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liquid, Sunday, May 4th 2014  

Going to be in London on Thursday night, anything doing?

catweasel, Sunday, May 4th 2014  

actually it was 7680x1200, so the pixel count was much higher...

catweasel, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@sunep I've used a 7680x1080 renderer so thats 4x1080P so slightly more pixel count, worked fine.

catweasel, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@nissdis, it's just to point out that the triplehead resolutions can not be compared to UHD since UHD is around 4 times bigger.

sunep, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@sunep ok, so the question was about the vvvv renderer (in general) and not the physical device, right ?

nissidis, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

flattr stats: 27 of you use flattr connections/flattr and in march made 15 clicks through the #vvvv website. in april it seems 0.

joreg, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

thanks bjoern!

Dorosp, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@dorosp: http://vimeo.com/78110845

bjoern, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

I am looking for a video from the blog, sort of an interactive hand drawn painting? Press on paper, bubbles appear? anyone?

Dorosp, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@nissidis 3000 by 800 is just around 2,4Mpix where 3840 by 2160 is almost 8,4Mpix so not the same

sunep, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@Alec would it be much different from a matrox with similar dimensions (aprox 3000+x800+) ?

nissidis, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

Did anyone tested vvvv with an Ultra HD monitor (3840x2160px)?

Alec, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@quote sebescudie http://vimeo.com/71905040

Noir, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@gareth : I learned with Dan Shiffman´s "Learning Processing", awesome book with a whole chaptr on OOP + many other cool things!

sebescudie, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@Gareth.Griffiths: Depends on your personal preferences I guess =) I for instance like the Processing book from Casey Reas & Ben Fry

dl-110, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@karistouf - Very cool - love the forms moving in "cloud" - beautiful!

mediadog, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

Good object oriented #programming books to read in prep for vvvv_50?

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@ evvvvil - already have the deformed mesh. I was thinking about using polynomials or something to create a function for the surface

mrboni, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

@mrboni great idea. open a thread? mesh > vertexbuffer > multiply vertices XYZ pos by kinect's (depth >pipet>hsl) + along normals

evvvvil, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and a complete sequence https://vimeo.com/92437539

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and finished ! https://vimeo.com/92437538

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and finished ! https://vimeo.com/92437538

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

in realtime* :)

mrboni, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

anyone know if it's possible to parameterize a deformed mesh (ie by kinect depth) to remesh? (making tri sizes more similar)

mrboni, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

@m4d: too right bro, I just wanted to make sure it's planned cos man that fucking eyetribe thing is SICK! hope you're well, peace!

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

@evvvvil: judging from previous hot hardware releases it shouldn't take long..

m4d, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

@gareth.griffiths: Nice man, so it is out already. So anyone up for writing the node? If not I prob won't buy it hence the question

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  


ethermammoth, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

@ether check https://gist.github.com/joreg/fb6df2174d95b82bdb21

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

is the source code for Intersect (EX9.Quad) visible somewhere?

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

@evvvvil: I have one already, I'm interested in helping fund devvvv

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

Does anyone know how to write exif-data (meta information) into a picture?

Yoctopory, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

Is anyone gonna be making the eyetribe node? For the eyetribe eye tracking device which is about to come out... https://theeyetribe.com/

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 30th 2014  

Hey Berliners, anyone goes to berghain kantine on friday? I´m going to play visuals with some friends. https://www.facebook.com/events/233733186815441/

lasal, Tuesday, Apr 29th 2014  

@joreg: nice stuff :)

hierro, Tuesday, Apr 29th 2014  

just found a nice namespace: System.Data.Spatial http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.data.spatial%28v=vs.110%29.aspx

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 29th 2014  

20 min with VVVV http://instagram.com/p/nSArxxFd_K/

pogi, Monday, Apr 28th 2014  

the hackaday prize

skyliner, Monday, Apr 28th 2014  

@tekcor: Great post - thanks :)

Curveau, Saturday, Apr 26th 2014  

@tekcor: good choice)

bo27, Saturday, Apr 26th 2014  

And I started my VVVV Users Posts with unc :) http://www.symbioticcube.com/unc-vvvv-user/

tekcor, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  

Two interesting posts on SC: Artificial Life http://www.symbioticcube.com/mimodek/

tekcor, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  

deru, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  

anyone in kuala lumpur at the moment wants to meet up?

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  


skyliner, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  

let's get #meta with the new #generic #nodes in #vvvv: generic-nodes-project

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

@casinowilhelm: that depends very much on your chosen technique. (e.g. dx11 instancing can give you massive amounts)

m4d, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

NODE+CODE in Frankfurt shifted to tomorrow 6pm...node code-april-field-framework-with-nick-rothwell

david, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

Roughly what's the max number of lowpoly spreaded 3d objects vvvv might be able to handle at once?

casinowilhelm, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  


skyliner, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

gloves anyone? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mimu/mimu-glove-for-music

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

To all interested in job offer by onformative looking-for-a-vvvv-developer-for-project-in-may-june#comment-154038 didn´t get your emails, server error! sorry! Pls send again!

julialaub, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  


zeos, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

thanks to joreg I can now use my magic mouse with belovvvved vvvv under #parallels

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

know your middleclick http://ift.tt/1fjEImn

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

Anybody with the a working version of the patch VVVV.Tutorial.Mapping 3d? @colorsound can you help me??

HelenaAndreina, Tuesday, Apr 22nd 2014  

@bjoern: Happy Easter to you too!

dl-110, Monday, Apr 21st 2014  

black midi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKv9S6mxnXE

levi, Monday, Apr 21st 2014  

hey guys would it be possible to grab DX9EX from ... lets say half life?

StiX, Sunday, Apr 20th 2014  

http://scenesat.com/video for revision stream. pc 4k compo has just begun..

m4d, Saturday, Apr 19th 2014  

@Curveau: thanks

dottore, Saturday, Apr 19th 2014  

@dottore: This looks pretty good: http://www.kasperkamperman.com/blog/osc-datamonitor/

Curveau, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

@martin: hell yeah!

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

@martin: Thats awesome!

Urbankind, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

do you know any good OSC monitoring free software?

dottore, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

Search broken: sez solr search not available, clicking tags does not limit search - ideas?

mediadog, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

cheers m4d !

lecloneur, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

hokay, thanks

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

nope, usb3 and win8 only

guest, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

anyone know if kinect 2 will work with a usb 2 port?

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

@lecloneur: very nice. all the best for your mekaviz venture!

m4d, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

MekaViz video now online : https://vimeo.com/92187171

lecloneur, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAw7vW7H0c vvvv blok?

stulloyd, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@sinus:10x! That's kind of docu version ;) I am working on a mocumentary version ;)

zeos, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@zeos: great work!

sinus, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@ Gerrit : use Processing with iOS /Android sdk

DigitalSlaves, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

Does anyone know an app for iPad with buttons which send OSCMessages (like touchOSC), where you can set a custom background image?

gerrit, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

allways on top is not working ?

manuel, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  


zeos, Tuesday, Apr 15th 2014  

@defetto - very nice, good finding!

m9dfukc, Monday, Apr 14th 2014  

realtime speech synthesis library http://mage.numediart.org

defetto, Monday, Apr 14th 2014  

yeah. ssl should be enabled by default.

phlegma, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

vvvv.org doesn't use ssl at all, does it? Would be nice though

bjoern, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

@fibo: yes, admin reported we are unaffected.

joreg, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

Everything looks ok (check the ignore certificates flag) http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/#vvvv.org

fibo, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

Kinect2 is available as Beta to developers only. will be released in summer.

metrowave, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

well, the thing is out there, no? And kinect2-nodes but yes, I assumed the answer is No.

purf., Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

@purf: what do you mean? it is not even available yet.

guest, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

quick question time: is Kinect 2 a viable option yet?

purf., Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

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~13h ago

udo2013: <---> this link will not open__choose this: https://vimeo.com/112271436

~24h ago

microdee: @metrowave: thanks! i will never get those hours back :P

~1d ago

zeos: sequence for two @ http://vimeo.com/103391836

~2d ago

phlegma: @aivenhoe yes, just one directory per node