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WEST, the legendary WEST, who did all the tutorials, won't be coming to NODE, he is too broke, can we do something about this guys?

evvvvil, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

vvvv is so good when I need to prototype something for c#, saves a lot of time

StiX, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

@everyoneishappy, what was that cylinder(dx11) download link that you posted which had working UV for texture? thankx

evvvvil, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

We get an email when workshop booking for NODE opens right?

everyoneishappy, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

@mino: wowowow! What good news!

idab, Friday, Feb 27th 2015  

metaio for vvvv! metaio

mino, Friday, Feb 27th 2015  

that could work with http://manycam.com/

joreg, Friday, Feb 27th 2015  

Okay, well how about streaming altered video from webcam to skype?

aerisdied, Friday, Feb 27th 2015  

ok then better start with some other nodes..you picked one in particular that is/was of rather special interest...

joreg, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

No goal in particular, just playing around, seeing what is and is not possible. Been patching for about a week now.

aerisdied, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

@aerisdied: well, then you don't have a driver installed that would work with that node. it is rather ancient... what's your goal?

joreg, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

Can anyone help me with VideoOut (DShow Device)? The driver inpin just says Nil?

aerisdied, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

former user Alec is now idab

joreg, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

@ElliotWoods pleaaseee more info about this hack https://vine.co/v/MlaUPOXQtYH

Noir, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

latest setup for Oort

Patxi7, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

última configuración de Oort https://vimeo.com/120277441

Patxi7, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

https://vimeo.com/ventolinmono/theta my submission to Node15, didn't make it ;|

ventolinmono, Thursday, Feb 26th 2015  

@manuel: signing to individual workshop should be possible soon. will be announced extra.

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015  

How do we sign to the workshops ? have ticket already

manuel, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015  


katzenfresser, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015  


metrowave, Monday, Feb 23rd 2015  

nevermind. preview has presentation interval on immediately, thats it

manuel, Monday, Feb 23rd 2015  

Is it me, or since beta33 the fps on dx9 is going higher than 60 fps ?

manuel, Monday, Feb 23rd 2015  

@elektromeier: thank you for your answer. Will try it. With timelinerSA i´ve got a bigger problem (forum) ..flickering values!

udo2013, Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015  

For playing midi from timeliner just Attach one of the midi out nodes to timeliner.

elektromeier, Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015  

@Udo, not Sure about loading midi. But for producing just Attach ohne of the midi out nodes to timeliner...

elektromeier, Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015  

Hello. Started to work with a timeliner (used LFO_time till now). Is it possible to load or produce midi_controller data? ;-/

udo2013, Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015  

Hi vvvolks, any updates about the HAP codec nodes? Cheers

zeos, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

Ideally in the Chicago area or northern US states :-)

dancematic66, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

Hello, I am looking for a vvvv programmer who is interested in a project building a larger than life ViewFinder toy

dancematic66, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

"BYOP - Bring Your Own Patch" What a wonderful idea!

gegenlicht, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

very nice program... i hope every workshop will be recorded.. need to stay in shanghai :( *sad*

TwoBeAss, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

out now: 48 workshops run by 58 hosts in 5 days. the #node15 community forum schedule node15-workshop-schedule #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Feb 20th 2015  

@yhy: grande! thanks.

joreg, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

Commemorable 100th video is「vvvv2unity (WIP)」http://youtu.be/HEq5aWZIRnA

yhy, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

Finally, # of my japanese vvvv tutorial videos is reached 100 !! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqjkdWFcBMk8gVdbGuSqwi4q1ihr7LcaW

yhy, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

well then: hello trusted platform welcome to my privacy !

xxxlalala, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

@gegenlicht I prefer mars over snickers, but this wasn´t, why I wanted to change my name. I pronounce it more like Schnickes btw.

cznickesz, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

@xxxlalala here are the kinect v2 requirements http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-other-devices/kinect-for-windows/kinect-for-windows-v2-setup

joreg, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

@xxxlalala: it unfortunately is.

m4d, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

is the kinect 2 sdk realy win 8 only ?

xxxlalala, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

raider heißt jetzt twix!

zepi, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

im reading your name like snickers.i like snickers. You should stay true to your inner peanuts.

gegenlicht, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

@joreg After some serious Zwiesprache with myself, I decided to stay 'cznickesz' in vvvv. Way too late for a change Thx anyway ^^

cznickesz, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

@cznickesz send me a message via my userpage "send email"

joreg, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

Is it possible, to change one´s username without creating a new account?

cznickesz, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

Anyone in Singapore for CNY?

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Feb 19th 2015  

in the legacy of apl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9xAKttWgP4 pls vvvv5 don't let spreads die ;)

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

@cat: skype

woei, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

I would love to hear from you "deferred multi-point lighting", maybe I can take you out and you can show me your 1000 lights?

evvvvil, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

@elliotwoods curious to see it

Noir, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

looking for a bin sized interval(spreads) any ideas?

catweasel, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

like connecting vvvv nodes with physical modules http://littlebits.cc

Urbankind, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

hey guys will there be any parties on node on which i can play a dj+visuals set? could i contact someone?

StiX, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

@ Noir - spotted something? :)

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

@Luper you can always contact people via "Send Email" on their userpage, see: CPP-Thomas

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 18th 2015  

hi CPP-Thomas. How I'm supposed to contact you? XD

Luper, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

Hi all, I am looking for vvvv programers who with interest in massiv-multi display and robotics. Contact me for details.

CPP-Thomas, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

I know , dont want to get on organizers nerves,is just time and budget are limited ,we know ur doing ur best!

I_am_from_Chile, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  


Noir, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

Chile, I know. if you like write us an email directly we help you out with tips and hints as good as we can.

david, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

@chile: we know, we know..believe me all wheels are turning!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

plane tickets are getting expensive by the minute

I_am_from_Chile, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

Not everyone have the time to be in Frankfurt for a week ,please post program to book tickets and hotel!

I_am_from_Chile, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

are you teaching #vvvv at the moment? give your students 5 minutes to take the survvvvey: the-2015-survvvvey

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

@readme Track (Vector3d) track-(vector3d)#

velcrome, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

Any other way making touch data more persistent than Cluster plugin? Like not loosing an ID if a touch is gone for less than a sec

readme, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

Selling my Muse Headband. Get your brainwaves into VVVV. Mail me at p.ÄT.steinweber.net if interested (preferably to Germany or Europe)

phl, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

@BK the last demo is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOaWzSqc1Sk

newemka, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

Very promising and a catchy name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZILzs6DY2a4

BK, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@sebl, very interesting !

nissidis, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@velcrome, super link

u7angel, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

Kölle Alaaf! Who ever is in cologne can see the oktoskop live at the Kolbhallen tomorrow night. http://oktoskop.com

blausand, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

http://render.otoy.com/newsblog/?p=547 3d-video anyone?

sebl, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

about #rgb : http://www.juicefoozle.com/tutorials/simpleshading.jpg

velcrome, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@ventolinmono please make this a "date" blog entry here: 25

joreg, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

Taller de VVVV en la Ciudad de México: http://www.localdearte.com/talleres03/vvvv-1#

ventolinmono, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

I'm giving a vvvvorkshop on Mexico City: http://www.localdearte.com/talleres03/vvvv-1#

ventolinmono, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

Very nice bjoern, thanks... i will mark that date in my calendar...

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  


katzenfresser, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

in case you missed it: the #node15 diaspora account now features a listing of all workshops https://diasp.org/public/nodeforum schedule still to come

joreg, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  


karistouf, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@twobeass: only the whole rental scene from my city :) dont know about v's though

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

Somebody at ISE tomorrow ?

TwoBeAss, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


DiMiX, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

tidy your random spread http://youtu.be/G3VYdiGPipI

newemka, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@DiMiX : I'd say Framecounter --> Mod with 3 in Mod's Input2. Is that what you're looking for ?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

anyone has a link of a minilumax board seller ? thanks

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@joreg - thanks for the heads up! turned on notifications.

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


joyenusi, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


DiMiX, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

node15 program'

fibo, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

@DiMiX : with a modulo maybe?

sebescudie, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

anonymous user login


~13h ago

Patxi7: the trained particles circus https://vimeo.com/137941609

~17h ago

joreg: @Superfly: we don't have stats about that. please try for yourself and report

~17h ago

joreg: vvvv at #cgevent in #vilnius: vvvv-talk-at-cg-event-vilnius-2015

~19h ago

SuperflysiNZ: @joreg, one that sucks the least resources...

~22h ago

~1d ago

tekcor: VVVV Contribution with 17121 downloads dont-panic-the-noobs-guide-to-vvvv

~1d ago

joreg: @Superfly: no idea what you mean with efficient camera node..

~2d ago

joreg: @micro me too

~2d ago

dominikKoller: @microdee will be there!