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hello ppl, we are brainstorming @NODE15 drink names. Any ideas besides "Wrapped in Coke" and "PiNODE Grigio"?

remony, Sunday, Apr 19th 2015  

@twobeass: seems closest: telnet

joreg, Saturday, Apr 18th 2015  

need a telnet connection... somebody already patched that ??

TwoBeAss, Saturday, Apr 18th 2015  

Will be cohosting vvvvjs and emeshe workshops :) everybody make sure to go there its so _epic_ what will be presented in those both

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Ah, thought you were doing one at node, sorry! Love TessaltionDisplacement too :)

catweasel, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

NamDang: Try ApplyTransform and use all the transforms(* Trans.) that affect the pos. of the Quad. (Transform, View, Projection)

id144, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Hi thanks. yeah sorry but that hex is minor you can use any texture :) it is not a node workshop btw!

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

@Tekcor,good documentation, and before node! Must be a first!(missing Hex.tfx from contribs btw)

catweasel, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Slides and Course Materials to my workshop 'generative 3D printing inspired by life' https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16rFnEOHLfsGGkcjJAUVFdsmqVowdBrGNp7VeQkqLFsQ/edit?usp=sharing

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

like instead of XY as input, i wanna get output

NamDang, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

hi guys, can someone help me finding a way to get the current position of the quad node?

NamDang, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

@joreg have just replied, thankx a lot man! sorry didn't check that email account for few days. @gareth everybody lovvvves a cdc!

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@evvvvil got ma mail?

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@evvvvil: Nice.. CDC that is.

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

oooo? What's this? INTERSECT(DX11 Geometry mesh) aka DX11 Ray Casting COLLISION DETECTION shader, has landed! http://i.imgur.com/5CaelyD.jpg

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

Adrien M / Claire B do not stop to do nice things: https://vimeo.com/124395296

timpernagel, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

getting a lot of these vvvv interface not updating bugs in newest vvvv version, anyone else? pinnames etc going missing

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

Whoop, for ather Resonate or NODE... FIBER2015!! http://2015.fiberfestival.nl/

SITD_NL, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@keftaparty: glad to hear! btw: coming to node?

m4d, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Anyone interested for booking an apartment in 5 elements hostel? there 2 left..(8 people)

vasilis, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

found a solution for the triplehead... thanks anyway for support !

keftaparty, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

@keftaparty: i have some here, but i'm in hannover..

m4d, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  


sinus, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

anyone triedhttps://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/intensitypro4k ?

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

@AndyC: that is awesome!

microdee, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Driven with vvvv :) https://twitter.com/andydennicoates/status/587890751423512576

AndyC, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Hi, looking very urgently ( like tonight... ) for a dual/triple head 2 go in Berlin for a week, mine crashed... anyone ? Thanks

keftaparty, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

@gjamj: flash and ex9 are totally unrelated. please start a forum thread with more details about your problem

joreg, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

@motzi: great! looking forward..

Desaxismundi, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

flash activex control is missing, so renderer ex9 don't works. How to fix it on win7 32bits ?

gjamj, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

384 participants to the 2015 survvvvey. thanks everyone. results will be published at the keynode (megashow) during #node15 #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

#1 revision 2015

skyliner, Sunday, Apr 12th 2015  


metrowave, Saturday, Apr 11th 2015  

@desax: i'm doing some cleanup in the code. first release in the days to come...

motzi, Saturday, Apr 11th 2015  

@desax check the machine learning workshop at #node15. there will be one for sure.

tonfilm, Saturday, Apr 11th 2015  

Markov chain in vvvv? anyone?

Desaxismundi, Saturday, Apr 11th 2015  

46% of people who survvvveyed: http://goo.gl/forms/u4MH5YrFSs are coming to #node15. last call to take it. closing sunday night. #vvvv

joreg, Saturday, Apr 11th 2015  

anybody with AMD GPU >= nvidia GTX 670 please contact me on skype: microdegree

microdee, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

@elektromeier you can pass array of float to a shader with structured buffer

lecloneur, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

@elektromeier, could you pass them through a 'join(texture array)' to set the aspects?

guest, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

Apply for Art-A-Hack 2015 Open Call! http://artahack.io/summer-2015/call/

unovis, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

thx vux... i guess the resolution itself is not accessible from outside via pins and spreadable?

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

thx vux... i guess the resolution itself is not accessible from outside via pins and spreadable?

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

did anybody already build an abakus with vvvv ??

TwoBeAss, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

vertex_art with vvvv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvbTdyw10Nk

udo2013, Friday, Apr 10th 2015  

@ele : <float2 scale=float2(640,480); bool absolute=true;>{SetPixelShader(CompileShader(ps_4_0,pMIPS()));}

vux, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

Classic Texture Pack from Pixar

skyliner, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

@ether seems it is full but motzi will be doing a lecture of it, see: http://node15.vvvv.org/program/workshop/patches-and-projects-wednesday-morning-presentations

joreg, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

: vertex_house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij0Ays0P60s

udo2013, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

any chance to get a seat in machine learning workshop? @node - would love to see that

ethermammoth, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

@thx, catweasel. nice trick. hmm but i need to rescale to a given pixel size, hmmm...

elektromeier, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

@ele pass P0 <bool mips=true;float scale=0.5f;>{SetPixelShader(CompileShader(ps_4_0,pMIPS()));} for example in the technique

catweasel, Thursday, Apr 9th 2015  

anybody knows a trick to resize a spread of filetextures with dx11 texfx?

elektromeier, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

yeah me 2, fight fight

Sebapes, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

Sorry will be watching braincells fight @NODE15

tekcor, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

me too, the fight !

manuel, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

but I'd also join in ;)

eno, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

@evvvvil & eno: sorry, I was automatically logged in with the wrong username. Anyway.. Me (aivenhoe), I am in for watching it.

aivenhoe, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

@evvvvil: I´m absolutely in for this fight of the century!

eno, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

Who's watching PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER boxing match while at NODE15? Not specially into boxing but love a good fight & shouting at TV.

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

audiovvvvisual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnBbIHscwHo

lightizm, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

join the other 371 who already did take the survvvvey: http://goo.gl/forms/u4MH5YrFSs 5 days left. #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

thank you for your reply m4d :) do you know how to connect textures to the cons node? much appreciated x

teemo, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  


urbandrone, Wednesday, Apr 8th 2015  

@teemo: tutorial spreads

m4d, Tuesday, Apr 7th 2015  

@guest, ja, there should be a final one before node.

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 7th 2015  

anyone know how to apply several textures to buttonS? email me :) xx thank youu

teemo, Tuesday, Apr 7th 2015  

Anymore 50 blog updates, @joreg?

guest, Tuesday, Apr 7th 2015  

@elio if you still consider booking a flat i am interested in sharing. contact me - cant find your mail ;)

ethermammoth, Monday, Apr 6th 2015  


urbandrone, Monday, Apr 6th 2015  

Louis Vuitton & Kurokawa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEaodI9tP0s

esnho, Monday, Apr 6th 2015  

@aoi あなたの仕事に感謝します

joreg, Sunday, Apr 5th 2015  

@JT Lee you can run the 32bit vvvv on a 64bit windows (if that is what you're asking)

joreg, Sunday, Apr 5th 2015  

can one get stuff (namely, freeframe) in 32bit vvvv to work in x64? (or must you get a 32bit ver. seperately?)

JT Lee, Sunday, Apr 5th 2015  


Noir, Sunday, Apr 5th 2015  

it's dangerous to go alone. take this: http://2015.revision-party.net/live

m4d, Saturday, Apr 4th 2015  

The "emit infrared" pin on Kinect(DX11) seems to have no effect. Any ideas?

mburk, Saturday, Apr 4th 2015  

Digital Light (2015) PDF > http://monoskop.org/log/?p=14094

ventolinmono, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@mrboni : d2xx I think. Just remember it's a red icon.

sebescudie, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

trying to get enttec dmxusbpro working. Does it need vcp or d2xx driver?

mrboni, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  


Noir, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

i'd like to book a flat for whole node15. anyone interested in sharing? or having a space left for me? email me!

elio, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@joreg : thnx !

sebescudie, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@evvvvil: nope, still no answer

joreg, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@joreg, evvvvil: any news about west?

skyliner, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

chapeau sebescudie!

joreg, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

dear julia: part2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7OE8C8LdMM

udo2013, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@vux... I thought you need a gpu with 150+ gflopshttp://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-other-devices/kinect-for-windows/kinect-for-windows-v2-known-issues#de084a4d8c5a4b43a15c7db4504723bb

drehwurm, Friday, Apr 3rd 2015  

@manuel: works with surface pro 1, even tho rgb is a bit slow, should be better on 2 or 3

vux, Thursday, Apr 2nd 2015  

Anyone tried kinectV2 with microsoft surface ?

manuel, Thursday, Apr 2nd 2015  

One hour vvvvisual, this time on vimeo : https://vimeo.com/123830056

lecloneur, Thursday, Apr 2nd 2015  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=14&v=p7IL0Gvux7U cool :3

StiX, Thursday, Apr 2nd 2015  

pedro: superb!

skyliner, Thursday, Apr 2nd 2015  

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~3h ago

AKa-visuals: Does anyone try this? http://store.steampowered.com/app/314720/?l=spanish looks interesting

~6h ago

blausand: Wanted: tutorial about conventions/workflow when using #git (locally) with #vvvv? Thanks!

~1d ago

joreg: wanna dive into #visualprogramming with #vl vl? earlybird tickets now: http://resonate.io/2016/tickets #vvvv #res16 @resonate_io

~2d ago

~3d ago

dschordsch: someone knows a good tutorial for vvvv-3d beginners?

~3d ago

elektromeier: yes just realised theres two results or even an unclear result in the situation you described. thanks elliot. have it working

~3d ago

elliotwoods: @fleg - hmm... sorry

~3d ago

elliotwoods: @dominikKoller @elektromeier - if all your samples are in 1 half of the circle then min,-,mod,mean,+