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anyone manage to get .net < 4.5 working on windows 8? checked in 'turn on windows features' but there's nothing listed

mrboni, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

is there no video in DX11 anymore?

catweasel, Friday, Aug 8th 2014  

@electromeier: I think it has something to do with inverse kinematics

tekcor, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@skyliner Dan is the man!

sebescudie, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

is there an example/helpfile for matthias zauners IKSolver around? somehow i dont get it...

elektromeier, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@rsmendoza1 no mac vvvv is windows only - due to .net and directx - however with bootcamp apple lets you instal windows

tekcor, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

hello p5.js

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

Kiss my shiny metal math: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4slSWf

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@rsmendoza1 system recommendations

Westbam, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

Is there a separate files/download for Mac?

rsmendoza1, Thursday, Aug 7th 2014  

@metro: Depends on library but still next generation stuff

Urbankind, Wednesday, Aug 6th 2014  

@guest: vvvv does not have the notion of a project. but if you save a parent patch it will first ask if you want its children saved.

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

When saving a new project, surely 4v should save the parent patch first...

guest, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

@r4dian: ah nice, missed that one, thank you!

hrovac, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

@hrovac: 360 xbox360controller or XBone ?

r4dian, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

anyone has a plugin for the complete xbox controller?

hrovac, Tuesday, Aug 5th 2014  

sound recovery from video

skyliner, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

@bjoern: going for the crown of werkkzeug? http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=12511

r4dian, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

@bjoern: sweet!

m4d, Monday, Aug 4th 2014  

thanks for the link, bjoern

u7angel, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

@bjoern looks interesting

Noir, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

anyone tried this already?: http://tooll.io/

bjoern, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

"EvvvvilTweet" the ultimate Twitter REST API plugin for vvvv soon lurking around ur neighbourhoods.(non fb link) http://postimg.org/image/wjsdax1m3/

evvvvil, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

"EvvvvilTweet" the ultimate Twitter REST API plug in for vvvv soon lurking around your neighbourhoods. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154450979190713&set=gm.790640650987194

evvvvil, Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014  

Thanks joreg!

DiMiX, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

@DiMix: turn on 'Resolve Externals'

joreg, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

TTY continually /Xpath:-1072898046 on line 1432.91 >>> Verweis auf eine nicht definierte Entität 'cr'./

DiMiX, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

Does anyone else has problems with Oculus DK2, it isn't playing nice with Windows 8.1

metrowave, Saturday, Aug 2nd 2014  

I didn't want to leave when I went :)

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

@cat & Noir thanks, it was practically on my doorstep! So much work in a small space!

AndyC, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

quote cat

Noir, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

Bauhaus museum is worth a visit just for the colour theory pictures...

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

Can anyone recommend things to do here in Berlin in the next 10 days?

AndyC, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

mrboni I suggest on having matrox crap software on 1 pc, config on that one and just plug it into a charger when in use

catweasel, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=c9gBcPWh0pU#t=3 now also the change while moving works. thanks vux for the insipiring patches

esnho, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

it's on matrox website

antokhio, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

arrrrg! th2go requesting firmware update on win 8.1 cant find new firmware anywhere. anyone experienced this?..

mrboni, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

how to use gesture,circlegesture,swipegesture

nothingtolose, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

how ql is that: on the downloads/alphas page you now get a list of changes for each build..

joreg, Friday, Aug 1st 2014  

@fleg German resident or German citizen?

rrrr, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

@fleg NODE festival: 27.4. –3.5. 2014

Noir, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

node/tadaex residency program: http://node.vvvv.org/call-for-artists-nodetadaex-residency-program/

fleg, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

Ceeyaa is on holidays, ok i ask here in the office

lasal, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

lasal i think ceeyaa recently had the same issue. probably from the same location you're at. can you check with him?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

Hey, i can not download the vvvv alpha builds, anyone with the same problem?

lasal, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

any v4user in singapore? some visiting tips or ready for a bubbletea or two?

hrovac, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

anyone with quadrature plugin? to read limbs rotation direction from polar node?

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

another massive piece of work from vux. 10x

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jul 31st 2014  

For testers : forum-alpha/dx11-latest-alpha-build

vux, Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014  

@tonfilm interresting one, def going to try that one. PS: mine runs on android to :)

Serious_Hare, Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014  

@tonfilm: Great :)

Curveau, Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014  

arr Windows 8 i using vvvv grey as non active icon background ...

io, Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014  

or #pd on #android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mpd

tonfilm, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

VVVV in a browser, jjjj-run-vvvv-on-javascript

Serious_Hare, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

@mrboni : ping me on skype

vux, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

does the BM Intensity Pro work with dx11 video in?

mrboni, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

patches from the #res14 manipulating faces #vvvv workshop with @woeishi are up now: manipulating-faces

joreg, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

vvvv tutorial for Chinese beginner :http://www.tudou.com/home/mimangqin/item

lecloneur, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  


metrowave, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

how to use dialog

nothingtolose, Monday, Jul 28th 2014  

metaio SDK update. supports managed C++ app.

mino, Friday, Jul 25th 2014  

Thanks Cat

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@everyoneishappy https://copy.com/OOK1Xrc8qC1AmMfl Is a quick hack of a playerDx11

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

So I wanted to send a user an Eamail, the Captcha went wrong and I lost all my text!!

Westbam, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@skyliner thanks. For a second was wondering what that had to do with dx11 player lol. Vimeo. Gotcha.

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

Kinect-Powered Projector Guides Climbers Up A Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNr3bxysSb0

Urbankind, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: try clipconverter.cc

skyliner, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone Indonesia

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@skyliner, typo from UNC... true master, crazy. @everyoneishappy where are you ?

lecloneur, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone: dat typo!! @io: grande!

skyliner, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

JETZT GESUCHT: vvvv-Programmierer für Projekt Mitte September 2014. Kinect-Steuerung vor Urban Screen. Infos gerne auf Anfrage!

NICK@DUS, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

@clone will check that via proxy later, vimeo banned here for being too sexy :P

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  

did someone have a dx11 texture player??

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 24th 2014  


DiMiX, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@lecloneur: outstanding!!

m4d, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

Grea to see vvvvjs being used in the wild

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

vvvvjs full bg http://keroxen.com/

io, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

Vux, Unc, Clone, live vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/101467958

lecloneur, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@gerrit: It's clean not just magnificent!

Urbankind, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

@dawoof: i'm in tokyo

mino, Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2014  

anyone in tokyos?

dawoof, Tuesday, Jul 22nd 2014  

anyone have a workaround for the weird IO box issue? random-weird-display-bug

unovis, Monday, Jul 21st 2014  

Meanwhile, in Berlin...

h99, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

yeah i definately want to do a osc node for vvvvjs too asap

tekcor, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

Osc from webpages: www.nexusosc.com/nexusTutorials/

sapo, Saturday, Jul 19th 2014  

Real World Particles with vvvv: http://vimeo.com/96903836

gerrit, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

retard' :)

xd_nitro, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

'never go full retart'

xd_nitro, Friday, Jul 18th 2014  

i love when vvvv goes full retard leaving no trace why.

microdee, Thursday, Jul 17th 2014  

for the UI freaks http://tinyurl.com/m5t5jfb

newemka, Thursday, Jul 17th 2014  

@gareth: yup. left a more detailed description in the forums...help!

ghosts, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

someone else going to be at SIGGRAPH this year?

herbst, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

@ghosts: got the latest usb3 drivers installed?

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

anyone getting 'not enough USB controller resources' with kinect 2?

ghosts, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

love vvvv

Takuma, Wednesday, Jul 16th 2014  

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~11h ago

defetto: I mean the actual math..

~11h ago

defetto: Where can I learn how colorasalphaadd and colorasalphablend work?

~18h ago

sebl: @skyliner https://github.com/elliotwoods/VVVV.Packs.Image/issues/65 i started that already. maybe you want to join?

~19h ago

skyliner: anyone know how to get live video out of canon DSLR into vvvv?

~1d ago

metrowave: Has anyone used one of these ViDock for using full size PCIe Nvidia cards with a laptop? http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=Products

~2d ago

xd_nitro: yes be nice to have a way of doing it. Doesn't come up too often though.

~2d ago

sunep: couldn't there be a "clone and replace" function that solved the save as problem?

~2d ago

joreg: @xd_nitro thats annoying indeed. nut no easy way around it..