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@catweasle: always remember moss from it crowd

robi_h, Wednesday, May 13th 2015  

Ah didnt have the kinect plugged in!

catweasel, Wednesday, May 13th 2015  

Trying to use kinect studio to playback recordings, can't see anything in vvvv, anyone had success, and if so how!

catweasel, Wednesday, May 13th 2015  

@sunep, gregsn...funny bjorklund comparison

u7angel, Tuesday, May 12th 2015  

...as always, thank you west!

metrowave, Tuesday, May 12th 2015  

yes, kudos to west!

gregsn, Tuesday, May 12th 2015  

kudos to west!

skyliner, Monday, May 11th 2015  

@motzi thanks a lot for the video uploads...

metrowave, Monday, May 11th 2015  

@grgsn yes bjorklund is quite complex.

sunep, Monday, May 11th 2015  

@all if you want to receive emails via your userpage enable "Allow other users to send me mails via vvvv.org" on home/settings/personal

joreg, Monday, May 11th 2015  

New Beginners Installation vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMX9dEG9SFA

Westbam, Monday, May 11th 2015  

@sune: check the bjorklund :) ahrg. forgot to put credits in there for you doing the simple reasonable version

gregsn, Monday, May 11th 2015  

sorry for the delay: vvvv50 + VL pack finally officially out as alpha builds vvvv50-vl-pack-alpha #vvvv

joreg, Monday, May 11th 2015  

Latest two alpha downloads points to teamcity login page

sunep, Monday, May 11th 2015  

anyone using a thinkpad t450s with a dedicated 940m and want to share his experience?

koit, Monday, May 11th 2015  

Some douchebag recorded the ADVANCED SHADING WORKSHOP at NODE15. Pedro tried to eat the file. Fuck him. http://youtu.be/MGmlnaJF1jI

evvvvil, Monday, May 11th 2015  

today, i met Gregor Schwellenbach who destroid his monitor speaker during Node2015 xD

Sportinger, Monday, May 11th 2015  

VL reference, access denied dynamic vl plugin reference

sunep, Sunday, May 10th 2015  

StiX, I have... unfortunately only 2nd part of rabbit... The first hour my cam didn't record

drehwurm, Sunday, May 10th 2015  

hey does somebody have recoded snail or rabbit workshop from node?

StiX, Sunday, May 10th 2015  

sorry it works

LineKernel, Saturday, May 9th 2015  

isnt the node supposed to be named kinect2 ? if yes i dont have this one , only kinect microsftdx11,vux

LineKernel, Saturday, May 9th 2015  

so i installed dx11 n kinect folder in packs , it should be working but i get red node :,(

LineKernel, Saturday, May 9th 2015  

sorry the question might have been asked 10000 times , where do i install the kinectV2 folder ?

LineKernel, Saturday, May 9th 2015  

Hi Joreg Thanks for letting me know it. I am almost die for trying the VL pack.

indaehwang, Friday, May 8th 2015  

indaehwang: sorry it is till missing the VL pack. on it...

joreg, Friday, May 8th 2015  

Is the last alpha version of vvvv50 at the alpha download the VL?

indaehwang, Friday, May 8th 2015  

Interactive 3D Visualization of High-Dimensiona Genome Data - David Gann 2011 - VVVV, Genomics and Data Viz fun https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9DlM8OBYu63Snd5R2RoRjZTaG8/view

tekcor, Friday, May 8th 2015  

@soriak: i've got some parts of it but want to ask princemio first if it's okay to share.

motzi, Friday, May 8th 2015  

@motzi do you know if there's a recording of shading pointclouds as well?

soriak, Friday, May 8th 2015  

Here we go! Please share your NODE15 documentation videos here?!

motzi, Friday, May 8th 2015  

@twobeass: some stuff will be online today

motzi, Friday, May 8th 2015  

@TwoBeAss I recorded some, but I haven't found time to upload them. Some will be send to the hosts. I'll post them asap.

drehwurm, Friday, May 8th 2015  

hey vvvvolks, are there any workshop recordings available ?

TwoBeAss, Friday, May 8th 2015  

Sorry about confusing more than good is, I just realized that VAudio use ASIO and that can not be recorded by fraps.

sunep, Friday, May 8th 2015  

@sunep: works for me well everytime - OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

xd_nitro, Friday, May 8th 2015  

Agggggggg i want to go back to Frankfurt!!!! miss you guys

vjc4, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

seemed like a good idea to subscribe to changes of the gray book - but is there any way to actually see what's changed

beyon, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

which screen recorder to use for capturing? fraps will not record the audio so fraps is out

sunep, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

Someone knows how to capture for dx11 without black frames inbetween? (datapath E1)

elio, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

@skyliner what the actual fuck......

Sportinger, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

plz everybody put your photos of NODE15 in our public flickr group and connect to our account https://www.flickr.com/groups/node15/

katzenfresser, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

gopro 360

skyliner, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

Lovely! Thanks!

catweasel, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

...\packs\dx11\nodes\plugins\kinect2 for both 86X & 64X

metrowave, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

@catweasel, it works if you put it here: ...\vvvv_45beta33.3_x64\packs\dx11\nodes\plugins\kinect2

metrowave, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

does the kinect2 work with macbook pros? (I presume yes, but better checck!)

catweasel, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

aha. news when will there be a copy of the new vvvv with VL in the Downloads page?

elliotwoods, Thursday, May 7th 2015  

It's been a great week! Thanks, and hope to see you all again soon!

drehwurm, Wednesday, May 6th 2015  

@Bogdan Susma please get in touch!

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, May 6th 2015  

GitHub alternative: https://www.plasticscm.com

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, May 6th 2015  

came in porsche cayenne, left in vw golf. sums it up! Hope next node will be NODE16

cunk111, Wednesday, May 6th 2015  

Big shout-outs to the NODE team! Been a great week with so many things to experience!

ndrv, Wednesday, May 6th 2015  

thanks evvvveryone

Noir, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

Avvvvvesome week in Frankfurt! So much things learned and so much interesting people! Thanks to the team!!

boplbopl, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

Thank U Node15 Team and all the geeks that made this possible!! also to the guy that brought weed 4 the noders!Thanks dude ur a hero

Abduct, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

@Evvvil: i saw Pedro naked with your megaphone ;)

lasal, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

NODE was amazing! thanks to all \o/

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

Major thankx to vvvvgroup for organising and everyone for participating. love all you #douchebags

evvvvil, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

Made it home thankx to WEST, lost megaphone, Lasal lamp survived, Pedro in jail after trying to expose his nodes to air hostess.

evvvvil, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

tip of the day: subscribe to updates of The Gray Book: https://www.gitbook.com/book/vvvv/the-gray-book/details

beyon, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

Back to the other side of the land ends. Thanks for the mind-blowing week and look forward seeing the next!

foxonfire, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

At next node we must use a time expander so it isn't over so quickly. Thanks everyone for a great week.

sunep, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

shocked that it's over already. thank you all for the beautiful adventure!

gregsn, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

@hrovac: for quick-help i propose you visit us on irc. otherwise we'll try to answer questions in the gray book as they come in..

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

the gray book doesnt contain info about accumulators, so any hints where to find sth about them or what they are able to accumulate?

hrovac, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@newemka this is at least half year old, isnt it ? still very nice though :)

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

node felt like a hole in time. endless stream of events gave the impression of more than a single week.

readme, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Feels a bit surreal to be back home... So nice to meet you all in person. Big thanks to the #node15 team!

tonfilm, Monday, May 4th 2015  

i leave this here: https://developer.nvidia.com/physx-flex

newemka, Monday, May 4th 2015  

back home now, thanks for an amazing week, top of the pop organization and atmosphere!

vux, Monday, May 4th 2015  

New tutorials, West?

honix, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Thank you all for the amazing spirit lifting wonderful time!!

Westbam, Monday, May 4th 2015  

what helps against my post-node depression: https://vimeo.com/nodeforum/videos thanks to everyone making this such a pleasant week.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@elektro: would you mind duplicating it in the alpha forum and remove it in the beta?

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@bjoern: not yet

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@joreg: not testqa?

bjoern, Monday, May 4th 2015  

oops allready created the topic in the beta forum...

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@joreg you should just make a new years eve night program out of next keynode, could fit then

StiX, Monday, May 4th 2015  

VL forum category coming up shortly. for now just put it in alpha please.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

new forum category?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

new forum category?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

can we allready start questions in the forum about VL?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Best node ever, thank you guys!

lasal, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Waaah! I accidently douchebotted the shoutbox! How the hell did this happen?

cznickesz, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@StiX: we ran out of time to include survvvvey results in the keynode. so still to come. @sportinger: yes, will get back to you.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Being an on and off vvvv-user for ages now, I must say, that node 15 made clear, that I really have to use it way more often!

cznickesz, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Any Media Systems people that could help MESO maintain an exhibition in Munich, Germany?

max, Monday, May 4th 2015  

danke joreg! MSG bekommen ? :)

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

what about the survvvvey?

StiX, Monday, May 4th 2015  

sportinger du suchst skyliner

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

ich suche den Phillip der mir sagte dass er viel in der shoutbox abhängt. Ich hab die emailadresse wohl falsch geschrieben :/

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

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~2h ago

deru: thanks

~4h ago

deru: where can i find these wonderful statistcs about all downloads worldwide and so on?

~10h ago

mediadog: @CeeYaa Bwahahaha! Thanks for that! Never know what turns up in the shoutbox...

~19h ago

xd_nitro: vvvvingers

~20h ago

evvvvil: @ceeyaa: Nicely spotted! That's Pedro BEFORE the meth lab exploded. Silly Pedro, that's not what an Arduino is for! ;)

~22h ago

CeeYaa: @evvvvil - Pedro?http://tinyurl.com/oyenm2b thx for sharing the Node15recording

~23h ago

~1d ago

mrboni: @vjc4 - thanks for the offer. I'm not struggling with anything in particular, just need another set of vvvvingers on the ground...:)