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Clink - Interactive audiovisual Spatial Sound Environment https://vimeo.com/132933222

wisp, Thursday, Jul 9th 2015  

@tonfilm: super cool

screamer, Thursday, Jul 9th 2015  

some had #deepdream in 1985 already: https://youtu.be/jYJxfOCmUPw

tonfilm, Thursday, Jul 9th 2015  

My Friend Karl has made an encoder to art-net device,its rather good. http://www.studio-onefour.co.uk/en-net14.html

AndyC, Wednesday, Jul 8th 2015  

some DOF weirdness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPn2LjlKfDE

esnho, Wednesday, Jul 8th 2015  

@sunep: VL will continue to be in alphas. only not in beta34, which will be the final version to run on winXP.

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 8th 2015  

will VL continue to be in Alpha in beta34... it is not in the changelog for beta34

sunep, Wednesday, Jul 8th 2015  

hello shoutbox! nice to be here!

reflex, Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015  


tekcor, Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015  

@tekcor: nice bro! good luck with everything man!

evvvvil, Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015  

No acid required: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oyxSerkkP4o #deepdream

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015  

@joreg: "i see new nodes"

graphicuserinterface, Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015  

i repeat: @all: beta34 release imminent. please test your current projects with latest alpha now and report problems. #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Jul 6th 2015  

congrats tekcor, love it!

skyliner, Monday, Jul 6th 2015  

DVA - vvvvisual remix. Abduct, Idwyr, Lecloneur - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx-p2hRju6Y

lecloneur, Monday, Jul 6th 2015  

Dear vvvv community I am happy to introduce my new studio http://000.graphics/

tekcor, Monday, Jul 6th 2015  


joreg, Sunday, Jul 5th 2015  

@ventolinmono: It will be a pleasure to meet you there! I'm performing and giving a workshop in a festival.let's chat via skype ;)

dottore, Saturday, Jul 4th 2015  


dannielmach, Saturday, Jul 4th 2015  


dannielmach, Saturday, Jul 4th 2015  

@soundreactor s+h should help you out with that somehow

sunep, Friday, Jul 3rd 2015  

what is like setslice but keeps the value? :)

soundreactor, Friday, Jul 3rd 2015  


quantum, Friday, Jul 3rd 2015  

@all: beta34 release imminent. please test your current projects with latest alpha now and report problems. #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Jul 2nd 2015  

@dottore what brings you to this god forsaken country?

ventolinmono, Thursday, Jul 2nd 2015  

Street art powered by vvvv https://vimeo.com/131461962

2nz, Thursday, Jul 2nd 2015  

Watsup Dottore. Me from Mexico City. I can show some places around.

ventolinmono, Thursday, Jul 2nd 2015  

anyone from Mexico City? coming there end september...

dottore, Wednesday, Jul 1st 2015  

or disable the crappy 15fps low light mode?

mrboni, Wednesday, Jul 1st 2015  

anyone know if it's possible to disable the auto exposure on the kinect 2 ?

mrboni, Wednesday, Jul 1st 2015  


everyoneishappy, Wednesday, Jul 1st 2015  

who is doing the Vatican workshop? and you missed a v in the title: http://www.vaticanobservatory.va/content/dam/specolavaticana/documenti/VVV%20Rationale.pdf

sunep, Tuesday, Jun 30th 2015  

im in berlin with my chinese family today and tomorrow. someone like to meet up tonight?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jun 30th 2015  

good to see others understand #crowdfunding: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/greek-bailout-fund#/story @GreekBailout #crowdfundgreece :)

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jun 30th 2015  

good to see others understand #flattr: https://blog.jolla.com/flattr-your-favourite-apps-and-devs/

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 30th 2015  

2 positions for vvvv at Kunstuni Linz! http://ufg.ac.at/Jobs-Detail.2144+M5b8e508855b.0.html

remony, Monday, Jun 29th 2015  

anyone ever got anywhere applying leap to a rigged hand? I'm not that much into quaternions ... hit me up on skype

readme, Monday, Jun 29th 2015  


fibo, Monday, Jun 29th 2015  


bjoern, Saturday, Jun 27th 2015  

any news ? hapteaser

u7angel, Friday, Jun 26th 2015  


skyliner, Thursday, Jun 25th 2015  

wish i was there ;]

antokhio, Thursday, Jun 25th 2015  

Anyone in Manila?

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jun 25th 2015  

cable length is 3mts btw

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jun 25th 2015  

@guest:good info! register!

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jun 25th 2015  

where are the entire kinect2 specs? thow ratio, cable length etc?

graphicuserinterface, Wednesday, Jun 24th 2015  

big up, dominik!

motzi, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

I'll be joining the #vvvvGroup (again) this summer. _really_ looking forward to being #VL apprentice in berlin :)

dominikKoller, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

Well, looks like a student project... Let's not be too hard on them :)

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

wow, now that is a very subtle ripoff.

readme, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

spectralkinect has be stolen : https://vimeo.com/130472389 time for payback

lecloneur, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

Am I the only one struggeling with ShoWindow when I want it to put focus on a windows?

sunep, Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2015  

hello #VL interested #vvvv people, the type browser can now be tested: vl-type-browser-now-in-alpha-builds

tonfilm, Monday, Jun 22nd 2015  


metrowave, Monday, Jun 22nd 2015  

anyone used multiple kinect 2? multiple-kinect-2-on-one-machine

mrboni, Monday, Jun 22nd 2015  

@robotanton that's nice. Good informative read :)

Grandchild, Sunday, Jun 21st 2015  

JOB WANTED? MarkenfilmCrossing is looking for project managers (interactive installations for an EU museum) : http://markenfilm-crossing.de/artikel/items/medien-designer-interaction-designer.html

flame, Sunday, Jun 21st 2015  

gray book

szbz216, Sunday, Jun 21st 2015  

Check the new quick VL coding reference: dynamic vl plugin reference

robotanton, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  

@Noir and dottore: raga quando cazzo ci vediamo? Ho scimmia!

fibo, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  

big vux

Noir, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  

keep on asking questions folks, vux is in explaining mode these days!

hrovac, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  


DiMiX, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  

watch paint drying anyone? ;) http://goo.gl/A316lO

xd_nitro, Friday, Jun 19th 2015  

+1 live patching

Noir, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  

@joreg I would like to watch live patching.

ventolinmono, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  

live patching anyone? https://www.livecoding.tv/

joreg, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  

@stalingrad: impressive!

hrovac, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  


antokhio, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  


antokhio, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  

https://vimeo.com/130956279 not bad, cool stuff guys

CeeYaa, Thursday, Jun 18th 2015  

pasted link to 64bit build of the image pack in its contribution thread. grab it while the link still works :P

Grandchild, Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015  

kontrol-evvvverthing Kontrol Evvvverything now available for testing

catweasel, Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015  


Noir, Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015  


mino, Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015  

big up fibo

Noir, Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015  

dflow is future-proof, written in HTML5 and JavaScript. My biggest satisfaction would be to boygroup it with vvvv.

fibo, Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015  

@bjoern, thanks that was it

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015  

@joreg It is written fnk. By Zeh Fernando the same guy that made the original tweener. http://ffnnkk.org/about/about-fnk/

bjoern, Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015  

vvvv clones I remember another one, years ago, done in flash, called "fink" (i think). anyone remember that? #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015  

Yet another vvvv clone: http://g14n.info/dflow/test/page.html ... where every JavaScript function is a node.

fibo, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

@motzi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6UVOQ0F44

bjoern, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

Visuals for Plaid https://vimeo.com/130764603

honix, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

Hey guys I am ariving on 17.06 in Riga for 2 days. Anyone up for a beer?

synth, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

ok got it, aspect ration on renderer and texture transform ... merci dimix

karistouf, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

hi dimix :) well, i have a circle in my quad and it still dont want to be circle while rotating. any tips (aspect ratio 2quad?)

karistouf, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

@karistouf:Aspect Ratio

DiMiX, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

hum... quite a long time i didnt vvvv... simple question: how to avoid deformation on a rotating quad ?

karistouf, Monday, Jun 15th 2015  

i f**d up the soldering part and bought the ms adapter. Works fine and my usb3 controllers are not listed as compatible.50€ :(

gegenlicht, Sunday, Jun 14th 2015  

@herbst the adapter is basicly a power supply and 2 easy soldering points. the xbox one version is way cheaper

xxxlalala, Sunday, Jun 14th 2015  

@dannielmach: thanks, but of course I need one for Windows/an Adapter for Windows... that's the problem :(

herbst, Saturday, Jun 13th 2015  

@dannielmach: thanks, but of course I need one for Windows/an Adapter for Windows... that's the problem :(

herbst, Saturday, Jun 13th 2015  

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~4min ago

mediadog: Thanks @h99, and thanks @joreg for the upcoming fix!

~11h ago

mediadog: I'm seeing AsSharedTexture failing in some cases in 34.1, not 33.7 - anyone else?

~3d ago

h99: mail sent through vvvv.org is not utf-8?

~3d ago

catweasel: is it me, or is the search function, actually functional now? Well done whoever did that!