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..and this same set but very different in appearance, colour + music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04uGZrz1EW0

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

hi woei_found your little b_spline library_flowing like water_look like plants+and friendly aliens :: https://vimeo.com/110551213 _thx !

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

@mediadog: u were right, we reset the time and it works again, just lost 3 hours on that

woei, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

@mediadog: u sure it's that? having troubles getting k2 working even with sdk tools atm...

woei, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

ARRG! Microsoft has timebombed the K2 SDK 1407 so it now does not work as of Nov. 1st! DX11 pack K2 now broken!

mediadog, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

computer based origami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0efAq4gOwVI#t=134

velcrome, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  

If someone happens to be in #cologne next weekend, we're at #museumsnacht http://blausand.net/2014-10-31/-negua-

blausand, Saturday, Nov 1st 2014  


DiMiX, Friday, Oct 31st 2014  

VVVVisual : https://vimeo.com/110545849

lecloneur, Friday, Oct 31st 2014  

@udo I feel old at 36 with him too ;)

drehwurm, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

@idwyr - try elliotwoods. He spends a good bit of time there

mrboni, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

Any tips on visiting Seoul? (vvvv/new media exibitions/interesting spots)?

idwyr, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

btw 3d printed bateries with graphene http://www.3ders.org/articles/20141024-graphene-3d-lab-unveils-first-3d-printed-graphene-battery.html There are also DIY instcruction how to produce graphene

tekcor, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

since vvvvjs can run any shadertoy code I will get the nvidia tk1 and see what i can do with it here with raytracing etc

tekcor, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

Checkout this 3D printer in full HP!

metrowave, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

@tekcor that's cool...future of online 3D gaming is WebGL: http://tinyurl.com/legzlu2

metrowave, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

webgl on the jetson tk1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kgv9jNUUyw

tekcor, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

..gerade drehwurm´s sohn - tutorial angesehen wowww kein wunder dass ich mich manchmal dumm fühle - bin 58 ;-((

udo2013, Thursday, Oct 30th 2014  

SharpDevelop 5 is out and it's great. http://community.sharpdevelop.net/blogs/christophwille/archive/2014/10/28/sharpdevelop-5-0-final.aspx thankyouverymuch! @SharpDevelop

joreg, Wednesday, Oct 29th 2014  

would be nice if SubDir has a mask pin

xd_nitro, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

VVVV rocks!

soso, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

@drehwurm...sehr cool :)

u7angel, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

@ampop: vvvvery cool

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

vvvvimba-gige-camera-plugin have fun!

ampop, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

nice tuts :-)

cyper, Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014  

@drehwurm & son: supa, don't forget to add them hier: tutorials

joreg, Monday, Oct 27th 2014  

very proud. my 12 year old son, made a v4 tutorial in german... sicher hängt er mich bald ab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCUxpUdC9eE

drehwurm, Sunday, Oct 26th 2014  

Hi Guys, how to get a combined camere feed(DShow9) in Contour(FreeFrame)

Aiwan, Sunday, Oct 26th 2014  

audioreactive big_tree_like sculpture with gpu_3d particle system (modulating emitter_pos.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxfaFErlUQ0

udo2013, Sunday, Oct 26th 2014  

Thank you for PolygonMask!

delta43, Saturday, Oct 25th 2014  


soriak, Saturday, Oct 25th 2014  

do you guys have Droste working with the latest vvvv? ive corrected the shader and still no output

dawoof, Saturday, Oct 25th 2014  

nice sine wave and particle. http://vimeo.com/65475425

jzzxh, Friday, Oct 24th 2014  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClAIcSiDiKY new installation made by auroraMeccanica ...vvvv stars :)

aelfwine, Thursday, Oct 23rd 2014  

@westbam, thats great :)

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 23rd 2014  

Can the DX11 people start working on this? http://vimeo.com/109169719 :D

Westbam, Thursday, Oct 23rd 2014  


matka, Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014  

@jzzxh I've got vux working on it (hopefully) as we speak... Fingers crossed...

catweasel, Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014  

Anyone, any clues why my CV nodes doesn't have any input or output pins?

gericsapo, Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014  

@jzzxh: wishlist-hap-codec-support

tonfilm, Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014  

Had any one play with HAP?? http://renderheads.com/portfolio/HapDirectShow/

jzzxh, Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014  

NODE15 location visitation: https://www.startnext.de/nodeforum15/blog/

katzenfresser, Tuesday, Oct 21st 2014  

Realtime Software! Realtime Forum https://nodebb.org/

d0this, Tuesday, Oct 21st 2014  

@defetto here is some related math: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb172508%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

joreg, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  


guest, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

I mean the actual math..

defetto, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

Where can I learn how colorasalphaadd and colorasalphablend work?

defetto, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

@skyliner https://github.com/elliotwoods/VVVV.Packs.Image/issues/65 i started that already. maybe you want to join?

sebl, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

anyone know how to get live video out of canon DSLR into vvvv?

skyliner, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

Has anyone used one of these ViDock for using full size PCIe Nvidia cards with a laptop? http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=Products

metrowave, Monday, Oct 20th 2014  

yes be nice to have a way of doing it. Doesn't come up too often though.

xd_nitro, Sunday, Oct 19th 2014  

couldn't there be a "clone and replace" function that solved the save as problem?

sunep, Sunday, Oct 19th 2014  

@xd_nitro thats annoying indeed. nut no easy way around it..

joreg, Sunday, Oct 19th 2014  

when I 'save As' a module, all other instances of that module also 'save as'. Is there way to prevent this?

xd_nitro, Sunday, Oct 19th 2014  


metrowave, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

@matka - ah ok thanks. :)

xd_nitro, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

Please Help - DXT1 Detection --> dxt1-detection-non-specific-player-ex9

NEON, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

vvvv meetup in Prague? Guess there some around at #signalfestival

woei, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

@xd_nitro text-(ex9.geometry)-problem

matka, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

sorry Text (EX9.Geometry)

xd_nitro, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

mesh (EX9.Geometry) not working for me in 33.3. Can someone else check please?

xd_nitro, Friday, Oct 17th 2014  

I know I see some vvvv action in here: https://vimeo.com/108331430 @ Mobile World Center Barcelona wish I could go!

mediadog, Thursday, Oct 16th 2014  

How can I do a frame delay in boygroup?

Yoctopory, Thursday, Oct 16th 2014  

works here, if you have a bug-patch upload it to the forums please...

tonfilm, Thursday, Oct 16th 2014  

does fft(vaudio) work? have connected an active audio signal to it and there's no output

mrboni, Thursday, Oct 16th 2014  

ever thought about getting the "Prototyping Interfaces" book? Take this chance and support #node15 @prot_int #vvvv https://www.startnext.de/nodeforum15

joreg, Wednesday, Oct 15th 2014  

https://vimeo.com/108954629 some MRE action

matka, Wednesday, Oct 15th 2014  

Are DX9 shaders not in 33.3 addonpack?

mediadog, Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014  

thinking about it @purf - somebody driving from germany?

ethermammoth, Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014  

for everybody in Berlin: very cool live visual performance from kopffarben. https://www.facebook.com/events/285009425030901/?fref=ts

kopffarben, Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014  

So, anyone going to Aarhus? (I just signed up)

purf., Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014  

its getting hot: http://philogb.github.io/page/temperature-anomalies/

deru, Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014  

You can sign up for our mapping workshop in Aarhus untill Wednesday - media-architecture-biennale-2014

Multitouch Berlin, Monday, Oct 13th 2014  

nice renderings: http://nanofabrication.tumblr.com/

tonfilm, Monday, Oct 13th 2014  

nice found sebl

Noir, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

http://shadertool.com/ looks nice!

sebl, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

Thanks @joreg and @tekcor. I will have a look.

ravazquez, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

@blausand use a renderer temp target then a fullscreen quad or preview for output

catweasel, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

@blausand: you have to create a separate temptarget with your desired resolution and display that texture with a FullscreenQuad

microdee, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

How do i constrain the rendered resolution in the DX11 Renderer lower than the window size?

blausand, Sunday, Oct 12th 2014  

@yhy : neeeed!

sebescudie, Saturday, Oct 11th 2014  

I made vvvv keyholders!!! http://pic.twitter.com/ViAdUpG9HK

yhy, Saturday, Oct 11th 2014  

@ravazquez: tutorial of effects and shaders

joreg, Saturday, Oct 11th 2014  

I recommend a book. cheap ebay book search topic: dx9 / dx11 / hlsl

tekcor, Saturday, Oct 11th 2014  

Where should I start learning shaders?

ravazquez, Saturday, Oct 11th 2014  

..no link created..attempt nr.2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCzBjwueQ8Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSk50bB9L0Y

udo2013, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

..no more boring particle_sculpture from udo2013 VISUALIZING MUSIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCzBjwueQ8Q and beatyful::https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSk50bB9L0Y (flow)

udo2013, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

sorry here: https://www.startnext.de/de/nodeforum15

david, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

help us with NODE15 on https://www.startnext.de/home.html and get your super early bird weekpass

david, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  


CeeYaa, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

thanks guys

matka, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

thanks for pushing it forward everyone!

tekcor, Friday, Oct 10th 2014  

( (( \ =\ __\_ `-\ (____))( \---- AWESOME! (____)) _ (____)) (__))__/----

metrowave, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014  


ventolinmono, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014  

big up vux

Noir, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014  

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~14h ago

joreg: please note the new deadline for the #node15 #framed call for submissions: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions #vvvv

~15h ago

readme: >boplbopl: great stuff.

~15h ago

boplbopl: hey! Here are some personal experiments with vvvv https://vimeo.com/125489633

~1d ago

joreg: six days to #node15 reminder: remaining workshop seats: node15-worshops-remaining-seats #vvvv

~1d ago

vjc4: Guys I will be travelling to Node next week, and I would love to buy a OculusDK2... anybody can sell me one ? I paid new price for it

~1d ago

svdk: A little patch, not really worth going in contributions : http://www.svdk.fr/realtime-montage-experiment/

~1d ago

velcrome: @remony: Patch on the Beach, SideCAR, Whisky Damper

~2d ago

Urbankind: teemo: Skype returns 6 results on the same name, be more specific

~2d ago

ggml: teemo better start a thread in the forum and attach an example patch with the problem