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@microdee - cant find the thread for some reason, but your rawobject.dll aint working- "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream"

mrboni, Monday, Aug 18th 2014  

alternative to intersect nodes in dx11?

StiX, Monday, Aug 18th 2014  

or listen to our latest compilation - lot of vvvv in there http://www.symbioticcube.com/%E5%85%B1%E7%94%9F%E7%AB%8B%E6%96%B9-sc006-va-compilation-release/

tekcor, Monday, Aug 18th 2014  

monday morning, nothing to do? test your project against the latest downloads/alphas #vvvv alpha-build and report.

joreg, Monday, Aug 18th 2014  


DiMiX, Monday, Aug 18th 2014  

boids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK54Bu9HFRw#t=103

milo, Sunday, Aug 17th 2014  

mr.yhy's great video tutorials reached 50!

mino, Sunday, Aug 17th 2014  

http://goo.gl/1SxBPN 8pm

dottore, Saturday, Aug 16th 2014  

that birds http://vimeo.com/103364847

guest, Saturday, Aug 16th 2014  

closer range than kinect but great idea...

evvvvil, Friday, Aug 15th 2014  

GREAT hack: turn any webcam into depth cam(kinect): http://research.microsoft.com/apps/video/default.aspx?id=226504

evvvvil, Friday, Aug 15th 2014  

hey very good resources here https://github.com/ericrrichards/dx11

tekcor, Friday, Aug 15th 2014  

looks good everything @joreg!

tekcor, Friday, Aug 15th 2014  

reminder: now would be a good moment to see if your latest project runs as expected with the latest downloads/alphas #vvvv alpha

joreg, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  


kyrgo, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

we are looking for vvvv patchers!!! contact me for a nice job near munich !!!

jannis, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

@kyrgo: the infamous crack.exe has been renamed to setup.exe

m4d, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

hi i just installed it.should i find a crack for the installation?

kyrgo, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

@Westbam: great tut. cheers!

metrowave, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

@Westbam that is awesome =)

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

well done westbam!!

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

Learn waht Firmata is and how to use it! firmata-arduino-and-vvvv-an-introduction

Westbam, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  

.. vly!!! yeahh

gregsn, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

Multipurposetoolkit I'd Like to...

mrboni, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

wtf m4d xD

tekcor, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

@joreg: i didn't know that it's a she.. #milvvvv45

m4d, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

sometimes,i think its good that i am only one capable of v4 in our company-so other coders are not exposed to the hells of my coding

StiX, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

@misak: Nice :) Guessing you have some OSC and audio-reactivity going on there. What did you use for the audio-reactivity?

Curveau, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

well, how about #topofthepops

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

sorry :)...mature ?

u7angel, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

u7: don't call her old...

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

live audiovvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/103316694

misak, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

Anyone working with TEDx Amsterdam?

beyon, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

what chris said!

hrovac, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

thanks for the changelog. good to see the old vvvv still receives some love

u7angel, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

fancy #puredata gui lib: http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/8555/gui-objects-and-color-scheme

tonfilm, Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014  

open your projects in a32.2 and see if you get the same/desired result. pay attention to errors you didn't get in b32.1

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 12th 2014  

what a changelog: change log now would be a good time to check latest alpha builds: downloads/alphas because #wysiwyg #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 12th 2014  

vvvv in the cloud? What do you think devvvvs? http://render.otoy.com/newsblog/?p=580

seltzdesign, Tuesday, Aug 12th 2014  

@skyliner thx, very handy!

mburk, Tuesday, Aug 12th 2014  

@joreg added!

mino, Monday, Aug 11th 2014  

@mino great. please add them to: tutorials

joreg, Monday, Aug 11th 2014  

video tutorials in Japanese

mino, Monday, Aug 11th 2014  

has anyone ever used an application monitor? if yes, which one? tnx

aivenhoe, Monday, Aug 11th 2014  

searchengine for 3d objects

skyliner, Monday, Aug 11th 2014  

@Patxi7 Great :)

catweasel, Sunday, Aug 10th 2014  

pure vvvv http://vimeo.com/102997021

Patxi7, Saturday, Aug 9th 2014  

@AndyC try VMath.Lerp if you have only 2 values to morph, if not take woei's advice

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  


Noir, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  


Noir, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

how to hack kinect (xbox one version) https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openkinect/73d_BM4wQco

Noir, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

@AndyC create a forum post and explain a little more detailed what you need

woei, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

Can anyone help me with what the c# code would be to replicate the InputMorph node.

AndyC, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

Great! Thanks Tonfilm!

catweasel, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

yes, worked.. videoin-(decklink-ex9.texture)-help-directx-renderer

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

anyone used a blackmagic duo in v9, video in or elliots plugin?

catweasel, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

anyone manage to get .net < 4.5 working on windows 8? checked in 'turn on windows features' but there's nothing listed

mrboni, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

is there no video in DX11 anymore?

catweasel, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

@electromeier: I think it has something to do with inverse kinematics

tekcor, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@skyliner Dan is the man!

sebescudie, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

is there an example/helpfile for matthias zauners IKSolver around? somehow i dont get it...

elektromeier, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@rsmendoza1 no mac vvvv is windows only - due to .net and directx - however with bootcamp apple lets you instal windows

tekcor, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

hello p5.js

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

Kiss my shiny metal math: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4slSWf

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@rsmendoza1 system recommendations

Westbam, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

Is there a separate files/download for Mac?

rsmendoza1, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@metro: Depends on library but still next generation stuff

Urbankind, Wednesday, Aug 6th 2014  

@guest: vvvv does not have the notion of a project. but if you save a parent patch it will first ask if you want its children saved.

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

When saving a new project, surely 4v should save the parent patch first...

guest, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

@r4dian: ah nice, missed that one, thank you!

hrovac, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

@hrovac: 360 xbox360controller or XBone ?

r4dian, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

anyone has a plugin for the complete xbox controller?

hrovac, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

sound recovery from video

skyliner, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

@bjoern: going for the crown of werkkzeug? http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=12511

r4dian, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

@bjoern: sweet!

m4d, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

thanks for the link, bjoern

u7angel, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

@bjoern looks interesting

Noir, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

anyone tried this already?: http://tooll.io/

bjoern, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

"EvvvvilTweet" the ultimate Twitter REST API plugin for vvvv soon lurking around ur neighbourhoods.(non fb link) http://postimg.org/image/wjsdax1m3/

evvvvil, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

"EvvvvilTweet" the ultimate Twitter REST API plug in for vvvv soon lurking around your neighbourhoods. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154450979190713&set=gm.790640650987194

evvvvil, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

Thanks joreg!

DiMiX, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

@DiMix: turn on 'Resolve Externals'

joreg, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

TTY continually /Xpath:-1072898046 on line 1432.91 >>> Verweis auf eine nicht definierte Entität 'cr'./

DiMiX, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

Does anyone else has problems with Oculus DK2, it isn't playing nice with Windows 8.1

metrowave, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

I didn't want to leave when I went :)

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

@cat & Noir thanks, it was practically on my doorstep! So much work in a small space!

AndyC, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

quote cat

Noir, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

Bauhaus museum is worth a visit just for the colour theory pictures...

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

Can anyone recommend things to do here in Berlin in the next 10 days?

AndyC, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

mrboni I suggest on having matrox crap software on 1 pc, config on that one and just plug it into a charger when in use

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=c9gBcPWh0pU#t=3 now also the change while moving works. thanks vux for the insipiring patches

esnho, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

it's on matrox website

antokhio, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

arrrrg! th2go requesting firmware update on win 8.1 cant find new firmware anywhere. anyone experienced this?..

mrboni, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

how to use gesture,circlegesture,swipegesture

nothingtolose, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

how ql is that: on the downloads/alphas page you now get a list of changes for each build..

joreg, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

anonymous user login


~4h ago

rrrr: Timeliner curve editing, how to do it: https://twitter.com/iangeek/status/569810168969601024

~7h ago

StiX: i think i alredy used it once, but i might be just confusing constructing my own mesh with getting stuff out of a buffer

~9h ago

evvvvil: you mean like vertexbuffer dx9 node Stix? I would use a compute shader... you're saying there is a dx11 node that does this?

~10h ago

StiX: i think i went blind, i cant find a way how to get vertices positions from geometry buffer, can someone point me to the right node?

~2d ago

guest: @microdee wonder how they did it? https://github.com/mono/CppSharp

~2d ago

microdee: https://mono-ue.github.io/ C# in Unreal Engine 4 huzzah

~2d ago

microdee: @drehwurm: yes, with the Reset pin