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@kiilo and Curveau.

Theodoridis, Sunday, Nov 10th 2013  

You can use Camtasia Studio for that.

Westbam, Sunday, Nov 10th 2013  

@westbam: what tool are you using to highlight the pointer?

purf., Sunday, Nov 10th 2013  

@Westbam: just love your tuts dude. Thanks :)

Curveau, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  

2 more tuts add to the list:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRXvbfUHOYc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ph6Ub7DbdY

Westbam, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  


d0this, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  

@theodoridis hava a look at http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MIDILibrary and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL-9bDkoM6A we used l293 h-bridges to drive the solenoids

kiilo, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  

@Theodoridis: not played around with it much yet (I plan to). Some info here howto midi

Curveau, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  

Anybody have a clue how I can write some vvvv to control solenoids with midi messages?

Theodoridis, Saturday, Nov 9th 2013  

@zeos: very nice AntiVJ work. Love the translucent, undulating roof as screen.

metrowave, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  

Where do I download the Speech API voices ?

io, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  


zeos, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  

@curveau just for fun. added info text to youtube

meatsock, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  

@meatsock: what's going on there then?

Curveau, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  

Need help regarding the rgb output from Creative gesture cam plugin-for-softkinetic-ds325-creative-interactive-gesture-camera-with-intel-perceptual-

kennyallau, Friday, Nov 8th 2013  

thanks devvvvs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXd_IXY9IKk

meatsock, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

@fibo: very nice, very very nice!

robe, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

for those interessted in inForm, check festo's wavehandling too

skyliner, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

@teckor littlecat-dmx-engine

guest, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

does someone knows middleware software for enttec dmx usb devices? like sending udp to the middleware which controls the device...

tekcor, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

just saw that it's the same project. I've just been in contact with one of the authors so I'll have to talk to him about it :)

beyon, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

Looks same or similar to this? inForm ( V´http://www.olwal.com/projects/research/inform/follmer_inform_uist_2013.pdf )

beyon, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

@skyliner cool :)

catweasel, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

real-time morphing table

skyliner, Thursday, Nov 7th 2013  

boisngirls the #vvvv beta31.2 release is imminent. please add your changes to the addonpack change log

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 6th 2013  


skyliner, Wednesday, Nov 6th 2013  

http://www.digitalcraft.org/?artikel_id=542 just found the rebraun node ~~

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 6th 2013  

@joreg aha! thanks I just did it for my profile!

Luper, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

KORG+little bits join forces: http://bit.ly/17C5Mix

christosk, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

http://bit.ly/1bSIRfK :)

dottore, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

@luper on a users page you can see "Send Email" if that user has enabled that in his settings: home/settings/personal

joreg, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

it's possible to send PM here?

Luper, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

Nr. 36, about S+H (Animation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOtgEJn6Iww

Westbam, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

i add *sometimes* and a bit of overexpression of a subtle observation. also i wish vvvv would run on mac to address tech noobs more

tekcor, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

mac 'digital artists' are annoying tech noobs

tekcor, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

@androsyn: Great thanks! I wonder which elements of the site use WebGL, and which just use standard HTML5 canvas elements

Curveau, Monday, Nov 4th 2013  

@Shau: Personally I would use OSC

Curveau, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013  

@joreg i know... i know

bo27, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013  

thanks bo27 only 2 more to go..

joreg, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013  

@Shau: "it can be hacked to work with any other program that can accept a serial stream."

Westbam, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013  

can it be work with vvvv? : http://www.openmusiclabs.com/projects/repatcher/

shual, Saturday, Nov 2nd 2013  

MIT's Torque 3D: http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-3d

metrowave, Saturday, Nov 2nd 2013  


metrowave, Friday, Nov 1st 2013  

simple nood question... rotate-spread-of-cartesianed-cylinder-outwards

robe, Friday, Nov 1st 2013  

Another shot at Duo: http://duo3d.com/

metrowave, Friday, Nov 1st 2013  

meshes & animations anyone? http://www.autodesk.com/products/fbx/overview

sebl, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

maybe for next node?

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@cat would be great to create a series of spreading tutorials like that...

joreg, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@joreg think theres competition... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afpc_EcohcY&feature=player_embedded

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@bjoern: i will apply motion blur anyway :P

microdee, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@fleg: great! Thanks! :D

Alec, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@catweasel. great idea, thanks! will consider a checkbox in the next release.

fleg, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@fleg :D an option to add GCHQ and or you own countries security 'experts'?

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

PRISM CARBON COPY released! thanks for your comments, david & joreg! http://pcc.fleg.de

fleg, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

@mrboni, did you have success?

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

Has anyone tried this?: http://www.blurbusters.com/zero-motion-blur/lightboost/

bjoern, Thursday, Oct 31st 2013  

Thanks for the tips cat

mrboni, Wednesday, Oct 30th 2013  

looking for a munich based freelancer for ~3-5 days work

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Oct 30th 2013  

faster TCP algorithm http://web.mit.edu/remy/

lasal, Wednesday, Oct 30th 2013  

Don't miss to register for the vvvv mapping workshop at LPM Cape Town 2013 ... http://2013za.liveperformersmeeting.net/artists/onbeat_visuals/performances/advanced-mapping-skillz-with-vvvv-100-r1250/

vj_raul, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_10793.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genlock Had many hours lost to this kind of thing for tv shows! Ideally everything gets sync'd!

catweasel, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

It is, but anywhere theres processing! You could try a scaler like a Folsom image pro on each output and genlocked might do it.

catweasel, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

I thought genlocking was for video cards? Is it the output or input that needs to be sync'd? Ie gpu or projector?

mrboni, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

You could try and genlock them, so they refresh together, but the output of gfx card could still be off, unless you go quadro...

catweasel, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

anyone know if it's possible to sync the refresh of Christie 10k-m to avoid 'tearing' between multiple projectors?

mrboni, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

beauty of mathematics

skyliner, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

@vux i will give it a try :)

Damien Rave, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  

ha: http://youtu.be/w4BlFlsfxNc

tonfilm, Tuesday, Oct 29th 2013  


metrowave, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

CTRL+8 doesn't survive reopening anzmore?

sebl, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

International Animation Day : 28th October: http://bit.ly/RjK7RF

christosk, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

@Damien Rave : check setslice in the contribs

vux, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

vvvv will run in a browser :) http://jsmachines.net/demos/pc/cga-win101/xt-cga-win101.xml

fibo, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

@ventolinmono Hmm. Was shortly before building a system around titan card. Prefer nvidia but 2x price is hard to justify

everyoneishappy, Monday, Oct 28th 2013  

@elliotwoods:thks for table.very handy

DiMiX, Sunday, Oct 27th 2013  

Is there no Dx11Texture Queue? I would need it with a VideoTexture :/

Damien Rave, Sunday, Oct 27th 2013  

@ethermammoth: wow, nice tools, especially the ability to make dx11 shaders visually

screamer, Sunday, Oct 27th 2013  

@Noir: Wow... eloquently executed!

metrowave, Saturday, Oct 26th 2013  


Noir, Saturday, Oct 26th 2013  

http://vimeo.com/77784856 Software: Natan Sinigaglia, Matt Swoboda, Julien Vuillet

Noir, Saturday, Oct 26th 2013  

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~3h ago

dottore: do you know any good OSC monitoring free software?

~17h ago

mediadog: Search broken: sez solr search not available, clicking tags does not limit search - ideas?

~21h ago

lecloneur: cheers m4d !

~21h ago

mrboni: hokay, thanks

~22h ago

guest: nope, usb3 and win8 only

~23h ago

mrboni: anyone know if kinect 2 will work with a usb 2 port?

~1d ago

m4d: @lecloneur: very nice. all the best for your mekaviz venture!

~1d ago

lecloneur: MekaViz video now online : https://vimeo.com/92187171