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married w/dx9

DiMiX, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  


u7angel, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

dx9 - everything I know is right ;)

purf., Monday, Mar 31st 2014  


robe, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

mostly dx11

sebl, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

still dx9

hrovac, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

i'm dx9

xd_nitro, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

@newemka: yes, but there also advantages like 2xFHD cams and supported platforms

skyliner, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

quote cat

Noir, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

@manuel, for some things… tracking and older patches New, I',m tending to start dx11, maybe we need some old core nodes ported?

catweasel, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

who's still on dx9 ?

manuel, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

http://zenphoton.com/ Zen Photon Garden

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Mar 29th 2014  

@skyliner Field of View: 90°

newemka, Saturday, Mar 29th 2014  

I released a new version of my tool today. MoviePrint - Create Screenshots of Movies A free tool for Mac OSX - http://www.fakob.com/2014/movieprint-an-osx-tool/

fakob, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

oculus competitor

skyliner, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  


circuitb, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

kinect for windows v2

skyliner, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

¿Alguno en México? Estoy en el DF hasta el domingo.

ravazquez, Thursday, Mar 27th 2014  

@sunep <3

esnho, Thursday, Mar 27th 2014  

unpopular & immature ;)

ventolinmono, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  


guest, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

well, at least vvvv is in

h99, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@joreg it's not a very comprehensive lsit...

r4dian, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@lecloneur i was referring to the list of frameworks in the link i posted

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

hey thanks! :D

Luper, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

I made the weird torus, it is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/286892/TorusStripes.v4p

sunep, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

hey guys, someone posted a patch for a striped torus a while ago (like http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/148/1/c/torus_by_lazururh-d66xe5i.png) do you remember where?

Luper, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

yeah my chrome is just having fun with me apparently

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@stix: YT embeds and plays ok. can watch it right now

guest, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

oh its in gallery now but youtube just dont work :3

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@guest: for Oculus the offer is too good to resist... ;(

metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@joreg well i dont have any led video in my post, in fact my post doesnt even show on front page, while it is in gallery

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

What is in the list Joreg ? would be cool to share some kind of roadmap.

lecloneur, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@cat TD is not even in the list, soo...

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@StiX i see an LED youtube-video in your posting. so what seems to be the problem?

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

mre mdmod 2 will get some rebranding soon!... teasy teasy...

microdee, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

guuuuys why i cant post youtube video to gallery? syntax doesnt do its job :3

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@Joreg: I can not believe that Cinder is more popular than vvvv

lasal, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@Joreg, popularity: low :( Have you ever though of regular email newsletters ala TouchDesigner? Might help profile...

catweasel, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

http://stimulant.io/interactive-framework-shootout/ #vvvv maturity: medium

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

lol-Facebook to Acquire Oculus http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140325-912577.html

guest, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/Releases/NVIDIA-Unveils-First-Mobile- Supercomputer-for-Embedded-Systems-ad8.aspx

nissidis, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

https://www.unrealengine.com/ue4-on-github :o

m4d, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

Help! problem-with-crack.exe

guest, Sunday, Mar 23rd 2014  

@dawoof: need to add in an eye separation offset control to scale the perceived size of the world

mrboni, Saturday, Mar 22nd 2014  

@mrboni the dx11 version, ive got a patch all runing on dx11, sadly cant use the oculus on it and performance isbadondx9

dawoof, Saturday, Mar 22nd 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dORoTIEOyEg for the listing

sebl, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

The streaming has been cancelled. :(

io, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

Tonight mr Tekcor + Tzeshi Lei live streaming from Tenerife here 22:00 GMT00

io, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

@mrboni yeah, for mashing up jpeg textures or some other creative corruption its just too slow, even with relatively modest data sets

guest, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

thanks joreg

Noir, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@d0this and guest. Both will work but I really just want to be able to store and edit bytes in ioboxes. oh well. thanks!

mrboni, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

tnx joreg :)

dottore, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

beta32 scheduled for end april. in the meantime please keep reporting alpha buggers.

joreg, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@noir +1

dottore, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

...news about the new beta?

Noir, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@mrboni: or maybe elliots table contribution: ccontribution/vvvv.nodes.table ...

d0this, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@mrboni how do you want to use them after you've stored them? How about store(raw) Look for example posted in website image blog

guest, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@cat see sharedmemrender.ax-errors#comment-152213

joreg, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

part2 where/what is said .ax file, and how to fix!?

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

anyone else seen sharedMemRender.ax tty errors when not using shared memory or /dx9 switch?

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@guest: want to just store them in a patch, like an iobox filled with values

mrboni, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@Gaz, looks fun :D

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

Liquid physics, a more powerful version of #box2D http://google.github.io/liquidfun/

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

http://oscseq.com/ new osc timeline

Meierhans, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@mrboni +(raw spectral) -->Writer(rawfile

guest, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

is there a way to save a sequence of raw bytes in a patch similar to a string in an iobox?

mrboni, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  


newemka, Wednesday, Mar 19th 2014  

oculus SDK2!https://www.oculusvr.com/order/

newemka, Wednesday, Mar 19th 2014  

@rrrr also pretty comprehensive list, from the comments: http://blog.interfacevision.com/design/design-visual-progarmming-languages-snapshots/

eno, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

@dawoof - do you need a dx11 version of the OR patch from contributions?

mrboni, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

@joreg: thanks for pointing out. fixed now :)

m4d, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

Alan Kay Demos GRaIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQhVQ1UG6aM

nzo.nzo, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

@m4d please check your account email. it bounces..

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

Some words about io's #numacircuit, our #OSM installation and we are streaming #live friday 10 pm london time http://www.symbioticcube.com/numacircuit-openstreetmap/

tekcor, Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014  

any news on the oculus DX11? i cant test my creation due to dx9to11 thang

dawoof, Monday, Mar 17th 2014  

Live in Europe? speak out on net neutrality! http://www.savetheinternet.eu/

pftburger, Monday, Mar 17th 2014  

@skyliner: wow! Impressive!

Alec, Monday, Mar 17th 2014  

kinect avatar creation (AD)

skyliner, Monday, Mar 17th 2014  


drehwurm, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

big up h99

Noir, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

@tonfilm: atm it's all I can do for vvvv. In any case, I'd prefer that you keep on great development...

h99, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

@h99, thanks for all your italian translations! i'd flattr you, if i could...

tonfilm, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

Did you know?

h99, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

I need a VVVV co-teacher in manchester next week. If you're in UK and fancy hanging(my spare room+daily expenses),get in touch!

elliotwoods, Saturday, Mar 15th 2014  

thanks! ltp did it. but is there a way for dynamic spreads?

julian, Friday, Mar 14th 2014  

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~2h ago

sebl: @skyliner https://github.com/elliotwoods/VVVV.Packs.Image/issues/65 i started that already. maybe you want to join?

~3h ago

skyliner: anyone know how to get live video out of canon DSLR into vvvv?

~13h ago

metrowave: Has anyone used one of these ViDock for using full size PCIe Nvidia cards with a laptop? http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=Products

~23h ago

xd_nitro: yes be nice to have a way of doing it. Doesn't come up too often though.

~1d ago

sunep: couldn't there be a "clone and replace" function that solved the save as problem?

~1d ago

joreg: @xd_nitro thats annoying indeed. nut no easy way around it..

~2d ago

xd_nitro: when I 'save As' a module, all other instances of that module also 'save as'. Is there way to prevent this?

~3d ago

xd_nitro: @matka - ah ok thanks. :)

~3d ago

NEON: Please Help - DXT1 Detection --> dxt1-detection-non-specific-player-ex9