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cat: I didn't need more, could work, I used HtmlTexture and some html+javascript to reload images

beyon, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

@sebl could you have a look at the touch-overlay thread, thanks!

reaktant, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

hehe need 20+… but 10fps @320 would be fine

catweasel, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

catweasel: I had 5-6 ~€30 cams working with webimage but low fps, not ideal but could work

beyon, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

Need multiple simultaneous cheap Lo res IP cams, for use in vvvv any suggestions? Pref wdm, but would a webimage based one work?

catweasel, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

@elliotwoods try DRAWINDEX and DRAWCOUNT

unc, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

(or any list of the semantics, i remember seeing it somewhere)

elliotwoods, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

lazy emergency question : in dx11 can you detect "Transformation Index" inside shader? VIEWPORTINDEX doesn't work.

elliotwoods, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

@xd_nitro: yep, just send me pm.

herbst, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  


bjoern, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

anyone know vvvv and Unity fairly well? I have a couple of questions pls

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

yes, contact me with skype : cloneproduction

lecloneur, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@lecloneur: great! I'm very interested to test-drive this at Cambridge University, Architecture Dept. any chance?

metrowave, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

Introducing MekaViz, our Interactive 3D Visualisation projects. http://mekaviz.com/

lecloneur, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@bjoern: Good idea to re-read this, yes. I'm trying to orchestrate changes over time and my brain goes ____

purf., Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

all optimus troubled please try marfs suggestion here: forum-alpha/optimus-and-v4-behaving-differently-on-different-os-versions-%28win-7-win-8.1%29?full=1#comment-152823 that sounds quite plausible..

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@purf: Read software engineering patterns with vvvv and have a look at message

bjoern, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

crisscross defintely!

hrovac, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

"The Humble Quad Bundle" by #vvvv serves 4 classics using the #visualprogramming language codenamed #vvvv50 50-the-humble-quad-bundle

tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

can someone recommend a projector rental company in london that is not very aehm professional ? (1x 6k lumen, 3dlp) /thanks

ggml, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

Poll while trying to organize a mess: s+r or crisscrossing lines?

purf., Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

Sideburn: https://vimeo.com/90672985

metrowave, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

@elliotwoods amazing stuff

Noir, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

@elliotwoods: Epic!

metrowave, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

@elliotwoods: Grats!

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

Kimchi and Chips' installation <Line Segments Space> is now released: https://vimeo.com/90047240

elliotwoods, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

and they are even waaay ahead with their DX18 https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdId=SPM18100

sunep, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

dx9, trying to get used to dx11 though

sebescudie, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

Wow sunep there is also the dx8 version https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM8800

lasal, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

shared memory dx11-dx9 and dx9 Renderer at the end?

lasal, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

the dx11 renderer is still buggy, some tearing problems, how do you use it on commercial projects?

lasal, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

ahaaha natan

Noir, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

dx9 what? :)

dottore, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

mostly dx9 but one project so far as dx11

sunep, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

next project will most likely be dx11

u7angel, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

both dx9 and dx11

bo27, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

dx9 -> 5 years old laptop

psylion, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

married w/dx9

DiMiX, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  


u7angel, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

dx9 - everything I know is right ;)

purf., Monday, Mar 31st 2014  


robe, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

mostly dx11

sebl, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

still dx9

hrovac, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

i'm dx9

xd_nitro, Monday, Mar 31st 2014  

@newemka: yes, but there also advantages like 2xFHD cams and supported platforms

skyliner, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

quote cat

Noir, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

@manuel, for some things… tracking and older patches New, I',m tending to start dx11, maybe we need some old core nodes ported?

catweasel, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

who's still on dx9 ?

manuel, Sunday, Mar 30th 2014  

http://zenphoton.com/ Zen Photon Garden

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Mar 29th 2014  

@skyliner Field of View: 90°

newemka, Saturday, Mar 29th 2014  

I released a new version of my tool today. MoviePrint - Create Screenshots of Movies A free tool for Mac OSX - http://www.fakob.com/2014/movieprint-an-osx-tool/

fakob, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

oculus competitor

skyliner, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  


circuitb, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

kinect for windows v2

skyliner, Friday, Mar 28th 2014  

¿Alguno en México? Estoy en el DF hasta el domingo.

ravazquez, Thursday, Mar 27th 2014  

@sunep <3

esnho, Thursday, Mar 27th 2014  

unpopular & immature ;)

ventolinmono, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  


guest, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

well, at least vvvv is in

h99, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@joreg it's not a very comprehensive lsit...

r4dian, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@lecloneur i was referring to the list of frameworks in the link i posted

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

hey thanks! :D

Luper, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

I made the weird torus, it is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/286892/TorusStripes.v4p

sunep, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

hey guys, someone posted a patch for a striped torus a while ago (like http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/148/1/c/torus_by_lazururh-d66xe5i.png) do you remember where?

Luper, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

yeah my chrome is just having fun with me apparently

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@stix: YT embeds and plays ok. can watch it right now

guest, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

oh its in gallery now but youtube just dont work :3

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@guest: for Oculus the offer is too good to resist... ;(

metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@joreg well i dont have any led video in my post, in fact my post doesnt even show on front page, while it is in gallery

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

What is in the list Joreg ? would be cool to share some kind of roadmap.

lecloneur, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@cat TD is not even in the list, soo...

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@StiX i see an LED youtube-video in your posting. so what seems to be the problem?

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

mre mdmod 2 will get some rebranding soon!... teasy teasy...

microdee, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

guuuuys why i cant post youtube video to gallery? syntax doesnt do its job :3

StiX, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@Joreg: I can not believe that Cinder is more popular than vvvv

lasal, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

@Joreg, popularity: low :( Have you ever though of regular email newsletters ala TouchDesigner? Might help profile...

catweasel, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

http://stimulant.io/interactive-framework-shootout/ #vvvv maturity: medium

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014  

lol-Facebook to Acquire Oculus http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140325-912577.html

guest, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/Releases/NVIDIA-Unveils-First-Mobile- Supercomputer-for-Embedded-Systems-ad8.aspx

nissidis, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

https://www.unrealengine.com/ue4-on-github :o

m4d, Tuesday, Mar 25th 2014  

Help! problem-with-crack.exe

guest, Sunday, Mar 23rd 2014  

@dawoof: need to add in an eye separation offset control to scale the perceived size of the world

mrboni, Saturday, Mar 22nd 2014  

@mrboni the dx11 version, ive got a patch all runing on dx11, sadly cant use the oculus on it and performance isbadondx9

dawoof, Saturday, Mar 22nd 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dORoTIEOyEg for the listing

sebl, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

The streaming has been cancelled. :(

io, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

Tonight mr Tekcor + Tzeshi Lei live streaming from Tenerife here 22:00 GMT00

io, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

@mrboni yeah, for mashing up jpeg textures or some other creative corruption its just too slow, even with relatively modest data sets

guest, Friday, Mar 21st 2014  

thanks joreg

Noir, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

@d0this and guest. Both will work but I really just want to be able to store and edit bytes in ioboxes. oh well. thanks!

mrboni, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

tnx joreg :)

dottore, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

beta32 scheduled for end april. in the meantime please keep reporting alpha buggers.

joreg, Thursday, Mar 20th 2014  

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~16h ago

drehwurm: @udo I feel old at 36 with him too ;)

~17h ago

mrboni: @idwyr - try elliotwoods. He spends a good bit of time there

~19h ago

idwyr: Any tips on visiting Seoul? (vvvv/new media exibitions/interesting spots)?

~19h ago

tekcor: btw 3d printed bateries with graphene http://www.3ders.org/articles/20141024-graphene-3d-lab-unveils-first-3d-printed-graphene-battery.html There are also DIY instcruction how to produce graphene

~19h ago

tekcor: since vvvvjs can run any shadertoy code I will get the nvidia tk1 and see what i can do with it here with raytracing etc

~20h ago

metrowave: Checkout this 3D printer in full HP!

~21h ago

metrowave: @tekcor that's cool...future of online 3D gaming is WebGL: http://tinyurl.com/legzlu2

~22h ago

~1d ago

udo2013: ..gerade drehwurm´s sohn - tutorial angesehen::wowww::kein wunder dass ich mich manchmal dumm fühle - bin 58 ;-((