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@evvvvil cooktorrancemultitexfresnel times ago...only dx9 version

Noir, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

Any dx11 cook-torrance hlsl lighting shader example for vvvv? Can't seem to find one... Would adapting this do? http://content.gpwiki.org/index.php/D3DBook:%28Lighting%29_Cook-Torrance

evvvvil, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

new particle_visual::love_rituals on a twilight_world.. enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERl5P2ZHc2g

udo2013, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: thankx a lot man, got it! Wicked!

evvvvil, Saturday, Dec 6th 2014  

anyone interested in more #vvvv50 details? 50-properties

joreg, Friday, Dec 5th 2014  

does Dialog (File Open) work for anyone?

xd_nitro, Friday, Dec 5th 2014  

if anyone wants to use a griffin powermate, here is a quick and dirty module node/177535

jens.a.e, Friday, Dec 5th 2014  

spam invasion again!

microdee, Friday, Dec 5th 2014  

@joreg updated: new-bugs-in-beta-33.3#comment-177410

karistouf, Thursday, Dec 4th 2014  

for those who hate to install all msvc's one-by-one: http://www.ghacks.net/2012/08/24/install-microsoft-visual-c-runtimes-in-one-go/

microdee, Thursday, Dec 4th 2014  

@joreg: still same trouble when doing fade in video-filestream-trouble-shots-feedbacks

karistouf, Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2014  

@evvvvil I guess it's on git, but here is an simple workaround: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6qamd2oxlslxug/Cylinder%20%28DX11%20Geometry%29.v4p?dl=0

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014  

@evvvvil indeed Cylinder behave strangely with texture.

lecloneur, Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014  


Abduct, Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014  

Where is the download of the Winamp Module by Vux? Not here: vux modules winamp

ventolinmono, Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014  

new dynamic plugin coding reference dynamic plugins reference #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Dec 1st 2014  

Interesting talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNO_CYUjMK8

Noir, Monday, Dec 1st 2014  

ATLAS - Interactive Dance Performance http://youtu.be/ijWxPkRsyjM

tekcor, Monday, Dec 1st 2014  

how come only box and sphere take filetexture in dx11? Cylinder missing uv or I'm missing something?

evvvvil, Monday, Dec 1st 2014  

is there any knowledge about writing with v to an electric typewriter? rs232?

apnoe, Sunday, Nov 30th 2014  

@seb: anyway thank you :)

dvj_jenda, Saturday, Nov 29th 2014  

It's just the "= (String)" node. But using Sift is actually faster than creating =/OR/Select :)

sebescudie, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

@ sebe : whats the EQ string? Now I am just solving the webserverinput, but EQ string sounds nice :) due to licence,still on 28.1

dvj_jenda, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

@dvj : check "Keyboard matching keys" patch in Girlpower's IO section. Use the same logic with EQ (String) :)

sebescudie, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

found it, after an hour..;) sift makes that!

dvj_jenda, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

can smbdy help me with find string in string spread? need to get slice index out..mine idea is silly ;( thanks for advice ;)

dvj_jenda, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

@metrowave : looks interesting, ty!

sebescudie, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

WebGL anyone? http://www.webglacademy.com/#0

metrowave, Friday, Nov 28th 2014  

@mino: was just thinking the same. :) been using it for some time and have to say in unity context it's really nice.

m4d, Thursday, Nov 27th 2014  


readme, Thursday, Nov 27th 2014  

porting to vvvv possible? http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/11/26/4-6-is-released-with-source-for-ui-system/

mino, Thursday, Nov 27th 2014  

@Elias: still had some problems, so posted on the forum and hoping for help. Thanks!

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

@Elias: I'll test the patch on another network. Slow network may be the problem. If not, I'll post. Merci

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

@Elias: I'll test the patch on another network. Slow network may be the problem. If not, I'll post. Merci

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

@Xini: pls file a proper report in the forum with patch showing the issue

Elias, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

pixel pioneers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzN2pgL0zeg#t=17

Noir, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

Using HTMLTexture-URL I can't anymore get the HTML from Facebook website...it worked some months ago, any issue? Page viewing works...

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

try if contrl-d works on nodes pls

antokhio, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

I'm seeing enough odd things and exceptions when quitting that it smells like mem corruption somewhere.

mediadog, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

seen one too. made AvoidNil(switch insode) turn red. i'm still trying to hunt this down

u7angel, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

@ele that could explain some of the problems I have had lately

sunep, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

theres some weird, nasty framedelay bugs going on in b33.3. so weird that i havent been able to reproduce it in a simple patch

elektromeier, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

@joreg great thanks

levi, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

@levi: if this is dx11 read install guide here: directx11-nodes-alpha

joreg, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

data table remake: vvvv.datatable

tonfilm, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

just updated machine to 33.3. all assimp nodes not working. setup looks allright.any ideas?

levi, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

Just posted node15 in Hacker news. Please vote up! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8648463

fibo, Sunday, Nov 23rd 2014  

201 users in Linkedin vvvv users group! Thank you for join it, I hope it can help hiring people. Add vvvv as skill in you profile!

fibo, Sunday, Nov 23rd 2014  


guest, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

<---> this link will not open__choose this: https://vimeo.com/112271436

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

..a little bit better video_quality :: https://vimeo.com/112271436 artist hates social_media made quality losses

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

@metrowave: thanks! i will never get those hours back :P

microdee, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  


metrowave, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

sequence for two @ http://vimeo.com/103391836

zeos, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

Working: render DDS directly from AFX: http://fnordware.blogspot.de/2014/09/dds-plug-in-for-after-effects-and.html

Meierhans, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

@aivenhoe yes, just one directory per node

phlegma, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

Directory pin of Dir (File Advanced) does not allow spreads as input?

aivenhoe, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

cern.ch/go/tN15T #cernopendata

timpernagel, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

slower vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/112457805

lecloneur, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

faster vvvvisuaaaal : https://vimeo.com/112374966

lecloneur, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

my first-really compsed-particle visual-using dottores gpu_library as a base_quality declined from upload_enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tvz5qZIoPk

udo2013, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

@xd: "/allowmultiple" in args file

guest, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

ah ok. I have to rename vvvv.exe.config file too :)

xd_nitro, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

if I rename vvvv.exe to any other name it doesn't launch. It should right?

xd_nitro, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

vvvvisuaaaal : https://vimeo.com/111984773

lecloneur, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

anybody knows if its possible to use multiple leap motion controllers at one machine ??

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  


mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

thanks joreg, great tangible interaction stuff with projection!

metrowave, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

tracker people check out #bullseye http://cavi.au.dk/research-areas/bullseye/ via @mkalten

joreg, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

@mrboni: so many plans..

joreg, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

thanks joreg. plans to make whole address searchable?

mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

ah, tty peace..

mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

@mrboni: finder allows you to search for single IDs (not a whole address) using # + space + followed by the ID

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

how do you track down a node by it's node address? Ie found using the tty?

mrboni, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

Hey so much instancing going on I uploaded some instancing tesselation displacement examples intanced-tesselation-and-displacement

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: Static does it?declare a global variable static & set it in vs, then grab it in gs. compiles, not sure it works..

evvvvil, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

@ravazquez documentation-topics-graphics-DX11 useful links

Noir, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

Thanks @Noir and @evvvvil. The link is not working for some reason but you pointed me in the right direction.

ravazquez, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

You might need to pass it from VS to GS. Otherwise can use SV_PrimitiveID

everyoneishappy, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

do you mean sv_instanceid?

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

struggling to pass or use sv_vertexid in geometry shader? Is it a semantic specific to vertex shader? @ravazquez follow Noir link!

evvvvil, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

outracks fuse invites here: http://fusetools.com/referer/20ba6ac5-0a25-4e08-94d6-67be44f72244 (disclaimer: uses my personal referrer)

m4d, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

dx11 useful links?

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@ravazquez dx11 useful links?

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

Where should I start if I want to get into DX11 shaders in vvvv?

ravazquez, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@pechart: not mine. just stumbled upon it.

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

joreg, great stuff (toucheverything)! Is it from you?

pechart, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@joreg after all these useless 3d paint demos someone figured out the best usecase for LEAP: picking beercans.

manolito, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

is posible to run the gui in another thread so renderer doesnt freezzes/sumbles when live patching?

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Nov 17th 2014  

anonymous user login


~4h ago

StiX: vvvv is so good when I need to prototype something for c#, saves a lot of time

~10h ago

evvvvil: @everyoneishappy, what was that cylinder(dx11) download link that you posted which had working UV for texture? thankx

~18h ago

everyoneishappy: We get an email when workshop booking for NODE opens right?

~1d ago

idab: @mino: wowowow! What good news!

~1d ago

mino: metaio for vvvv! metaio

~2d ago

joreg: that could work with http://manycam.com/

~2d ago

aerisdied: Okay, well how about streaming altered video from webcam to skype?

~2d ago

joreg: ok then better start with some other nodes..you picked one in particular that is/was of rather special interest...

~2d ago

aerisdied: No goal in particular, just playing around, seeing what is and is not possible. Been patching for about a week now.

~2d ago

joreg: @aerisdied: well, then you don't have a driver installed that would work with that node. it is rather ancient... what's your goal?