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does the BM Intensity Pro work with dx11 video in?

mrboni, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

patches from the #res14 manipulating faces #vvvv workshop with @woeishi are up now: manipulating-faces

joreg, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

vvvv tutorial for Chinese beginner :http://www.tudou.com/home/mimangqin/item

lecloneur, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  


metrowave, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

how to use dialog

nothingtolose, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

metaio SDK update. supports managed C++ app.

mino, Friday, Jul 25th 2014  

Thanks Cat

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@everyoneishappy https://copy.com/OOK1Xrc8qC1AmMfl Is a quick hack of a playerDx11

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

So I wanted to send a user an Eamail, the Captcha went wrong and I lost all my text!!

Westbam, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@skyliner thanks. For a second was wondering what that had to do with dx11 player lol. Vimeo. Gotcha.

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

Kinect-Powered Projector Guides Climbers Up A Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNr3bxysSb0

Urbankind, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: try clipconverter.cc

skyliner, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone Indonesia

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@skyliner, typo from UNC... true master, crazy. @everyoneishappy where are you ?

lecloneur, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone: dat typo!! @io: grande!

skyliner, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

JETZT GESUCHT: vvvv-Programmierer für Projekt Mitte September 2014. Kinect-Steuerung vor Urban Screen. Infos gerne auf Anfrage!

NICK@DUS, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone will check that via proxy later, vimeo banned here for being too sexy :P

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

did someone have a dx11 texture player??

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  


DiMiX, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@lecloneur: outstanding!!

m4d, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

Grea to see vvvvjs being used in the wild

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

vvvvjs full bg http://keroxen.com/

io, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

Vux, Unc, Clone, live vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/101467958

lecloneur, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@gerrit: It's clean not just magnificent!

Urbankind, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@dawoof: i'm in tokyo

mino, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

anyone in tokyos?

dawoof, Tuesday, Jul 22nd 2014  

anyone have a workaround for the weird IO box issue? random-weird-display-bug

unovis, Monday, Jul 21st 2014  

Meanwhile, in Berlin...

h99, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

yeah i definately want to do a osc node for vvvvjs too asap

tekcor, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

Osc from webpages: www.nexusosc.com/nexusTutorials/

sapo, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

Real World Particles with vvvv: http://vimeo.com/96903836

gerrit, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

retard' :)

xd_nitro, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

'never go full retart'

xd_nitro, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

i love when vvvv goes full retard leaving no trace why.

microdee, Thursday, Jul 17th 2014  

for the UI freaks http://tinyurl.com/m5t5jfb

newemka, Thursday, Jul 17th 2014  

@gareth: yup. left a more detailed description in the forums...help!

ghosts, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

someone else going to be at SIGGRAPH this year?

herbst, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

@ghosts: got the latest usb3 drivers installed?

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

anyone getting 'not enough USB controller resources' with kinect 2?

ghosts, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

love vvvv

Takuma, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

oh, #wtf #noise http://adamferriss.com/nze/

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

@grandchild: AVERMEDIA records on your PC at 60MBPS quality,but on sd-card is 18MBPS. Rec on pc uses NO CPU & very little artifact

evvvvil, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@reaktant - wow, a lot of useful stuff in there

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@mrboni maybe this helps: https://github.com/larsbertram69/Lux and make a thread

reaktant, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

win 8, usb 3 e dx11

sonostrano, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

naaaa win8 :(

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

thx sonastrano... now its public. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=43661

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

does anyone know of any completish examples of implementing PBR in hlsl? (dx11) Have found many papers and only the odd bit of code

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  


lasal, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

thanks @lasal that works

ethermammoth, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@elektromeier if you are in the betatesting group, you can download it from https://connect.microsoft.com/site1271/Downloads

sonostrano, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@elektromeier if you are in the betatesting group, you can download it from https://connect.microsoft.com/site1271/Downloads

sonostrano, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

got my kinect2 today. but where to dl the sdk? not online yet?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@ethermammoth: try with quad+several lines(in quad shape) intersection

lasal, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

is there a quad -> quad intersection v4 implementation somewhere? (separating axis theorem)

ethermammoth, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@elliot: Wohoooo projection perfection!:). The 200 Pico Beamer setup sounds maad ;)!

d0this, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@elliotwoods super cool

ethermammoth, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@Elliot - brilliant! Why no moving camera in the video though? :)

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 15th 2014  

@elliot Fantastic LightMagic!

AndyC, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

elliot: absolutely lovvvve it!

skyliner, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  


metrowave, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@elliotwoods, Brilliant!! excellent work!

vasilis, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@elliotwoods, amazing! I'm very jealous, I want to play!

catweasel, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@Elliot Super nice!

everyoneishappy, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@lasal @sebl thanks but need to generate MTC, not LTC. looks like http://www.midiox.com/ will work fine in our simple case.

everyoneishappy, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

Light Barrier 2014. Thanks to everybody who was at New Media Night. We had a wonderful time! http://www.creativeapplications.net/vvvv/light-barrier-millions-of-calibrated-light-beams-create-floating-phantoms-in-the-air/

elliotwoods, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@everyoneishappy or you can give this a try: https://github.com/bj-rn/LTCSharp (björn tinkered here some days ago - maybe he knows more)

sebl, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

Check out the newest #game from microdee and more in this featured post http://www.symbioticcube.com/vvvv-user-microdee/

tekcor, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@everyone: you can use an audio time code file (.wav) and play it with the filestream.

lasal, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  


Noir, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

Someone patched MTC output already? (timecode, not clock)

everyoneishappy, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

@joreg: it's a bit flakey. I ended up just making a native LibPD app,and integrating it with Android Processing

Curveau, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

anyone tried this? http://droidparty.net/

joreg, Monday, Jul 14th 2014  

anyone boygouping in beta32? I seem to be having issues..

catweasel, Sunday, Jul 13th 2014  

@evvvvil: i did record to sd card... hm is the to pc quality better? will have to try. i used it for line-heavy clean animation

Grandchild, Sunday, Jul 13th 2014  

@pechart: write rnickels@alrami.de to add you to the mail list ..

tekcor, Friday, Jul 11th 2014  

@readme: intense in a good way i hope... @hrovac: Thankx a lot man much appreciated.

evvvvil, Friday, Jul 11th 2014  

evvvvil, that was intense.

readme, Friday, Jul 11th 2014  

@tektor: Do meetings like this get announced somewhere else beside this shoutbox?

pechart, Friday, Jul 11th 2014  

Giorno dottore natan! another old one; see mirror: http://legacy.vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=kalle.Modules.File

kalle, Friday, Jul 11th 2014  

@evvvil: best vvvvgame so far.

hrovac, Thursday, Jul 10th 2014  

Check out the trailer video for my new LEAP MOTION & OCULUS RIFT video game entirely developed in vvvv! peace https://vimeo.com/100263709

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 10th 2014  

looking forward to it @tekcor :)

gegenlicht, Thursday, Jul 10th 2014  

vvvv meeting tonight 8 pm cologne dingfabrik

tekcor, Thursday, Jul 10th 2014  


Noir, Thursday, Jul 10th 2014  

@grandchild: recorded with Avermedia at 1080p and looks great, very little artifacts for me. did you record on comp or sd-card?

evvvvil, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@catweasel : FileTexture2d Pool (BackGround Load) + GetSpread String + GetSlice Node and voila ;)

vux, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@dottore maybe woei's MigrateFolder: tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1525

bjoern, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@nissdiss, any chance of a look-see?

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

dottore cmd.exe :D

hierro, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@dottore you can use Robocopy utility via ShellExecute node.

alg, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

is there a module around that makes a copy of a folder with all its contents (also subfolders)?

dottore, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@catweasel :D yes

nissidis, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

anyone made a player texture dx11 yet? ;)

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@pechart: scrolling, the background and the ajax part is made with vvvv.js

microdee, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@microdee - what of that is actually vvvv? Is it possible to build the whole page with vvvv.js?

pechart, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@bo foowhat?

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

@joreg trolling football? #5-0

bo27, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

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~42min ago

joreg: @stix: a similar intro can be found here: shader#custom effects feel free to add the link to ex9.furtherreading

~4h ago

StiX: http://www.catalinzima.com/xna/tutorials/crash-course-in-hlsl/ very helpfull, should be added somewhere to docummentation imho

~6h ago

fjen: less than a week to apply for CCL in Melbourne: apply-now-choreographic-coding-lab-(ccl)-in-melbourne ... please share!

~10h ago

catweasel: @Dorosp this Sat or Sunday I think, not at all last minute ;)

~20h ago

NiegatoNiamiau: i want to install in my mac osx, im from latin america :B

~1d ago

Dorosp: @tonfilm: In one of the universities? I can ask at Herts (20 mins train ride from kings-Cross towards the north). Dates?

~1d ago

tonfilm: @UK people, thing is that we could do the last 50 talk while i am in london, but we need a date and a venue next weekend. ideas?

~1d ago

kapor: interactive climbing wall project made with arduino+vvvv: https://vimeo.com/114546500

~2d ago

h99: @guest "no guarantees"? @devvvvs: ??? @vvvvers wtf?

~2d ago

dottore: @guest: obviously :)