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@Antokhio contributions? Although the search there isn't great. Be nice to have a shader bazaar or something ;)

catweasel, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

can we have tfx gsfx upload on forum, or i have to start thread?

antokhio, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

@joreg. for some reason on this machine v4 will only run as admin. otherwise am told to run setup, which i have

mrboni, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

mrboni: dragdropping files on programs is not allwed if they are started as admin. did you?

joreg, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

new windows 8 install, vvvv b32.1, can't drag files into patch window... (eg other v4ps)

mrboni, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

@joyenusi: did you delete the root.v4p nect to vvvv.exe?

kalle, Thursday, Sep 18th 2014  

anyone know why my phongpoint and gouraud nodes are missing?

joyenusi, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Anyone else having issues with the undo stack not working for deleted links? (only if link is deleted by right click)

readme, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Buyin a optmius-laptop or not?

Sindbad, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

Next vvvv workshop in Aarhus Denmark: http://mab14.mediaarchitecture.org/workshops/programming-natural-affect/

manolito, Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014  

crazy cam tracker: http://13thlab.com/

elektromeier, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

Hey! Did anybody solve the spreaded lighting thingy on shaders like phong? Multiple light sources. I saw some old posts for now...

Xini, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

optimus discussion has a new home: nvidia-optimus-today-(dx11)

sebl, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

optimus+matrox=pain in the a

DiMiX, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

@sebl i'm still having problems sharing texture on integrated GPU

matka, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

also there is some software that can re-open on-board gpu outputs + use acceleration from an nvidia card (link anyone?)

elliotwoods, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

yeah actually it is pretty nice to have one silent and one fast graphic device to choose from :)

tekcor, Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014  

cool, thanks. comes time, comes a solution :)

sebl, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

All fine sebl.

tekcor, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

@sebl in dx9 it was solved (last betas work out of the box) & dx11 never had problems I think

keftaparty, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

is optimus (one external display + built in screen) still a big issue?

sebl, Monday, Sep 15th 2014  

@shual: original and fun!

metrowave, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

link: vimeo.com/105599411

shual, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

Small proof of concept:https://vimeo.com/105599411

shual, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  

Anton robotanton is cloning himself @ Cinema Vertigo Workshops @ http://schmiede.ca

benju, Sunday, Sep 14th 2014  


tmp, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  

augmented sandkasting

skyliner, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  

quite some insights into occulus dk2 http://doc-ok.org/?p=1057

joreg, Friday, Sep 12th 2014  


hrovac, Thursday, Sep 11th 2014  

@boplbopl very nice!

sebl, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

@elliotwoods good to hear..

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

congrats on the new downloads page! really like it

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

the quad heals all wonders: iquad #iquad #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014  

@tonfilm: city DNA - wow.

robotanton, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

psycho test https://vimeo.com/105424818

boplbopl, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@metrowave: count me in :)

m4d, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@velcrome: cool, i might as well build one in winter :)

m4d, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@velcrome: Cooool - Just so happens I can pickup a free unused 20' planetarium dome! Huzzah!

mediadog, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsAZIpRr3HE

richardwu, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

bugfix release #vvvv beta33.1 out now: vvvv45beta33.1

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 9th 2014  

@tonfilm Alarm! Der extraterrestrische Synthie erzählt mir was von fremden Kulturen! Dabei: win7,vvvv45b33|64,LoopBe1,ASIO4all.

blausand, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

@m4d funfact: first one I made was from bed cloth and a roll of stiff wire. more inspiration for diy: https://www.google.de/search?q=geodesic+dome+blueprints&tbm=isch

velcrome, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

@velcrome: sweet! can't wait to try this. now if i only had a dome and some projectors at hand..

m4d, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

vvvv based #fulldome setup for creating #immersive content in realtime: vvvv-dome

velcrome, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

new #vvvv #audio #vst pack V6 with #LTC and #64bit support is ready to download: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Monday, Sep 8th 2014  

Trying some vvvv stuff, each day a video jam : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEA08aGfxEk

svdk, Sunday, Sep 7th 2014  

Hi tektor, thank you for your video rewiev! Here is part 2 (in colours!!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKnhJkoH39E ..and this is only the beginning;)

udo2013, Saturday, Sep 6th 2014  

@udo nice, like the matrix meeting miami vice on vhs

reaktant, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

udo2013: my first visual created in 3d velocity field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLVQh-pW96U

udo2013, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

@daniel tutorials

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

Anyone knows any good tutorial for VVVV?

Daniel Rdz, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

is posible to unclear a buffer from olnly a previous pass to do texture feedback inside shader?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Sep 5th 2014  

Anyone @ ARS?

elektromeier, Thursday, Sep 4th 2014  

new #vvvv #audio #vst pack with #LTC and #64bit support is ready to download: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Thursday, Sep 4th 2014  

real rollercoaster with the rift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBmRb3EFYcQ

guest, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

schnapszahl :)

u7angel, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

thanks devs x

mrboni, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

thx devvvv

lecloneur, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

visual coding with droplet

skyliner, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  


aelfwine, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

Quick test and IO boxes are behaving well =)

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

Thanks devs #vvvv #awesome

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

THANKS from Australia !_!

tekcor, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  


ink, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014  

tnx devvvvs

Noir, Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2014  

out now vvvv45beta33 #vvvv 45beta33 #omg

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2014  


KX, Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2014  

junior developer full-time opportunity in Saint-Petersburg. please contact

ivan.rastr, Monday, Sep 1st 2014  

also see: troubleshooting

joreg, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

@barman74: define "doesn't work"

joreg, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

NOW i HAVE ALL GREEN BUT WHEN I TRY TO RUN vvv.exe or run start with demo bat ... doesn't work

barman74, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

hey guys i am in Berlin doing job on IFA, let me know if somebody wants to meet for some vvvv talk :3, i am here until the end of ifa

StiX, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

barman74: make sure you have \lib\thirdparty\x..\AddFlow5.ocx there. just in case..re-download, re-unzip (using 7-zip)

joreg, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

5 of 6 are green I have problem to turn the last one to green (add flow acitvexcomponent)any advises ??

barman74, Sunday, Aug 31st 2014  

@TidensBarn: Very nice, I just need a DK2 to test now =)

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Aug 30th 2014  

plugin for oculus rift DK2: oculus-rift Head tracking works, more coming next week..

TidensBarn, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

set up all green

karistouf, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

vvvv 32.1 x86 (vlc using)

karistouf, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

random troubles with a brand new laptop: azus with gtx860M not showing on a simple blank quad on renderer. what can it be ?

karistouf, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

excellent reel!

m4d, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

quote readme

Noir, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

>chris: great work!

readme, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  


wirmachenbunt, Friday, Aug 29th 2014  

ah, nevermind. tUrux (dextro)

purf., Thursday, Aug 28th 2014  

hey, I'm trying to remember a website/ collective/group from Austria - torux? torus? turok? something? they must be known aroundhere

purf., Thursday, Aug 28th 2014  


bjoern, Thursday, Aug 28th 2014  

Leap Motion 4 VR: http://bit.ly/1tH4w5G

Alec, Thursday, Aug 28th 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvkqr-S-1Ac somewhere over the ...

d0this, Thursday, Aug 28th 2014  

Someone has used Muse (EEG) with VVVV? > http://www.choosemuse.com/

ventolinmono, Wednesday, Aug 27th 2014  

I highly recommend http://www.bandicam.com/ Like Fraps x10

mrboni, Tuesday, Aug 26th 2014  


metrowave, Saturday, Aug 23rd 2014  

big up dottore

Noir, Saturday, Aug 23rd 2014  

tonight performance on streaming here: http://goo.gl/vItkkW

dottore, Saturday, Aug 23rd 2014  

is there some pluig like vanishing lines for 3d calibration?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Aug 22nd 2014  

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~1h ago

antokhio: try if contrl-d works on nodes pls

~5h ago

mediadog: I'm seeing enough odd things and exceptions when quitting that it smells like mem corruption somewhere.

~8h ago

u7angel: seen one too. made AvoidNil(switch insode) turn red. i'm still trying to hunt this down

~10h ago

sunep: @ele that could explain some of the problems I have had lately

~12h ago

elektromeier: theres some weird, nasty framedelay bugs going on in b33.3. so weird that i havent been able to reproduce it in a simple patch

~1d ago

levi: @joreg great thanks

~1d ago

joreg: @levi: if this is dx11 read install guide here: directx11-nodes-alpha

~1d ago

tonfilm: data table remake: vvvv.datatable

~1d ago

levi: just updated machine to 33.3. all assimp nodes not working. setup looks allright.any ideas?