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Quick mini extra update for dx11, shown here: directx-11-beta-31.2-update

vux, Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013  

for twitter: vvvv workshop in serbia by abduct graphics-in-motion

tekcor, Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013  


metrowave, Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013  

Ongoing workshop <Designing Intelligent Light Structures> at Stereolux, Nantes http://bit.ly/1gDTcQ5

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013  


ggml, Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013  

@blausand: then disable Undo (VVVV)

joreg, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

ahem and yes we're banging a createNode every minute or so - ever replacing the same subpatch.

blausand, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

Is there a way to trace down which part of our extremely complex patch is leaking memory? It's getting fatter'n'fatter over weeks…

blausand, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

btw. antoni is zeos in the forum, a great guy!

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

thank's to all the amazing shader wizards as well, that help making this software what it is - our amazing creative toolkit

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

there is a lot conceptual & visual output how to visualize movement patterns

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

sebl,velcrome, timpernagel, antoni & more worked on a great vvvv approach to analyse and capture dance, i focused on visualisations

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

it was a great collaboration of skilled vvvv enthusiasts at the motion bank ccl, that took the project a step further.

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

@jannis: thumbs up!

skyliner, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

motion bank creative coding lab / http://youtu.be/s-annTc1D4Y

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2013  

i just discovered that velocity can be used for glitch too! wooo!

microdee, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

nice audiovisual installation

skyliner, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

@u7angel remember that you can subscribe to flattr every month

sunep, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

only 13 people yet ? https://flattr.com/profile/mrvux

u7angel, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

Not long now! #vvvv #KinectOne

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

motion bank ccl / kinect particle sketch http://youtu.be/ucJDl_wW8sQ

jannis, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

@metrowave: Maybe ordered enough Capri sensors for 1st round (750?), they are still taking orders.

mediadog, Monday, Dec 2nd 2013  

@mediadog: oh no!! :(

metrowave, Sunday, Dec 1st 2013  

Nothing good will come out of Apple owning all Primesense tech ...

synth, Sunday, Dec 1st 2013  

wanted: cover art and illustrations competition

mino, Sunday, Dec 1st 2013  

for information: changed my Username from NOD423 to kopffarben

kopffarben, Sunday, Dec 1st 2013  

@metrowave: Apple now owns all Primesense tech, curious what Structure will use now; no news from them yet...

mediadog, Sunday, Dec 1st 2013  


metrowave, Saturday, Nov 30th 2013  

The Panono cam still going on if you haven't seen: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/panono-panoramic-ball-camera/x/2117018

metrowave, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

well seems to me like everything we knew was wrong

Elias, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

ahah, but i asked Elias about 1-2 month ago, and he said, that 4.5 can't be hosted.

alg, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

@flateric: well, we won't tell vux, who is with us atm. all yours! would like to see his reaction though ;)

gregsn, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

What the fuss about that 4.5 stuff, it's working since beta 27 ;)

flateric, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

hooray for .net 4.5 \o/

m4d, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

@alg et others: there will be .net4.5 of course... just still sorting some other stuff, watch the devvvv blog...

joreg, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

@joreg good, but you know, we can't be happy without .net 4.5 )

alg, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

@joreg hurray, clearly and cleanliness - my toothbrush is still missing

CeeYaa, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

@joreg, neat!

u7angel, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

have you seen the revvvvamped io page yet? any questions left? #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Nov 29th 2013  

.net 5 please

xd_nitro, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

Ha! Was just logging on to say +1 for .net 4.5 I WANNA PLAY WITH KINECT ONE!

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

Realtime business with CloneMixer : https://vimeo.com/80558643

lecloneur, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

Canada calling: Anyone from Toronto (or eastcoast..) that wants to work with me next spring from Jan - May?

manolito, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

fuck windows go mac ;p

antokhio, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

+11 for .net4.5

dottore, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

+1 for .net 4.5

kopffarben, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

go for .net 4.5

velcrome, Thursday, Nov 28th 2013  

screw xp, hello .net 4.5 \o/

m4d, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

b31.2x64_DX11: most stable and fastest vvvv ever

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

flattr people..we have the creator of hours of vvvvideo tutorials in the list Westbam you know what to do!

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@ethermammoth : Already wrote most of wrapping, but 4v miss .net 4.5 for now

vux, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@joreg i will, though i'm far away from creating good contributions. i made my account for flattering u guys

drehwurm, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@drehwurm don't forget to add your flattr account to your personal settings: home/settings/personal

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

Flatastic! Great thing!

drehwurm, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

somebody got kinect2 alpha access? maybe collaborate on a wrapper?

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

just mentioning the heavy contributors there is of course more: connections/flattr

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

and the flattr list is growing: next to woei and vux you can now also subscribe to elliotwoods

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@phildar: faq codecs

katzenfresser, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@cat for now just flattr people. i am not sure if we really need "things" but of course anyone can just add things for himself

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@cat go to flattr.com and make an account, then you can begin flattring. watch this video for how it works http://youtu.be/9zrMlEEWBgY

sunep, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

what would bests hd codec to quick access video in filestream ?

phildar, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

Do we just like things as normal with the vvvv site, or do we do it throught the flattr page?

catweasel, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

Im on :)

catweasel, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

regarding flattr, make more projects to flattr, then you can get a bigger chunk of each flattrers mothly flattrs.

sunep, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

I`d support ... as soon as i get my salary ...

synth, Wednesday, Nov 27th 2013  

@u7angel indeed. seems not too many people are interested in supporting this way though, see: connections/flattr

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

Myo Development Kit is available for early 2014: https://www.thalmic.com/en/myo/preorder/

metrowave, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

@dottore: yet another wave simulation http://david.li/waves/

fibo, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

@skyliner: BSD folks are the most geek. Nice ascii art!

fibo, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

@u7 totally agree

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

a way to show gratitude https://flattr.com/profile/mrvux

u7angel, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  


dannielmach, Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013  

fluid ASCII

skyliner, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

nice mino!

tekcor, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

my latest work: OoA - creature

mino, Monday, Nov 25th 2013  

we have a new toy: https://vine.co/v/hUbWYgiUteQ

timpernagel, Sunday, Nov 24th 2013  

I think this has potentials but needs a lift to get off the ground: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1838077268/notch-movement-capture-anywhere-anytime

metrowave, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJzwkixcqis a little destroyed by compression, but v2 of leap and shadow play!

catweasel, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

@skyliner: might not be so great if you pick them up and just fall apart

Curveau, Saturday, Nov 23rd 2013  

ah ok! :)

catweasel, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

Yup did the pull request, need to prepare build now

vux, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@cat this is due to this still open pullrequest https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv/pull/65 and missing dx11-release for b31.2

joreg, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

opening beta31 patches in beta31.2 dx11 quads and texture and transforms are disconnected... See my shadows patch for an eg

catweasel, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

Why are those modules always so expensive?

Westbam, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@Tekcor Indeed. I'll see if have something useful. Shout u later. @XD, you're welcome ;-)

guest, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

i know it can be done with text(texture) and calculating height in pixels and texture transform correctly... but that is not easy

tekcor, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

basically i need to render multiple long text that is scrollable individually ~

tekcor, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

@teckor, when you say spreadable, do you mean a list of words scrolling on one line or lists on multiple lines?

guest, Friday, Nov 22nd 2013  

http://vimeo.com/80008324 eh-hum...

catweasel, Thursday, Nov 21st 2013  

does someone has a spreadable scrollable text?

tekcor, Thursday, Nov 21st 2013  

anonymous user login


~14h ago

zeos: @sinus:10x! That's kind of docu version ;) I am working on a mocumentary version ;)

~16h ago

sinus: @zeos: great work!

~18h ago

DigitalSlaves: @ Gerrit : use Processing with iOS /Android sdk

~19h ago

gerrit: Does anyone know an app for iPad with buttons which send OSCMessages (like touchOSC), where you can set a custom background image?

~1d ago

manuel: allways on top is not working ?