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AsImage i think

antokhio, Thursday, Jun 19th 2014  

is there any way to dx9 texture to CVimage pack?

catweasel, Thursday, Jun 19th 2014  


tekcor, Wednesday, Jun 18th 2014  

@joreg: right, so I'll tell the Landeskademie, that they made a wrong translation :-)

vj_raul, Wednesday, Jun 18th 2014  

@vj_raul compare: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSL_and_HSV

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 18th 2014  

Don't get me wrong, I don't really care. But I thought you'll like to know ..

vj_raul, Wednesday, Jun 18th 2014  

Hey developers, just for the info: http://lehrerfortbildung-bw.de/kompetenzen/gestaltung/farbe/systeme/pc/hsl/ So lightness should be luminanz ...? Or is it HSB then?

vj_raul, Wednesday, Jun 18th 2014  

Hi guys. If anyone could help with correctly layering transparent 2D objects over 3D meshes I'd be very grateful. Thank you!

csmith16, Tuesday, Jun 17th 2014  

eglod: use the contact info in the patch, I can help.

id144, Monday, Jun 16th 2014  

thanks for the tip m4d, didn't know about that. really awesome for texturing

ethermammoth, Monday, Jun 16th 2014  

I can not find the point cloud in Kinect Hitboxes DX11. Please could I get some advice from some one, I will be very grateful. eglod

eglod, Monday, Jun 16th 2014  

possible timelinerNG alpha-release candidate now available on irc (see topic)

joreg, Friday, Jun 13th 2014  

Quixel Suite now in open beta. no registration needed. :) http://quixel.se

m4d, Friday, Jun 13th 2014  

more NG timeliner testing on irc now. v0.4 with string track.

joreg, Thursday, Jun 12th 2014  

infinite procedurally generated universe: http://www.no-mans-sky.com/about/

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 12th 2014  


digitalwannabe, Thursday, Jun 12th 2014  


guest, Wednesday, Jun 11th 2014  

see howto use irc for how/where to find us on irc

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

@joreg I'm up for it, but seems I'm alone in there? Or too dumb to work out how..

catweasel, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

more timeliner pre-alpha testing in irc now

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

just posted open call for workshop participants in Slovakia into dates, check it out!

StiX, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

@lorenz cool stuff :)

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

@lorenz, vvvvery nice, especially the smoke hologram ;)

screamer, Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014  

control vr

skyliner, Monday, Jun 9th 2014  

yeah, what catweasel said! \o/

m4d, Monday, Jun 9th 2014  

@Lorenz, smoke Holograms, is ace :D

catweasel, Monday, Jun 9th 2014  

Two little VVVV experiments :) www.lorenzpotthast.de/leap-particles www.lorenzpotthast.de/smoke-holograms

Lorenz, Monday, Jun 9th 2014  

released! AntTweakBar

mino, Sunday, Jun 8th 2014  


Noir, Sunday, Jun 8th 2014  


metrowave, Sunday, Jun 8th 2014  

@blausand. ausnahmsweise mal tieferer preis in der schweiz 1 CHF = 1$

elektromeier, Saturday, Jun 7th 2014  

@m4d Kinect2: wiedermal zum Kurs 1€=1$. Sind schon nett, unsere Freunde aus Übersee.

blausand, Friday, Jun 6th 2014  

@mino: Great work!

AndyC, Friday, Jun 6th 2014  

@all: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/Purchase/developer-sku.aspx kinect2 for windows preorder has begun :)

m4d, Friday, Jun 6th 2014  

@mino: sweet!

m4d, Friday, Jun 6th 2014  

@mino : \o/

sebescudie, Friday, Jun 6th 2014  

I just noticed that midi note out performce very ugly, any fixes?

Damien Rave, Thursday, Jun 5th 2014  

"< Enable binweise" Ihr seid ja so süß. Danke!

blausand, Thursday, Jun 5th 2014  

AntTweakBar plugin ver1.0 will coming soon...

mino, Thursday, Jun 5th 2014  

@gjamj not exactly sure what you mean. try args (vvvv) or open a thread in the forum.

joreg, Thursday, Jun 5th 2014  

how to add commandline to my files ? it works with 4v.exe but not with my files

gjamj, Thursday, Jun 5th 2014  

is there a dx11 chromakey ?

xxxlalala, Wednesday, Jun 4th 2014  

contact me on skype for suggestions.. tnx

dottore, Wednesday, Jun 4th 2014  

@vvvv users in milan:where can I rent a projector for one day at cheap price?or do you have one to borrow-rent? thanks guys

dottore, Wednesday, Jun 4th 2014  

raspberry pi + kinect

skyliner, Wednesday, Jun 4th 2014  

@joreg i'm, will msg you tomorrow.

alg, Wednesday, Jun 4th 2014  

anyone up for pre-alpha timeliner testing? join us on irc now: ##vvvv on freenode.net

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 3rd 2014  

any dx11 ninjas? uv-geometry-shader

everyoneishappy, Saturday, May 31st 2014  

vvvv workshop Japan!!!!

Takuma, Saturday, May 31st 2014  

vvvv workshop in Japan starting now...

mino, Saturday, May 31st 2014  

and since I need to read question properly, any codec does, just with some reasonably high bitrate ;) (h264 or xvid are fine)

vux, Friday, May 30th 2014  

@dawoof: directly from vvvv, image sequence is likely best

vux, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

whats the best codec to compress vvvv rendered vids without losing 2 much quality?

dawoof, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

Not Great Projector specs but an interesting package: http://www.gigabyte.us/fileupload/microsite/363/images/projector.html

AndyC, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

new Leap Motion V2 Tracking Developer Beta http://youtu.be/zXghYjh6Gro

kld4, Thursday, May 29th 2014  


manuel, Thursday, May 29th 2014  

@bildwerk: 2 kinect 2 > stallone node = 4 kinect 1? or what are we talking about here? ;)

evvvvil, Wednesday, May 28th 2014  

two kinect2 just arrived :)

bildwerk, Wednesday, May 28th 2014  

bill gates wealth well explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2inExgT77s

aivenhoe, Sunday, May 25th 2014  

Nice one Velcrome. Quite a place eh?

mrboni, Sunday, May 25th 2014  

@mrboni say hi to the sat guys from me. https://vimeo.com/92245909

velcrome, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

@aaa please check pipet-broken-in-beta32

joreg, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

@hrova:somewhere in Hamburg :) there are still lots of free ports available if you want to control some lights as well ;)

d0this, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

Pipet(EX9 Texture Simple) no longer works with FileTexture?(beta32_x86)

aaa, Saturday, May 24th 2014  

Meanwhile, in 1940: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-vsKwQ0Cg

purf., Friday, May 23rd 2014  

in case anyone is in Montreal over the next week or so - our new fulldome a/v show - http://vimeo.com/95790078

mrboni, Friday, May 23rd 2014  

also: Player (Kinect Microsoft) is not spreadable? i ant users with different colors..

robe, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

fast question: it's ok Kinect for Windows 1.8 sdk and toolkit to work with current relase and kinect for XBOX hardware?

robe, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

@dothis: where is this garden?

hrovac, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

Summertime ... http://vimeo.com/95868983

d0this, Thursday, May 22nd 2014  

preparing an open summer compilation music vise, if anyone interested write me a mail pls

tekcor, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@sinus: i take my morning shower in bugreports..

joreg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

joreg,thx! already awake? hihi

sinus, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@sinus yes. please see camera-(tranform-softimage)-bug-wrong-keyboard-node and try latest alpha-build

joreg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

beta 32. 32bit. win7. keyboard node not working. did i miss something?

sinus, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

@joreg but it's harder, when you need a proper link, not just pasting long url.

alg, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

i mean higher fps when loading many vertexes

ggml, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  

can i expect better performance in loading xfiles with the 64 version ?

ggml, Wednesday, May 21st 2014  


skyliner, Tuesday, May 20th 2014  

call for projects: call-for-projects-schmiede-2014-selfassembling

zeos, Tuesday, May 20th 2014  


skyliner, Monday, May 19th 2014  

@alg you don't need to remember anything. just paste the link and you're done.

joreg, Monday, May 19th 2014  

Please, add markdown support to the forums. Every time i want to post a link i need to remember wiki syntax (

alg, Monday, May 19th 2014  

@sagishi: Congrats, vvvvjs is on http://javascriptweekly.com/ newsletter

fibo, Monday, May 19th 2014  

microsoft infinity room

skyliner, Monday, May 19th 2014  

anonymous user login


~2h ago

joreg: node15 status: 48 mostly #vvvv related workshops by 58 hosts in 5 days.

~2h ago

antokhio: In the end Hap works same as file texture pooled

~4h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: @tonfilm + catweasel: Mr. Vux is in London tomorrow night. There's a place at The Pill Box, Bethnal Green

~4h ago

Noir: +1 hap

~8h ago

Alec: @ggml: it would be vvvvery useful...

~8h ago

StiX: @joreg> oh thanks did not bump into that page

~11h ago

ggml: is there a public hap implementation planned for 45 ?

~24h ago

joreg: @stix: a similar intro can be found here: shader#custom effects feel free to add the link to ex9.furtherreading

~1d ago

StiX: http://www.catalinzima.com/xna/tutorials/crash-course-in-hlsl/ very helpfull, should be added somewhere to docummentation imho

~1d ago

fjen: less than a week to apply for CCL in Melbourne: apply-now-choreographic-coding-lab-(ccl)-in-melbourne ... please share!