops mid jannuary.

~13h ago

joreg: @mori better start a forum-thread describing your problem in more detail. because if you just ask: Can I? the answer is: Yes.

~13h ago

Mori: Can I connect the reverse pin of an LFO to something event triggered? I can't seem to find a way :(

~13h ago

Mori: Can I connect the reverse pin of an LFO to something event triggered? I can't seem to find a way :(

~14h ago

io: Yes, good patching style is the most difficult skill to learn when you are an isolated vvvv user as myself

~15h ago

Mori: Is there a workaround for the reset pin on LFO? Wave shaper doesn't do it

~22h ago

guest: @io Node13's Software Engineering Patterns workshop by Meso essentially fit the MVC pattern. It would be good if they run it again.

~1d ago

joreg: @io more than what?