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i've got a myo on my desk right now... :)

bildwerk, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

vvvv on android + tango http://www.google.com/atap/projecttango/

fibo, Friday, Feb 21st 2014  

@m4d, It'd be nice to have something that play's everywhere but guess it'll have to do. Thank you!

guest, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

@guest: http://gif2apng.sourceforge.net/ no native chrome or ie support though..

m4d, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

Will gifs ever become fully operational on forum posts?

guest, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  

https://vimeo.com/86783099 - motion tracking with VVVV, interactive sound - pd/SuperCollider

zeos, Thursday, Feb 20th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 19th 2014  

Reverse might be appropriate. :)

newemka, Tuesday, Feb 18th 2014  

how can I change the order of spreads and start from the last one backwards? thx

kockaart, Tuesday, Feb 18th 2014  

we are hiring! www.ferp.de/jobs

fleg, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

@Gareth: interesting illusion!

Alec, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

@gareth: this is so wow!

skyliner, Monday, Feb 17th 2014  

Make video appear 3D: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/3d-gifs

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Feb 16th 2014  

Is anyone here in Sochi?

AndyC, Sunday, Feb 16th 2014  

@geometrica ole ¡¡ well done !!

colorsound, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

after long time..proud to show our last crazy show..VVVV_Dmx_Timeliner_goes on Fashion ;) https://vimeo.com/86620113

geometrica, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

spam attack again

u7angel, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

Sphere fractal reflected 22 times > http://youtu.be/x0mRp05qabA

ventolinmono, Saturday, Feb 15th 2014  

@ventolinmono: Thanks!

gerrit, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@mino thanks for the note. it is back now..

joreg, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@gerrit The Intel HD 4000 graphics card hightest fullscreen antialiasing quality level is 1.

ventolinmono, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@gerrit The Intel HD 4000 graphics card hightest fullscreen antialiasing qualiti level is 1.

ventolinmono, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

@ethermammoth. I'm currently digging through "3d game programming with dx11" but gave up on it. realized i need to understand c++

drehwurm, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

Is anyone using the intel hd4000 graphics card? What is the highest possible antialiasing quality? Thanks!

gerrit, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

32bit/64bit description disappeared from download page?

mino, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

can someone recommend a HLSL book, preferable with latest SM for learning DX11, but also basics?

ethermammoth, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

spam attack in forum

u7angel, Friday, Feb 14th 2014  

there's no vvvv-category on devart. yet.

sebl, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

make sure to read the rules

bjoern, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  


bjoern, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

u7angel and gerrit: very nice projects!!

skyliner, Wednesday, Feb 12th 2014  

This is Lucid www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnEpvjP117Y

Bunai Carus, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  


gerrit, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  

happy birthday gregsn!

readme, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  

quad recipe leaked http://t3n.de/news/hardwrk-massive-dock-iphone5-526868/

u7angel, Tuesday, Feb 11th 2014  


graphicuserinterface, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

okey there is just no delaunay gpu implementation in vvvv?

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

i mean polygonize

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

is uncs triangulate fx a delaunay algorithm on the gpu? or does someone has this.

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

sunep are you testing it?

tekcor, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

While we are waiting for vvvv on android for real: http://slashdot.org/story/14/02/10/0251201/wine-on-android-starts-allowing-windows-binaries-on-androidarm

sunep, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

also worth checking out: snap-nodes-to-grid

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

k, found it: operandomatic

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

Wasn't there a really useful set of modules that allowed for quick operators (/*+-) somewhere in the contributions?

guest, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

@psybot check anttweakbar

joreg, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

@io dammmmnnn

manuel, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

@io wow, amazing!

catweasel, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

Have to say I was gutted for the guy, such a spectacular show!

catweasel, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  


metrowave, Monday, Feb 10th 2014  

Extremely nice project of a friend : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjzSeOg8oTs

io, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

RE: olympic dead man - in case you didn't "get it": http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/Fake-News/ss/Man-Responsible-for-Olympic-Ring-Mishap-Found-Dead.htm

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

@psylion thanks) we are the colleagues and it is better to support each other in cases of failures (i wasn't involved in the ceremony)

bo27, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

@bo27: No intention to hurt or negative impression. And I would like to salute the backup solution...

psylion, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

Any way to write a plugin with an interactive UI? Any examples? Maybe you could create an output layer and add input mouse?

psybot, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

@psylion hope, any fails won't happen on your events

bo27, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

hey censor86 that is true

tekcor, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  


DiMiX, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

Thoughts on a global plugin list? Every custom plugin made could be made available to all users immediately. Why wait?

psybot, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

Hey vvvvolks! I added another Firefox search plugIn to the node documentation to Mycroft. Get it here: new-search-plugins-for-firefox

blausand, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

Hi, somobody told me that VVVV can generate video from music. Is that true?

Censor86, Sunday, Feb 9th 2014  

@io: It works! thanks!

vasilis, Saturday, Feb 8th 2014  

i want to have this , but for patches: https://github.com/blog/1772-diffable-more-customizable-maps

sebl, Saturday, Feb 8th 2014  

@vasilis: try fn+F1

io, Saturday, Feb 8th 2014  

quartzcomposer anyone? https://vimeo.com/85578380 #origami #facebook #really?

joreg, Saturday, Feb 8th 2014  

Anyone knows why when I press F1 I don't get to see the help patch but I get the windows help? I'm using windows 8

vasilis, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

And then I found Writer. Not sure why you'd need something like kkapture.

psybot, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

Eyetribe is out, mine was send yesterday, here is their github: https://github.com/eyetribe

metrowave, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

Not sure about how to use kkapture either. Are there other non real-time capture methods for use in vvvv?

psybot, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

sotschi-opening. *schluck* What kind of beamers, and how many, and where are they???

drehwurm, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

hello guest have a look at box2d-playground

colorsound, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

how to generate text to box2d, and have a collusion between text?

guest, Friday, Feb 7th 2014  

hey i move to cologne like seriously :) guess blausand as well? i will contact you, need some connections in new environment

tekcor, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

check it out: http://bit.ly/1dsJfAT all the DARPA opensource in one place. Some visualization stuff there

acegas, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

@tekcor are you moving to Köln or is there a workshop? form Köln myself..

gegenlicht, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

@joreg - yes please :)

xd_nitro, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

@xd good idea, but nope. only the other way round.

joreg, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

can you

xd_nitro, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

change you select a node and then jump to it in finder?

xd_nitro, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

This was the link to InterlockedAdd: InterlockedAdd: http://bit.ly/1jhWH2C

timpernagel, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

What I've learned today: Atomic Operations in shaders like http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ff471406(v=vs.85).aspx are pretty essential.

timpernagel, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

autostereogram musicvideo

skyliner, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

last day of vvvv workshop at HS Augsburg. back in germany, moving to köln right now

tekcor, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

It seems the HLSL Editor/Parser fails to handle Matrices of integers. int4 or float4x4 fine. Any hints?

blausand, Thursday, Feb 6th 2014  

Hap codec anyone ? Could think of financing about it .. https://github.com/Vidvox/hap

synth, Wednesday, Feb 5th 2014  

might be interesting to play with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euQU6n1OAqI&feature=youtu.be

guest, Wednesday, Feb 5th 2014  

I'm fully pixel precise. They look like webfonts

xd_nitro, Tuesday, Feb 4th 2014  

search for pixelprecise tet @ d nitro... but i also have problems with text textures

tekcor, Tuesday, Feb 4th 2014  

why can't vvvv render text as beautifully as Flash?

xd_nitro, Tuesday, Feb 4th 2014  

is there any patch switching module for dx11 pipeline?

gltshhh, Tuesday, Feb 4th 2014  

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~17min ago

hrovac: any v4user in singapore? some visiting tips or ready for a bubbletea or two?

~5h ago

graphicuserinterface: anyone with quadrature plugin? to read limbs rotation direction from polar node?

~5h ago

graphicuserinterface: another massive piece of work from vux. 10x

~2d ago

Serious_Hare: @tonfilm interresting one, def going to try that one. PS: mine runs on android to :)

~2d ago

Curveau: @tonfilm: Great :)

~2d ago

io: arr Windows 8 i using vvvv grey as non active icon background ...

~2d ago

~2d ago

vux: @mrboni : ping me on skype