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+1 nice timeline

Noir, Sunday, Aug 9th 2015  

@honix, just joking as nobody should expect grid snap anylonger. As a "nice timeline" is expected since 2005 : gui-improvements

lecloneur, Sunday, Aug 9th 2015  

http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti the match for 7m dollars is coming up in esports, best of 5, if u want there is a newcomers stream, enjoy :3

StiX, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

but I love VVVV as is _

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

or a presentation mode!! :)

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

I like not intrusive node align.I wouldn't use grid align but I could use a snap to node feature like in Max/MSP. http://bit.ly/1DCxuLP

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@lecloneur grid snap is shit. ctrl + l do everything

honix, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

quote lecloneur

Noir, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@tonfilm how about grid snap and others long time GUI request ?

lecloneur, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@node auto offset, have you noticed the 'Free Space' option in VL? easy.

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 7th 2015  

good shout skyliner! TOOLL has that auto link thing but auto-offset would be even more amazing...

evvvvil, Friday, Aug 7th 2015  

+1 for this

hrovac, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

I personally wouldn't like this.

readme, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

@skyliner: I bet vux already implemented this in his FlareTic after seeing this ;)

microdee, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

@skyliner +1 great feature!

m9dfukc, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

wouldn't THIS a great vvvveature?

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

anyone know if the source code is around for the recent(ish) oculus plugin using oculus wrap?

mrboni, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

oh nooo - it's a prepared course - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_BYvUlDviM

CeeYaa, Wednesday, Aug 5th 2015  

finally?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwSwZ2Y0Ops

CeeYaa, Wednesday, Aug 5th 2015  

spam: transfer-android-text-messages-to-computer-easily

bjoern, Wednesday, Aug 5th 2015  

just realized that yesterday I had 10 years anniversary on the forum. thanks you all for 10 great years!

sunep, Wednesday, Aug 5th 2015  

I had a dream filled with GPU accelerated rendered SVGs... mostly bad hair styles from the 80s. It was fast but smelt of denim.

evvvvil, Tuesday, Aug 4th 2015  

Good luck, IBM

h99, Tuesday, Aug 4th 2015  

thanks! by the way for all the festival is this one platine-cologne.de pretty nice

tekcor, Tuesday, Aug 4th 2015  

@tekcor: wrote you an email

ggml, Tuesday, Aug 4th 2015  

c/x = check ^^

tekcor, Monday, Aug 3rd 2015  

hi ggml i will be there and will xhexk out pingtime

tekcor, Monday, Aug 3rd 2015  

pingtime is in cologne at artheater till thursday, someone fancy beers ?

ggml, Monday, Aug 3rd 2015  

who did this ? gpu-connectall-(gea)-help-renderer

u7angel, Monday, Aug 3rd 2015  

@banda have you tried this? https://github.com/stereolux/Myo-VVVV

guest, Monday, Aug 3rd 2015  

Anyone has a plugin for Myo?

banda, Saturday, Aug 1st 2015  

Has anyone a working plugin for Myo? I'd really appreciate it! I tried stereolux's with no luck.

galaktika, Saturday, Aug 1st 2015  

Thx for your warm reminder~

Fortune, Saturday, Aug 1st 2015  

@Fortune, You should make a new thread in the forum for this question, the shoutbox is not good for this

sunep, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

I made a software for voice dialogue which can call lib on the ie for any dialogue.How can I call it by 4v to synthesy speech?

Fortune, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

I made a software for voice dialogue which can call lib on the ie for any dialogue.How can I call it by 4v to synthesy speech?

Fortune, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

@sunep Oh,nice!Thank you very much!

Fortune, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

Vvvv can do synthetic voice by itself, check speechsynthesis

sunep, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

Is there any node in 4v that can output voice via calling other voice-dialogue softwares?

Fortune, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

@catweasel It's so kind of you.The most thx to you. -

Fortune, Friday, Jul 31st 2015  

add a speech node, go through windows speech prefs(popup) f1 and look at the help patch

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 30th 2015  

HELP!Where can I download the series of root of AudioEngine?

Fortune, Thursday, Jul 30th 2015  

Thank you very much.I have tried again but need more details.Could you please do me a favour?

Fortune, Thursday, Jul 30th 2015  

speech(string) or do you need something more refined?

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 30th 2015  

I am thirsty to know how to realize voice recognition via vvvv.I need anyone who can tell me the answer.I'm waiting online.thx!

Fortune, Thursday, Jul 30th 2015  


deru, Wednesday, Jul 29th 2015  

where can i find these wonderful statistcs about all downloads worldwide and so on?

deru, Wednesday, Jul 29th 2015  

@CeeYaa Bwahahaha! Thanks for that! Never know what turns up in the shoutbox...

mediadog, Wednesday, Jul 29th 2015  


xd_nitro, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@ceeyaa: Nicely spotted! That's Pedro BEFORE the meth lab exploded. Silly Pedro, that's not what an Arduino is for! ;)

evvvvil, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@evvvvil - Pedro?http://tinyurl.com/oyenm2b thx for sharing the Node15recording

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

https://github.com/enlight/klawr proper C# for UE4

microdee, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@vjc4 - thanks for the offer. I'm not struggling with anything in particular, just need another set of vvvvingers on the ground...:)

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@evvvvil - ah shame, and yes we should!

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

How Microsoft records Holographic video content for the HoloLens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ-XZIV-o8s

timpernagel, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@mrborni im far away, but i can help with dmx stuff. ask evvil my contact info

vjc4, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

@mrboni: I'm in london bro, we should hook up! At work today /tomorrow though :(

evvvvil, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

anyone in london free today / tomorrow and up for helping with some v4 dmx / motion tracking?

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 28th 2015  

everyone should use VObject. check my contribution for basic material to take apart and learn!

StiX, Monday, Jul 27th 2015  

evvvvil: you, sir are a hero! \o/

m4d, Monday, Jul 27th 2015  

nvidia deep learning introduction : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eBpjEdgSm0

sebescudie, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

I learned this shit the hard way, tried so many exports... Anyway go get advanced shaders p2 workshop here: https://youtu.be/rRS0LY37Db8

evvvvil, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

After Effects CC corrupts the audio if audio was recorded in mono but you're trying to export in stereo. Anyway enjoy bruh-bruhs.

evvvvil, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

Yes guys, I uploaded the advanced shader p2 video but it had no sound, tt was really FUCKING TEDIOUS fixing the audio track.

evvvvil, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

thanks abduct

Noir, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  


esnho, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

Advanced DirectX11 Shading Workshop P2 now with sound thanks to my bitch Evvvil! heres the link again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRS0LY37Db8&feature=youtu.be

Abduct, Saturday, Jul 25th 2015  

beccause it had no sound! X(

Abduct, Friday, Jul 24th 2015  

I mean on youtube

esnho, Friday, Jul 24th 2015  

Why the "NODE15 - Advanced DirectX11 Shading Workshop P2" is uploaded and removed? :(

esnho, Friday, Jul 24th 2015  

@kalle, depsite the thumbs up, I went for a 2560 screen instead ;)

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 23rd 2015  

@cat: i know exactly what you mean with "old man eyes"...

kalle, Thursday, Jul 23rd 2015  

no issues with 4k on win7 ..

readme, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

@cat patching on 4k screen works great with win 8.1 will probably suck on win7

sunep, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

anyone patching on a 4k screen, is it legible? (old man eyes!)

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

One hour vvvvisual, vjloops guest mix : https://vimeo.com/134127724

lecloneur, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

genesi one love

Noir, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

yay, still alive!

skyliner, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  

http://www.offf.mx/artists/dkl/abstract-birds back in time :)

dottore, Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2015  


h99, Tuesday, Jul 21st 2015  

out just now: a final version of #vvvv to run on #winxp vvvv45beta34

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 21st 2015  

@kalle - AH. one thing! it creates a pop every time you connect/boot up. not extreme but still a bit stupid

elliotwoods, Tuesday, Jul 21st 2015  

if you're into #dmx and #vvvv please check and comment here: forum-alpha/dmxfixture-framework

joreg, Monday, Jul 20th 2015  

Awesome =)

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Jul 20th 2015  

brilliant david!!!!

skyliner, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  

how to create web pages and games with vvvv.js and vvvv 1 hour walkthrough inside-vvvv.js-with-000.graphics-responsive-web-page-isometric-game-and-mobile-developement

000.graphics, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  

hey elliot! knob no issue --> fixed installation. THX!

kalle, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  


Noir, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  

@kalle - We use it, 4 balanced outs great. Issues : hardware volume changes only outs 1,2. Knob can get damaged in transit.

elliotwoods, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  

i know west should have a fixed copy, waiting on evvil to post a record so i can re build that stuff...

antokhio, Friday, Jul 17th 2015  

yes, I'm with mrboni :)who can share that material? is possible to have it?

esnho, Thursday, Jul 16th 2015  

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~14h ago

~18h ago

~20h ago

dschordsch: someone knows a good tutorial for vvvv-3d beginners?

~20h ago

elektromeier: yes just realised theres two results or even an unclear result in the situation you described. thanks elliot. have it working

~22h ago

elliotwoods: @fleg - hmm... sorry

~22h ago

elliotwoods: @dominikKoller @elektromeier - if all your samples are in 1 half of the circle then min,-,mod,mean,+

~22h ago

elliotwoods: Forgot to post this earlier : Festival opening tomorrow in Korea. Incredible line-up and space. http://actcenter.kr/ #actfestival

~22h ago

fleg: @elliotwoods thanks. got the new edsk, overwritten files in \Dependencies\EDSDK\x86 - device still not found

~22h ago

fleg: @elliotwoods thanks. got the new edsk, overwritten files in packs\Image\nodes\plugins\Dependencies\EDSDK\x86 - device still not found