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H OM E OMOR PH ISM_Dome A/V Performance - https://vimeo.com/109912712

phlegma, Friday, Jan 2nd 2015  

happy new year !

nissidis, Thursday, Jan 1st 2015  

happy new year you guys too!!

tekcor, Thursday, Jan 1st 2015  

wish you all a vvvvantastic 2015 !!!!

skyliner, Thursday, Jan 1st 2015  

happy new year from cold bloody moscow

antokhio, Wednesday, Dec 31st 2014  

@DiMiX Hey those side-pocket shots are locked, hit anywhere and they will go in! But cool nonetheless.

mediadog, Sunday, Dec 28th 2014  

testers needed :) mapping-toolkit-2d

Joanie_AntiVJ, Saturday, Dec 27th 2014  


DiMiX, Saturday, Dec 27th 2014  


velcrome, Saturday, Dec 27th 2014  

someone at 31c3 ?

skyliner, Friday, Dec 26th 2014  

Sweet collection of old CG: https://www.youtube.com/user/VintageCG/videos

readme, Thursday, Dec 25th 2014  

mvvvvevvvvvy cvvvvistmvvvvas devvvvs and vvvvers

graphicuserinterface, Wednesday, Dec 24th 2014  

nzo.nzo: cool

screamer, Wednesday, Dec 24th 2014  

WP8 Sensors: accelerometer, compas, gyroscope.. Any coder can help to convert c# Sensor emitter for VVVV? http://philip.daubmeier.de/sensoremitter/

nzo.nzo, Wednesday, Dec 24th 2014  

@mori @joreg The answer is ALWAYS yes, it's just a matter of time and money. (;})

mediadog, Tuesday, Dec 23rd 2014  

projection mapping on plants

skyliner, Tuesday, Dec 23rd 2014  

Dear SantaVux We would like a dx11 xmas pack...

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 23rd 2014  

@io: we have a new workshop format planned for that this year. to be announced with the rest of the workshops mid jannuary.

joreg, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

@mori better start a forum-thread describing your problem in more detail. because if you just ask: Can I? the answer is: Yes.

joreg, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

Can I connect the reverse pin of an LFO to something event triggered? I can't seem to find a way :(

Mori, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

Can I connect the reverse pin of an LFO to something event triggered? I can't seem to find a way :(

Mori, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

Yes, good patching style is the most difficult skill to learn when you are an isolated vvvv user as myself

io, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

Is there a workaround for the reset pin on LFO? Wave shaper doesn't do it

Mori, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

@io Node13's Software Engineering Patterns workshop by Meso essentially fit the MVC pattern. It would be good if they run it again.

guest, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

@io more than what?

joreg, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014  

More MVC vvvv theory at node15 please

io, Saturday, Dec 20th 2014  

see you guys on node, i am trying to get people that use vvvv in cz/sk to come with me

StiX, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014  

anything have BullEye software?? I don't find the file :( merci

aelfwine, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014  

interesting http://vimeo.com/112589339

Noir, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014  

@evvvvil you dawwwwg! #1 place I want to go that I haven't been. Enjoy it!

mediadog, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@evvvvil tel whatsapp 55 32 9913 2509

dannielmach, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@danielmach: Eu sou "evvvvil" no skype, Qual e seu skype ou email? Nao posso achar no seu vvvv perfil...

evvvvil, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@danielmach: Shame Brazil is such a huge country. I might go to Belo Horizonte, if so i'll be in touch :)

evvvvil, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: Kyle, if you come I will learn juggling and introduce you to my wife's sisters.

evvvvil, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

I am currently out of money to go matias barbosa mg is 10 km :(

dannielmach, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@ evvvil 1073.41 km de juiz de fora mg

dannielmach, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

@evvvvil no, but might come over, that sounds not too shabby

everyoneishappy, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

anyone know good text layout engine for dx9? like adobe illustrator, set line height, kerning, ...

mino, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

alguém em BAHIA, BRASIL? Pode me encontrar na praia de Arraial D'Ajuda fazendo shader & fumando maconhia Brazileira pra 5 semanas

evvvvil, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014  

Anyone in BAHIA, BRAZIL? I'm at the beach in Arraial D'Ajuda writing shaders & smoking brazilian weed for the next 5 weeks.

evvvvil, Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014  

@timpernagel cool

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014  

Volumetric Particles on your browser http://david.li/flow/

timpernagel, Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014  


io, Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014  

whoot? split (string) Count-Pin is not spreadable?

sebl, Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014  

heavy spam on the blog!!!

david, Monday, Dec 15th 2014  

hey mino thanks. I just solved the problem. I did just not click the right checkbox in device settings, 'DevB'

tekcor, Monday, Dec 15th 2014  

@tekcor what kind of? i cannot use serial with mackbook pro's bluetooth, i need to use usb dongle.

mino, Monday, Dec 15th 2014  

hey has someone else experienced fundamental problems with getting bluetooth serial working with windows 7 and 8?

tekcor, Sunday, Dec 14th 2014  

@StiX all systems back up and running.

joreg, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

@StiX: see it. on it...

joreg, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

i posted messeage on topic, didnt showed up, is something fishy going on with forum?

StiX, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

now http://node15.vvvv.org/#tickets

david, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

@Patxi7: brilliant!! particlesGPU+textureFX?

sinus, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

@seb: wow i thought that's a vaporware, how is it working? anything close to the after effects magic they have on their site?

microdee, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014  

hey guys kinda emergency here, anybody worked with usb pro mk2 from enttec with vvvv? look at forum pls :3

StiX, Friday, Dec 12th 2014  


Patxi7, Friday, Dec 12th 2014  

@seb: contact me, i have the MYO here quite good working, too! releasing as contrib before NODE15... more testing welcome :)

katzenfresser, Thursday, Dec 11th 2014  

@seb : here https://github.com/stereolux/Myo-VVVV

lecloneur, Thursday, Dec 11th 2014  

just got MYO! is there any vvvv node for it ?

seb, Thursday, Dec 11th 2014  

@korriander I was there two weeks ago! IF you come to Bs As let me know!

manuel, Thursday, Dec 11th 2014  

wow thanks sebescudie! for me I need to make sure I have path output pin connected to IObox

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

Any vvvv People in Rio de Janeiro up for a Beer?

korriander, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

@xd_nitro : works for me ! Default directory pin is mandatory.

sebescudie, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

does Dialog (File Open) work for anyone?

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

spam in the news again

catweasel, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

@levi , mediadog Actually in vux's build (maybe in ms sdk also) it isnt possible multi kinect2 on the same machine

Noir, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

@levi i havent download from brekel it was only a 'suggestion' link

Noir, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

blog spamming...

katzenfresser, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

@noir @levi that's a multi-cam calibrator, still 1 cam per PC. Re: index, I think you can have >1 per PC, but only use 1 at once

mediadog, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

ok then. anyone tried brekel?:)Vux's build has an index pin.wonder if thats real(doesnt work here )

levi, Wednesday, Dec 10th 2014  

@noir - were you able to download it? The link to another page works, but can't download from that page

mediadog, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

@levi http://brekel.com/multikinectv2/

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

anyone had any joy connecting more than one kinectv2 on same machine?

levi, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

ligeti visualized: http://youtu.be/71hNl_skTZQ

hrovac, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

@manuel, put a "/" node which divides your spread width by 2. Then put that in the spread input > your spread will start a 0.

evvvvil, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

@mediadog it works on my side remotersa

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/113926218

lecloneur, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

RemoterSA page link to Mirror is broken - other sources?

mediadog, Tuesday, Dec 9th 2014  

does Dialog (File Open) work for anyone?

xd_nitro, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

what does botnet data sound like?!

skyliner, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

Ok, its me. nevermind

manuel, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

wait, no. its not that. Its the Width. width:2 values are -.5/.5 ? ?

manuel, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

linearspread alignment is centered by default, not LeftJustified. Dont know since when is like that!

manuel, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

poetry again on news section

manuel, Monday, Dec 8th 2014  

@evvvvil already tried...definitely not easy on my side

Noir, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

@Noir: Check the hlsl function at bottom of my link. it's an hlsl cook torrance calculation function, usable in shader but not easy

evvvvil, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

me too

Noir, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

@noir: thankx man, yeah I had seen this, looking for dx11 implementation, I guess it could be ported to dx11...

evvvvil, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

@evvvvil cooktorrancemultitexfresnel times ago...only dx9 version

Noir, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

Any dx11 cook-torrance hlsl lighting shader example for vvvv? Can't seem to find one... Would adapting this do? http://content.gpwiki.org/index.php/D3DBook:%28Lighting%29_Cook-Torrance

evvvvil, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

new particle_visual::love_rituals on a twilight_world.. enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERl5P2ZHc2g

udo2013, Sunday, Dec 7th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: thankx a lot man, got it! Wicked!

evvvvil, Saturday, Dec 6th 2014  

anonymous user login


~11h ago

joreg: that could work with http://manycam.com/

~13h ago

aerisdied: Okay, well how about streaming altered video from webcam to skype?

~13h ago

joreg: ok then better start with some other nodes..you picked one in particular that is/was of rather special interest...

~13h ago

aerisdied: No goal in particular, just playing around, seeing what is and is not possible. Been patching for about a week now.

~13h ago

joreg: @aerisdied: well, then you don't have a driver installed that would work with that node. it is rather ancient... what's your goal?

~14h ago

aerisdied: Can anyone help me with VideoOut (DShow Device)? The driver inpin just says Nil?

~16h ago

joreg: former user Alec is now idab

~22h ago

Noir: @ElliotWoods pleaaseee more info about this hack https://vine.co/v/MlaUPOXQtYH

~23h ago

Patxi7: latest setup for Oort

~23h ago

Patxi7: última configuración de Oort https://vimeo.com/120277441