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kinect v2 not available in italy/Europe??

robe, Friday, Jan 23rd 2015  

@aivenhoe check the map, it seems so: map

joreg, Friday, Jan 23rd 2015  

Are there any vvvv users in new zealand?

aivenhoe, Friday, Jan 23rd 2015  

anybody interested in the #latestandgreatest #vvvv 45beta33.7? vvvv45beta33.7 now with #photoshop support

joreg, Thursday, Jan 22nd 2015  


yhy, Thursday, Jan 22nd 2015  

ohh no, just realised that node is during the shanghai auto show runtime :'(

TwoBeAss, Wednesday, Jan 21st 2015  

vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/117276358

lecloneur, Tuesday, Jan 20th 2015  

dx11 particles 101 particle-madness

mrboni, Tuesday, Jan 20th 2015  

@udo - are you using dx9 particles? If so you'll have a much easier time colouring them etc if you use dx11 compute shaders

mrboni, Tuesday, Jan 20th 2015  

has anyone used this paint as a screen goo alternative?http://projector-screen-paint.com/index.php?cPath=1

mrboni, Tuesday, Jan 20th 2015  

test::using modfied PhongDirectional for multicolored 3d particles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8UYg8G-XRs&feature=youtu.be hlsl code (bottom): gpu-particles-how-to-color-particles-individualy-in-pixelshader

udo2013, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

@blausand: big time: https://diasp.org/public/joreg

joreg, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

Klarna Data Wall - real-time data visualization of corporate data for the new Klarna HQ using #vvvv klarna-data-wall

CedricKiefer, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

Can someone let me know how to download vvvv for Mac(Yosemite)? Please...

shen, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

3d dynamic field_texture no longer working. Please read (new article today) how-to-repair-broken-3ddynamicfieldtexture-(hlsl-code)#comment-182746 thank you

udo2013, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

Are there any diaspora users among vvvv, btw? blausand@ruhrspora.de

blausand, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

I want TECO!

mediadog, Monday, Jan 19th 2015  

I want vi!

beyon, Sunday, Jan 18th 2015  

i want emacs keybindings on c#/hlsl editor.

yhy, Sunday, Jan 18th 2015  

Has anyone been using Komodo? http://komodoide.com/ what do you think?

metrowave, Saturday, Jan 17th 2015  


io, Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

nvm #lastThread -_- & :)

visuality77, Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

dont be a poof purf, lol.

visuality77, Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

nvm #lastThread -_- & :)

purf., Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

Suggestion: Node courses and events on DVD, seriously for those of us who cant travel that far it would be purchased.

visuality77, Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

into numbers anyone? vvvv-in-numbers-2014 #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 14th 2015  

ah, too late...

motzi, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015  

should hopefully retrieve the XML of the patch

motzi, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015  

@stix: select all, copy and paste in text editor. save as v4p then

motzi, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015  

ok it was a crash later, invalid pointer, managed to save it i hope

StiX, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015  

hey guys i cannot save or close a patch, any ideas? everything else works but i rly want to have it saved

StiX, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015  

@NiegatoNiamiau : you can read best practices when using bootcamp

sebescudie, Monday, Jan 12th 2015  

existe la version para mac?

NiegatoNiamiau, Monday, Jan 12th 2015  


kiilo, Monday, Jan 12th 2015  

tnx joreg

Noir, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

@Noir not publicly @kiilo definitely potentially

joreg, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

just saw the talk ~ lovely features ~ but will it cross platforms?

kiilo, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

@devvvvs Have planned to release a 'pre alpha' of beta50 before Node ?

Noir, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

Ah... Someone was faster. :-)

tonfilm, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

The video of the #vvvv 50 talk is online: http://vimeo.com/scopesessions/vvvv50-preview

tonfilm, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

Can't wait to try 50!

sunep, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  


yhy, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

Thanks Soriak!

sebescudie, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

@soriak great!

mino, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

scope session is online :) http://vimeo.com/116418592

soriak, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

just added a more obvious #flattr button to some of the most popular #vvvv contributions contributions

joreg, Sunday, Jan 11th 2015  

Writing a really simple thesis of how vvvv is interesting for Fine Artists and Designers, in Japanese. A really easy one.

Takuma, Saturday, Jan 10th 2015  


Noir, Friday, Jan 9th 2015  

@yhy you should be. its awesome news

xxxlalala, Friday, Jan 9th 2015  

@xxxlalala Thanks! I'm in a fidget :-)

yhy, Friday, Jan 9th 2015  

@yhy the people who organzied the evening where recording as far as i can tell. maybe it will be online in a few days.

xxxlalala, Friday, Jan 9th 2015  

Did somebody record the ScopeSession talk? I can't find in http://scopesessions.org/video/

yhy, Friday, Jan 9th 2015  

Reportage from ScopeSession?Too curious...

Noir, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

But if anyone going can bring a cam just in case I'm sure there will be beers at node for you :)

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

Scope are pretty good at posting talks.

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

yes please record and televise it!

metrowave, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

what graphicuserinterface said! @joreg: thanks, will keep an eye on that.

m4d, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

can somebody somehow record the node talk tonigth please? ( ! )

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

@yoctopory: you men http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOAP right? What do you need - direct file transfer or what else is it good for?

tekcor, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

@m4d we're not sure. if they record it it should show up here: http://scopesessions.org/video/

joreg, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

@tonfilm: since i can't make it to berlin will there be a stream? :)

m4d, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

We are scheduled for 21.30h tonight, see you later: vvvv50-introduction-talk-scope-sessions#comment-181448

tonfilm, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

Actually trying to post a SOAP-request from vvvv, but failed...

Yoctopory, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

Looking at hexagon grid on Sphere, found polytopes from VUX but download link is broken... alternate solutions?

psylion, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015  

soap has no effect on vvvv imo

tekcor, Wednesday, Jan 7th 2015  

Anybody has any experience in using vvvv & SOAP ?

Yoctopory, Wednesday, Jan 7th 2015  

specifically interested in whether it's possible to encode an existing mesh as a binary / texture

mrboni, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  

@microdee - have any example patches using GeometryFromBinary and GeometryFromTexture?

mrboni, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  

@guest sqlite-nodes-not-working

xd_nitro, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  


metrowave, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  


metrowave, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  

@guest: odd. it works for me though when i drag addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins\SQLLiteNodes.dll on a patch. will investigate

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  

Mäh. Sqlite nodes missing in current x64 beta :(

guest, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  


elektromeier, Tuesday, Jan 6th 2015  

must watch for vvvvers this idea is dope http://vimeo.com/74735651

tekcor, Monday, Jan 5th 2015  

Happy new year Nitro! Would be lovely to meet you one day

mrboni, Monday, Jan 5th 2015  

@xxxlalala it's a blending thing - try Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced) - at first totally missed what you said

h99, Monday, Jan 5th 2015  

when i have 4 black quads (dx9 or dx11) with with 0.25 alpha its grey. why not black ?

xxxlalala, Monday, Jan 5th 2015  

who hasn't yet, who needs some more: 40% off for #vvvv dongles until jannuary 11th one-off-holiday-dongle-discount

joreg, Monday, Jan 5th 2015  

Happy new year Mr boner

xd_nitro, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015  

On the off chance, doors anyone have our know of a cheap room available in Berlin for the next 2 or 3 weeks?

mrboni, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015  

Get some #vvvv sneak peek live and in color at Panke in Berlin next thursday: vvvv50-introduction-talk-scope-sessions

tonfilm, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015  

@matka, I can't take credit -- not my project! But it was cool and thought I should share

Pixelsmith, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015  

Pixelsmith impressive

matka, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015  

TouchOSC Android not dead: http://hexler.net/forum/viewannounce/1071_8/ 8-)

Meierhans, Saturday, Jan 3rd 2015  

anyone in detroit (for naias)?

bjoern, Saturday, Jan 3rd 2015  

looking for some helping hands the next couple of weeks for a project in athens. if anyone's around ping me pliz.

levi, Saturday, Jan 3rd 2015  

Pixel is a dance show for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environment. http://www.am-cb.net/projets/pixel-cie-kafig/

Pixelsmith, Saturday, Jan 3rd 2015  

happy new year!

mrboni, Friday, Jan 2nd 2015  

..a happy new year to everyone!

udo2013, Friday, Jan 2nd 2015  

Are you in Australia? Working with dance or choreography? Apply for Choreographic Coding Lab here: http://choreographiccoding.org/content/application-form-melbourne-deakin-motionlab-ccl-2015

johanna, Friday, Jan 2nd 2015  

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~25min ago

udo2013: tja, simonetta liebt pflanzen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04uGZrz1EW0

~26min ago

udo2013: gerade avatar gesehen.ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen, wie ähnlich die fliegenden pflänzchen und meine schöpfung sich ähnelen

~22h ago

evvvvil: @joreg: Thankx man and thankx again for the "know your spreads" doc update, amazing work, love the pcitures

~22h ago

evvvvil: fuck sake it's obviously "mean" I'm looking for, ignore saturday's stoned rambling. Go lecloneur, looking great!

~22h ago

joreg: @evvvvil: spread sinks

~22h ago

evvvvil: isn't there a node to do an average of a whole spread, can't seme to find it...?

~2d ago

hrovac: @cat: dl-limit reached! pls contribute before next dl ;)

~2d ago

catweasel: I get logged out when I'm in the contributions section...