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+1 for a nice cloud shader!

purf., Friday, May 16th 2014  

does anyone have some tips to adapt shaders from shadertoy like this one: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4dsXWn

guest, Friday, May 16th 2014  

"Removal Firm in Pune" spam alert in news&dates

m9dfukc, Friday, May 16th 2014  

I never got my BM shuttle working cozz I have the wrong USB3 port.. so better test one first.

Westbam, Friday, May 16th 2014  

@ravazquez: for us it was the best choice though its not really cheap

katzenfresser, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@Cat on my experience no IR from LED screen

DigitalSlaves, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@ravasquez Black Magic Intensity Pro working fine with vvvv

DigitalSlaves, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

Thanks for the info @bildwerk !

ravazquez, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

cat: no, but LEDs should pretty much only output light in a very narrow band, so for RGB I wouldn't expect any IR

beyon, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

@ravazquez - yes, i used a blackmagic intensity pro vvvv.nodes.decklink

bildwerk, Thursday, May 15th 2014  


skyliner, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

has anyone tested blackmagic intensity video capture devices with vvvv?

ravazquez, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

anyone tracked in front of an LED screen, does it give an IR backlight?

catweasel, Thursday, May 15th 2014  

"the device has thermal problems" http://talksandlectures.aec.at/?id=191 treasures of >30 years of #arselectronica

joreg, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

super vux!

geometrica, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

big up MrVux

lecloneur, Wednesday, May 14th 2014  

@vux whooop!

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

tnx mr vux

Noir, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

Freshly uploaded directx11-nodes-alpha

vux, Tuesday, May 13th 2014  

Thank you for watching our next self-promo https://vimeo.com/94525500 ;)

ivan.rastr, Monday, May 12th 2014  

Daito Manabe's documentary on today, in Japan NHK Professional

mino, Monday, May 12th 2014  

@vux did Gesture (Kinect Microsoft) disappear completely in beta32 addon pack?

sunep, Monday, May 12th 2014  

@dottore, i like your work!

u7angel, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

bravo lo zio natan

Noir, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

@dottore: Excellent Work!!Amazing!

vasilis, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

finally some video documentation: http://goo.gl/OknIIv

dottore, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

thanks ggml

guest, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

@guest yes, the last two pins of getpatch

ggml, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

Lots of awesome 4v tingz going down jaa!

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, May 11th 2014  

Is it possible to see which node in a patch has focus/is clicked?

guest, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@vux - splendid :)

mrboni, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

guest: if on win7 see if it makes a difference if you turn aero on/off and start a forum thread..

joreg, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

Anyone have issues with Keyboard(Desktop)

guest, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

hello ppl

majortom, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@mrboni : early next week

vux, Saturday, May 10th 2014  


dl-110, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@vux - we got long till new dx11 build?

mrboni, Saturday, May 10th 2014  

@av_sac Test Leds of NanoKontrol2 http://youtu.be/-UYkypzrqDM

av_sac, Friday, May 9th 2014  

@joreg - Mmmmmm, doughnuts! Thanxxxx!

mediadog, Friday, May 9th 2014  

this is leiwand!

armin, Friday, May 9th 2014  

if you want something to go unnoticed release on a friday afternoon. our latest and greatest: vvvv45beta32 #vvvv

joreg, Friday, May 9th 2014  

http://cryengine.com/renderdoc nice dx11 debugger, you can capture 1 Frame and analyze

kopffarben, Friday, May 9th 2014  

@devvvvs, pls increase default IOBox (value advanced) integer default min and max . thnx

xd_nitro, Friday, May 9th 2014  

anyone else here got a myo allready?

bildwerk, Friday, May 9th 2014  

@gareth cool thanks

levi, Friday, May 9th 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oSH-aZKyU8 love the flip dot.anyone tried it?

levi, Friday, May 9th 2014  

Would be awesome to port something like this physical CAD project to vvvv: https://cubecu.be/

metrowave, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

what shaders might that be? http://www.space.com/25788-amazing-universe-evolution-simulation-video.html

tonfilm, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

http://stix-visuals.tumblr.com/post/85049293981/entropy-short-guide-to-human-condition check out my bachelor project, a venture into game design with unity about Entropy

StiX, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

@levi wasn't painful, each 4v instance sent Arduino data to a main control patch and back again. Skype gazrolez if u need

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, May 8th 2014  


shual, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

Make a better world:www.tomisrael.org. Deadline 10.5, cost:150$(include travel)

shual, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

I5, 5400HDD laptop, its ok to reproduce 1024 video with vlc or player ex9 ? ? aprox...

manuel, Thursday, May 8th 2014  

Does anyone know spout? a Syphon like app for PC http://spout.zeal.co/

SITD_NL, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  

@gareth ,i see. so was an instance per arduino?painful a bit.ill buy myself a test.

levi, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  


skyliner, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  

@levi I've had issues in the past. Multiple instances of vvvv and UDP messages solved it.

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  

just a quickie, can i plugin as many arduinos as i want and they work fine on different ports?

levi, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  

line tracking

dma, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  


mino, Wednesday, May 7th 2014  

@evvvvil, Patchers don't cheat!

sunep, Tuesday, May 6th 2014  

Just posted in forum about finding a way to encrypt video game objects positions for anti cheating purpose... Curious to find out

evvvvil, Tuesday, May 6th 2014  

the glove was not bad, but i rather want this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu9TFJjHaM

tonfilm, Tuesday, May 6th 2014  

@AndyC, think we're in the same hotel anyway ;) But yes, food! Nom

catweasel, Monday, May 5th 2014  

Anyone looking for studio in Berlin Neukölln? Shared office+workshop @ www.quadrature.co

kleinkariert, Monday, May 5th 2014  

@mediadog: thanks!

Alec, Monday, May 5th 2014  

@Alec: I have some patches that use internal feedback renderers at UHD, 60fps on GTX770 no problem.

mediadog, Monday, May 5th 2014  

@ Catweasel, food?

AndyC, Monday, May 5th 2014  


liquid, Sunday, May 4th 2014  

Going to be in London on Thursday night, anything doing?

catweasel, Sunday, May 4th 2014  

actually it was 7680x1200, so the pixel count was much higher...

catweasel, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@sunep I've used a 7680x1080 renderer so thats 4x1080P so slightly more pixel count, worked fine.

catweasel, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@nissdis, it's just to point out that the triplehead resolutions can not be compared to UHD since UHD is around 4 times bigger.

sunep, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

@sunep ok, so the question was about the vvvv renderer (in general) and not the physical device, right ?

nissidis, Saturday, May 3rd 2014  

flattr stats: 27 of you use flattr connections/flattr and in march made 15 clicks through the #vvvv website. in april it seems 0.

joreg, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

thanks bjoern!

Dorosp, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@dorosp: http://vimeo.com/78110845

bjoern, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

I am looking for a video from the blog, sort of an interactive hand drawn painting? Press on paper, bubbles appear? anyone?

Dorosp, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@nissidis 3000 by 800 is just around 2,4Mpix where 3840 by 2160 is almost 8,4Mpix so not the same

sunep, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@Alec would it be much different from a matrox with similar dimensions (aprox 3000+x800+) ?

nissidis, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

Did anyone tested vvvv with an Ultra HD monitor (3840x2160px)?

Alec, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@quote sebescudie http://vimeo.com/71905040

Noir, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@gareth : I learned with Dan Shiffman´s "Learning Processing", awesome book with a whole chaptr on OOP + many other cool things!

sebescudie, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@Gareth.Griffiths: Depends on your personal preferences I guess =) I for instance like the Processing book from Casey Reas & Ben Fry

dl-110, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@karistouf - Very cool - love the forms moving in "cloud" - beautiful!

mediadog, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

Good object oriented #programming books to read in prep for vvvv_50?

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, May 2nd 2014  

@ evvvvil - already have the deformed mesh. I was thinking about using polynomials or something to create a function for the surface

mrboni, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

@mrboni great idea. open a thread? mesh > vertexbuffer > multiply vertices XYZ pos by kinect's (depth >pipet>hsl) + along normals

evvvvil, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and a complete sequence https://vimeo.com/92437539

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and finished ! https://vimeo.com/92437538

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

and finished ! https://vimeo.com/92437538

karistouf, Thursday, May 1st 2014  

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~5h ago

mino: metaio SDK update. supports managed C++ app.

~17h ago

everyoneishappy: Thanks Cat

~17h ago

catweasel: @everyoneishappy https://copy.com/OOK1Xrc8qC1AmMfl Is a quick hack of a playerDx11

~17h ago

Westbam: So I wanted to send a user an Eamail, the Captcha went wrong and I lost all my text!!

~18h ago

everyoneishappy: @skyliner thanks. For a second was wondering what that had to do with dx11 player lol. Vimeo. Gotcha.

~19h ago

Urbankind: Kinect-Powered Projector Guides Climbers Up A Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNr3bxysSb0

~20h ago

skyliner: @everyoneishappy: try clipconverter.cc

~21h ago

everyoneishappy: @clone Indonesia

~21h ago

lecloneur: @skyliner, typo from UNC... true master, crazy. @everyoneishappy where are you ?

~21h ago

skyliner: @clone: dat typo!! @io: grande!