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@u7 totally agree

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

a way to show gratitude https://flattr.com/profile/mrvux

u7angel, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  


dannielmach, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

fluid ASCII

skyliner, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

nice mino!

tekcor, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

my latest work: OoA - creature

mino, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

we have a new toy: https://vine.co/v/hUbWYgiUteQ

timpernagel, Sunday, Nov 24th 2013  

I think this has potentials but needs a lift to get off the ground: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838077268/notch-movement-capture-anywhere-anytime

metrowave, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJzwkixcqis a little destroyed by compression, but v2 of leap and shadow play!

catweasel, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

@skyliner: might not be so great if you pick them up and just fall apart

Curveau, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

ah ok! :)

catweasel, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

Yup did the pull request, need to prepare build now

vux, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@cat this is due to this still open pullrequest https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv/pull/65 and missing dx11-release for b31.2

joreg, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

opening beta31 patches in beta31.2 dx11 quads and texture and transforms are disconnected... See my shadows patch for an eg

catweasel, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

Why are those modules always so expensive?

Westbam, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@Tekcor Indeed. I'll see if have something useful. Shout u later. @XD, you're welcome ;-)

guest, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

i know it can be done with text(texture) and calculating height in pixels and texture transform correctly... but that is not easy

tekcor, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

basically i need to render multiple long text that is scrollable individually ~

tekcor, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@teckor, when you say spreadable, do you mean a list of words scrolling on one line or lists on multiple lines?

guest, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

http://vimeo.com/80008324 eh-hum...

catweasel, Thursday, Nov 21st 2013  

does someone has a spreadable scrollable text?

tekcor, Thursday, Nov 21st 2013  

@bjoern: are the new V4 Arduino nodes not a better solution? Not sure if V4 program resides on chip after unplug. Will test :)

Curveau, Thursday, Nov 21st 2013  

Anyone planning online courses/workshop for vvvv in the future ? paid or otherwise ?

synth, Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013  

@guest - that's clever that there is. thanks

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013  

@xd, I'm not sure about win 8 but in Win7 you could set the description name of the name of the renderer as a long string of spaces

guest, Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013  

more realtime particles from live cam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOAvWGcthJA

jannis, Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013  

@io. for an app that needs to be end user resizeable. Just want app name in title bar

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013  

@xd_nitro: may be (too) obvious but why not ctrl+8 ?

io, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  

anyway to remove the text DirectX Renderer from its window bar?

xd_nitro, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  


antokhio, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  

@metrowave: thx! i only knew www.fritzing.org

katzenfresser, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  

@synth: thanks, just ordered the eyetribe. It's a lot cheaper!

metrowave, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  

@metrowave: A bit pricey no ? http://theeyetribe.com is only 99$

synth, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  


io, Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013  

@synth: also this might be helpful http://123d.circuits.io/

metrowave, Monday, Nov 18th 2013  

Thanks Joreg! crowing the electronics shops now :D

synth, Monday, Nov 18th 2013  

@synth check: girlpower\The Next Generation\IO\Arduino

joreg, Monday, Nov 18th 2013  

Just got my Arduino, Any advices for experiments?

synth, Monday, Nov 18th 2013  

Pretty sure it will be compatible with USB. Give it time :)

synth, Monday, Nov 18th 2013  


Noir, Sunday, Nov 17th 2013  

@synth, Noir: it's only 720p and not with a USB connector, disappointing!

metrowave, Sunday, Nov 17th 2013  

@Noir - Now we only need drivers for it :D

synth, Sunday, Nov 17th 2013  

Number 39, The Framedelay... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lHFaibBquQ

Westbam, Sunday, Nov 17th 2013  

what a pity...

DiMiX, Saturday, Nov 16th 2013  

@DiMiX: there is http://workshops.vvvv.org/ but unfortunately vm workshop file is empty

skyliner, Saturday, Nov 16th 2013  

just wondering if anybody has NODE10 Visual Music workshop materials?

DiMiX, Saturday, Nov 16th 2013  

east meets west http://bsix12.com/east-meets-west/

Urbankind, Saturday, Nov 16th 2013  

need only 9 more members: https://www.gittip.com/for/vvvv/

metrowave, Saturday, Nov 16th 2013  

Great quantum vid dannielmach :)

Curveau, Friday, Nov 15th 2013  

hey just made a new release. idm from russia! http://www.symbioticcube.com/david-eats-rusty-nails-triumph-of-decay-sc002/

tekcor, Friday, Nov 15th 2013  

is there a convenient way of triggering strg+8 in a render window from patch?

ethermammoth, Friday, Nov 15th 2013  

@skyliner: cool 3d printing. I also like the klein bottle that is two mobius bands glued http://www.shapeways.com/model/25918/klein-bottle.html?li=search-results&materialId=62

fibo, Friday, Nov 15th 2013  

cantor.dust https://sites.google.com/site/xxcantorxdustxx/visual-re

purf., Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

Intelligent sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y35m1OpPAw

Urbankind, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  


vasilis, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

zero or minimal bezel touchscreen displays for 2-3 unit wall?

hyeena, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  


u7angel, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

tomorrow strike canceled due to Italy-Germany footbal match: FORZA ITALIA!!

fibo, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

@defetto, very interesting research topic

u7angel, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

@westbam: the single neuron, yeah!

Patxi7, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

found this http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~quake/triangle.defs.html

defetto, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

concave delaunay anyone?

defetto, Thursday, Nov 14th 2013  

dont know it works for you - please test and check zxing-qrcode-reader

kiilo, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

@psylion: no, not as of yet, you have to ask joreg and the vvvv team.

metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

@metrowave is there a plans for Android?

psylion, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

@Patxi7, good job, seems you have spread this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poHHDC5XSno

Westbam, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  


Patxi7, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

what makes a neural network?http://patxiaraujo.com/portfolio/amari/

Patxi7, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nh2NSLgaII now only if vvvv worked on Android!

metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013  

Next time you create a repo on GitHub, try to choose a VVVV .gitignore from the list (should work): https://github.com/github/gitignore/pull/563#ref-commit-55ccaf5

fibo, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

@skyliner: very cool but for $600 one could make a few? also it would be great if it did moving images (video)...

metrowave, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

@sunep: we bump the minor version number every time node or pin names change during development as some users depend on the alphas

Elias, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

Interesting contract for C++ programmer: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6716532

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

@metrowave wow I was just about to go and back that (Luci)

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

Invisible helmet http://vimeo.com/43038579

Urbankind, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

Did we miss beta31.1?

sunep, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

name 2 hybrid development environments: 1. #vvvv http://vvvv.org 2. #designscript by #autodesk research http://www.designscript.org

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013  

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~14h ago

julialaub: To all interested in job offer by onformative looking-for-a-vvvv-developer-for-project-in-may-june#comment-154038 didn´t get your emails, server error! sorry! Pls send again!

~22h ago

m9dfukc: thanks to joreg I can now use my magic mouse with belovvvved vvvv under #parallels

~1d ago

joreg: know your middleclick http://ift.tt/1fjEImn

~2d ago

HelenaAndreina: Anybody with the a working version of the patch VVVV.Tutorial.Mapping 3d? @colorsound can you help me??

~3d ago

dl-110: @bjoern: Happy Easter to you too!

~4d ago

StiX: hey guys would it be possible to grab DX9EX from ... lets say half life?