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http://goo.gl/c4y3NI any vvvvser in budapest? :)

dottore, Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014  


metrowave, Tuesday, Sep 30th 2014  

Maybe interesting http://www.framefield.com/contents/17

kopffarben, Tuesday, Sep 30th 2014  

Getting Timecode via SDI Input possible? Blackburst or Tri-Sync ?

NEON, Tuesday, Sep 30th 2014  

nice watch made from watches: https://vimeo.com/106152643

zepi, Tuesday, Sep 30th 2014  

BYOB in Prague! http://tiny.cc/PragBYOB

Luper, Sunday, Sep 28th 2014  


metrowave, Friday, Sep 26th 2014  


newemka, Friday, Sep 26th 2014  

@joreg, thats amazing! 8o

catweasel, Friday, Sep 26th 2014  

@sunep whats the problem with NG? forum thread? irc?

joreg, Thursday, Sep 25th 2014  

can't get TimelinerSA-NG to work, durations site is offline. any alternative?

sunep, Thursday, Sep 25th 2014  

kinect3 preview: http://grail.cs.washington.edu/projects/totalmoving/

joreg, Thursday, Sep 25th 2014  

node15 seems announced here http://node.vvvv.org/call-for-artists-nodetadaex-residency-program/

ggml, Thursday, Sep 25th 2014  

any dates for NODE 15?

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Sep 25th 2014  

anyone having crashes in relation with UDP nodes? cant really reconstruct atm, just a hunch

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Sep 24th 2014  


boplbopl, Wednesday, Sep 24th 2014  

timelinerNG beta2 with easeIN/OUT for keyframes ready for testing: timelinersa-nextgeneration

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 23rd 2014  

do we have proper gif support on this page? would be nice to have gallere actually moving

StiX, Tuesday, Sep 23rd 2014  

ty :)

LineKernel, Tuesday, Sep 23rd 2014  

@LineKernel: Mod

woei, Tuesday, Sep 23rd 2014  

i forgot , how do you modulo in vvvv?

LineKernel, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

Evvvvil Tweet Engine -"The ultimate vvvv Twitter API plugin, bitch." also a spamming tool, is landing in 3 days. http://i.imgur.com/GyMNaMv.jpg

evvvvil, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

@vvvv people in Paris: i'm travelling through Paris tomorrow and I'm "stuck" there until Wednesday morning. Anyone fancy a drink?

microdee, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

Hello Everyone, desperately need help in attaching kinect skeleton points to box2d for this effect https://vimeo.com/49516871..

shaahkar, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

VVVVisual : https://vimeo.com/106728590

lecloneur, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

hey everybody! need a bit of help here ! video-mask-via-kinect thanks! <3

Drca, Monday, Sep 22nd 2014  

udo2013 for reaktant::two weeks ago i mixed up your name with another - sometimes get a little bit lunatic...sorry. u

udo2013, Saturday, Sep 20th 2014  

..if you like crocked lines + strange appearance (2 randoms + 2 Rspreads had been necessary ;-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBY2x-IBFFw

udo2013, Saturday, Sep 20th 2014  

Hello. I´m celebrating my fieldtexture - breakthrough. If you like aesthethic erotic movements and forms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtTtaJ83v4Q

udo2013, Saturday, Sep 20th 2014  

@elektromeier Yes, drawing paradigm like Piet: http://www.dangermouse.net/esoteric/piet.html

ventolinmono, Friday, Sep 19th 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E1oVl2d01Q&feature=youtu.be Bounced lighting :)

catweasel, Friday, Sep 19th 2014  

@vento: this ui concept would work nicely on a tablet...

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 19th 2014  

GRail (fixed link): http://youtu.be/QQhVQ1UG6aM

ventolinmono, Friday, Sep 19th 2014  

@Antokhio contributions? Although the search there isn't great. Be nice to have a shader bazaar or something ;)

catweasel, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

can we have tfx gsfx upload on forum, or i have to start thread?

antokhio, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

@joreg. for some reason on this machine v4 will only run as admin. otherwise am told to run setup, which i have

mrboni, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

mrboni: dragdropping files on programs is not allwed if they are started as admin. did you?

joreg, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

new windows 8 install, vvvv b32.1, can't drag files into patch window... (eg other v4ps)

mrboni, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

@joyenusi: did you delete the root.v4p nect to vvvv.exe?

kalle, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

anyone know why my phongpoint and gouraud nodes are missing?

joyenusi, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Anyone else having issues with the undo stack not working for deleted links? (only if link is deleted by right click)

readme, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Buyin a optmius-laptop or not?

Sindbad, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Next vvvv workshop in Aarhus Denmark: http://mab14.mediaarchitecture.org/workshops/programming-natural-affect/

manolito, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

crazy cam tracker: http://13thlab.com/

elektromeier, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

Hey! Did anybody solve the spreaded lighting thingy on shaders like phong? Multiple light sources. I saw some old posts for now...

Xini, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

optimus discussion has a new home: nvidia-optimus-today-(dx11)

sebl, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

optimus+matrox=pain in the a

DiMiX, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

@sebl i'm still having problems sharing texture on integrated GPU

matka, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

also there is some software that can re-open on-board gpu outputs + use acceleration from an nvidia card (link anyone?)

elliotwoods, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

yeah actually it is pretty nice to have one silent and one fast graphic device to choose from :)

tekcor, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

cool, thanks. comes time, comes a solution :)

sebl, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

All fine sebl.

tekcor, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

@sebl in dx9 it was solved (last betas work out of the box) & dx11 never had problems I think

keftaparty, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

is optimus (one external display + built in screen) still a big issue?

sebl, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

@shual: original and fun!

metrowave, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

link: vimeo.com/105599411

shual, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

Small proof of concept:https://vimeo.com/105599411

shual, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

Anton robotanton is cloning himself @ Cinema Vertigo Workshops @ http://schmiede.ca

benju, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  


tmp, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  

augmented sandkasting

skyliner, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  

quite some insights into occulus dk2 http://doc-ok.org/?p=1057

joreg, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  


hrovac, Thursday, Sep 11th 2014  

@boplbopl very nice!

sebl, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

@elliotwoods good to hear..

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

congrats on the new downloads page! really like it

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

the quad heals all wonders: iquad #iquad #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

@tonfilm: city DNA - wow.

robotanton, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

psycho test https://vimeo.com/105424818

boplbopl, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@metrowave: count me in :)

m4d, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@velcrome: cool, i might as well build one in winter :)

m4d, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@velcrome: Cooool - Just so happens I can pickup a free unused 20' planetarium dome! Huzzah!

mediadog, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsAZIpRr3HE

richardwu, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

bugfix release #vvvv beta33.1 out now: vvvv45beta33.1

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@tonfilm Alarm! Der extraterrestrische Synthie erzählt mir was von fremden Kulturen! Dabei: win7,vvvv45b33|64,LoopBe1,ASIO4all.

blausand, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

@m4d funfact: first one I made was from bed cloth and a roll of stiff wire. more inspiration for diy: https://www.google.de/search?q=geodesic+dome+blueprints&tbm=isch

velcrome, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

@velcrome: sweet! can't wait to try this. now if i only had a dome and some projectors at hand..

m4d, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

vvvv based #fulldome setup for creating #immersive content in realtime: vvvv-dome

velcrome, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

new #vvvv #audio #vst pack V6 with #LTC and #64bit support is ready to download: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

Trying some vvvv stuff, each day a video jam : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEA08aGfxEk

svdk, Sunday, Sep 7th 2014  

Hi tektor, thank you for your video rewiev! Here is part 2 (in colours!!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKnhJkoH39E ..and this is only the beginning;)

udo2013, Saturday, Sep 6th 2014  

@udo nice, like the matrix meeting miami vice on vhs

reaktant, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

udo2013: my first visual created in 3d velocity field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLVQh-pW96U

udo2013, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

@daniel tutorials

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

Anyone knows any good tutorial for VVVV?

Daniel Rdz, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

is posible to unclear a buffer from olnly a previous pass to do texture feedback inside shader?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

Anyone @ ARS?

elektromeier, Thursday, Sep 4th 2014  

new #vvvv #audio #vst pack with #LTC and #64bit support is ready to download: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Thursday, Sep 4th 2014  

real rollercoaster with the rift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBmRb3EFYcQ

guest, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

schnapszahl :)

u7angel, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

anonymous user login


~7h ago

udo2013: 16 emitter and a lot of smoke (3d particles with vvvv) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGfS9_KfTRE (drkness2)

~10h ago

vanderplate: Hello guys, how can i get the scene node (assimp library) working? i have the addonpack but can´t find it :(

~13h ago

udo2013: @woei: thanks for your splinesGPU_library

~14h ago

udo2013: tja, simonetta liebt pflanzen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04uGZrz1EW0

~14h ago

udo2013: gerade avatar gesehen.ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen, wie ähnlich die fliegenden pflänzchen und meine schöpfung sich ähnelen

~1d ago

evvvvil: @joreg: Thankx man and thankx again for the "know your spreads" doc update, amazing work, love the pcitures

~1d ago

evvvvil: fuck sake it's obviously "mean" I'm looking for, ignore saturday's stoned rambling. Go lecloneur, looking great!

~1d ago

joreg: @evvvvil: spread sinks

~1d ago

evvvvil: isn't there a node to do an average of a whole spread, can't seme to find it...?