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do you like to see an alternative method of making a visual? soo hot, unbelievable..its only billiard..smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqziQX7eEv0

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 15th 2015  

Great ideea of workshops online

gontz, Sunday, Mar 15th 2015  

I do get a doggy picture, when I try to check my Node-Account!

cznickesz, Sunday, Mar 15th 2015  

here is an idea. Record Node workshop & talks put them online. charge an online access fee, split it 50/50 with instructor. V4 grow

Sebapes, Saturday, Mar 14th 2015  

Happy Pi-day everyone, remember, today is even Pi-ish than a normal pi day 3/14/15 especially at 9:26:53 tonight (or this morning)

sunep, Saturday, Mar 14th 2015  

Big news! #node15 #workshop booking starts today! node15-workshop-booking-now

tonfilm, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  

architecture x vvvvisual x artnet https://youtu.be/TWePc2YdOTQ

lightizm, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  


lightizm, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  

@lanvideosource, no brain connectivity workshop at Node15?!

metrowave, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  


Noir, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  

@tobyk vvvv.js + vvvv websocket node might be an option websocket-(network-server)

sagishi, Friday, Mar 13th 2015  

steal them workshops! steal them while they are hot! muhaha

StiX, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

@catweasel: logging in as the built-in Administrator account could be a solution? http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/9650-built-administrator-account-enable-disable-windows-8-a.html

h99, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

@stix, standalone install so needs to do it every time with no user interaction! Trying to start adhoc network on start in win8.1

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

vvvv #monome #surfacepro #producing #touch http://www.symbioticcube.com/gridninja-multi-touch-monome-emulator-monome-host-vvvv/

tekcor, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

@tobyk venode maybe !?!

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

run vvvv as admin maybe?

StiX, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

Is there anyway to shellexecute as admin?

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

@tobyk: depends on scenario. contact me if you need help :)

herbst, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

Just stumbled upon "Konsul Gnadenwalze" on http://www.symbioticcube.com/, listening to IV. Really heavy stuff, @tekcor! And great name btw.

blausand, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

Any ideas for how to connect a crowd of phones/tablets to vvvv?

tobyk, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

Apple insider on newest macbook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHZ8ek-6ccc

MartinUI, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

Hi guys, does anyone know how to find those nano computers? http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/ca_like_ad

mehmet, Thursday, Mar 12th 2015  

dongles? Über was unterhaltet ihr euch da? (weiss schon, was ein dongle ist; für´s cubase brauch ich auch einen) Trotzdem: hää?

udo2013, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

dongles? Über was unterhaltet ihr euch da? (weiss schon, was ein dongle ist; für´s cubase brauch ich auch einen) Trotzdem: hää?

udo2013, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

I´ll stop clicking then staring at my inbox instead! Thx... ^^

cznickesz, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

@cznickesz if we'd know exactly, we'd let you know. but still: soon!

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

@chile, 24-carat will be 18.000€ no problem.

tonfilm, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

Fingers hurt from manually updating vvvv15-Website for two weeks now... any hints, when workshop-booking will be online?

cznickesz, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

Not sure about Dongle thing, seems a bit light to me, 24krt perhaps match better my Veyron

I_am_from_Chile, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

vvvv finally differentiates between rich and super-rich users. chapeau

sebl, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

really dont like dongles, but this 18-k gold dongle i must have! if i only had the money...

elektromeier, Wednesday, Mar 11th 2015  

@xxxlalala: maybe this one: venode

elektromeier, Monday, Mar 9th 2015  

@joreg: nice that it is not necessary to wear a beard while learning vvvv!!! :-))

udo2013, Monday, Mar 9th 2015  

there was a web "framework" with css html js for many controlls like color picker stocp play etc. anybody remember the name ?

xxxlalala, Monday, Mar 9th 2015  

@udo: beards dropped to 34% plus one mentioning: "would grow a beard if i could", so..

joreg, Sunday, Mar 8th 2015  

@joreg:321? With a beard? ;-)

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 8th 2015  

@u7 my verdict rather is laziness. today we have 321. it seems everyone just needs a personal kick in the bum.

joreg, Sunday, Mar 8th 2015  

@joreg, i'm afraid the community is that small.

u7angel, Sunday, Mar 8th 2015  

blaukick (kt)..in rot, grün, gelb und manchmal sogar in blau ;-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhgARAWL8mQ

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 8th 2015  

@metrowave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b74MYv8ldXc

microdee, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

@TwoBeAss is Buffer node of some help?

h99, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

@TwoBeAss: to my understanding of HDEHost it is possible to write a breakpoint plugin but that unfortunately would block vvvv too

microdee, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

thanks joreg... would be great to have a node like MainLoop without affecting the vvvv gui and the possibility to set frames to 0.

TwoBeAss, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

@TwoBeAss i am afraid not. as a workaround you could queue-up spreads for some frames and then inspect the queue..

joreg, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

Is there a way to debug patches by access single frames? Need to access each frame after another to inspect spreads...

TwoBeAss, Saturday, Mar 7th 2015  

299 responses to the survvvvey! now if everyone who took it only finds one more to take it...you do the math http://goo.gl/forms/u4MH5YrFSs #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Mar 6th 2015  

Timeliner curve editing, how to do it: https://twitter.com/iangeek/status/569810168969601024

rrrr, Thursday, Mar 5th 2015  

i think i alredy used it once, but i might be just confusing constructing my own mesh with getting stuff out of a buffer

StiX, Thursday, Mar 5th 2015  

you mean like vertexbuffer dx9 node Stix? I would use a compute shader... you're saying there is a dx11 node that does this?

evvvvil, Thursday, Mar 5th 2015  

i think i went blind, i cant find a way how to get vertices positions from geometry buffer, can someone point me to the right node?

StiX, Thursday, Mar 5th 2015  

@microdee wonder how they did it? https://github.com/mono/CppSharp

guest, Wednesday, Mar 4th 2015  

https://mono-ue.github.io/ C# in Unreal Engine 4 huzzah

microdee, Wednesday, Mar 4th 2015  

@drehwurm: yes, with the Reset pin

microdee, Wednesday, Mar 4th 2015  

@drehwurm: for the node the reset pin, else setpatch

woei, Wednesday, Mar 4th 2015  

Is there a way to Reset a Toggle?

drehwurm, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

unity 5 now free as in free beer for every entity earning less than 100k$/year. yay!

m4d, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

@sunep - I'm dating myself, but I've used that! Once spent hours playing with video to Kraftwerk "Autobahn"...

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

Hmmm, streaming for vvvv? http://limelight-stream.com/

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

Machines for graphics looked much cooler in the olden days Early CGI - Tomorrow's World - BRITLAB - BBC: http://youtu.be/gSpXMH9xJy0

sunep, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

here is how #vvvv brings custom datatypes to #visualprogramming 50-custom-datatypes

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2015  

Speaking of AR, interesting SLAM: http://vision.in.tum.de/research/lsdslam port-able to vvvv?

mediadog, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

This is ... unreal

fibo, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

The first person to port this stufff to vvvv50 at node wins a free egg: https://mono-ue.github.io/

guest, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/ue4-is-free (lil john voice impression) ohhhhhhhkaaaaayyyyyyy

m4d, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

vvvvisuals : http://jetztkultur.de/b-seite/artists/clone/

lecloneur, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

Using real-time audiovisual vvvv http://youtu.be/XoLEHCV-DPo

lightizm, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

@metrowave killer timing, Ur a lifesaver!

JT Lee, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

usa los nodos de GUI dx9

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

thanks @joreg and @metro

casinowilhelm, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

Alguien sabe como armar una GUI en 4V?

Ari, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  


graphicuserinterface, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

@casino: in Chrome go to settings and deselect 'enable phishing and malware protection' then downloads work fine.

metrowave, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

"questions" ;-/

udo2013, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

@joreg: jes, ja the strange qestions..

udo2013, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

@casino: sorry about that. we're working on it. please see: vvvv.org-has-issues-with-google-safe-browsing-websites-list maybe try IE meanwhile..

joreg, Monday, Mar 2nd 2015  

can't download vvvv in either chrome or firefox, says it is a malicious file and blocks it. same for my mate...

casinowilhelm, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

@udo: 285. 35% of which wear a beard!

joreg, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

@joreg: what a beautyful day..how many surveys do you count by now?

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

@joreg: good on you, wasn't aware of that. I just wish he was coming, such a cool guy.

evvvvil, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

inspiration#236..its not in vvvv, but: who cares(!) http://www.dbsierra.com/Work/Oscillate/

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

what a day for taking the #vvvv survvvvey: http://goo.gl/forms/u4MH5YrFSs

joreg, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

@evvvvil: interesting: repeatedly contacted west months ago to invite him to do a workshop. didn't hear back. @west you know my mail

joreg, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

@everyoneishappy: yes, yo shall be informed when booking is available.

joreg, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

He has to be there. He needs to attend all the cool Workshops, and make some more tuts!

drehwurm, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

crowd funding / free ticket... come on guys. I wouldn't be here talking to you if it wasn't for WEST.

evvvvil, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

WEST, the legendary WEST, who did all the tutorials, won't be coming to NODE, he is too broke, can we do something about this guys?

evvvvil, Sunday, Mar 1st 2015  

vvvv is so good when I need to prototype something for c#, saves a lot of time

StiX, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

@everyoneishappy, what was that cylinder(dx11) download link that you posted which had working UV for texture? thankx

evvvvil, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

We get an email when workshop booking for NODE opens right?

everyoneishappy, Saturday, Feb 28th 2015  

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~11h ago

udo2013: 16 emitter and a lot of smoke (3d particles with vvvv) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGfS9_KfTRE (drkness2)

~14h ago

vanderplate: Hello guys, how can i get the scene node (assimp library) working? i have the addonpack but can´t find it :(

~17h ago

udo2013: @woei: thanks for your splinesGPU_library

~18h ago

udo2013: tja, simonetta liebt pflanzen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04uGZrz1EW0

~18h ago

udo2013: gerade avatar gesehen.ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen, wie ähnlich die fliegenden pflänzchen und meine schöpfung sich ähnelen

~2d ago

evvvvil: @joreg: Thankx man and thankx again for the "know your spreads" doc update, amazing work, love the pcitures

~2d ago

evvvvil: fuck sake it's obviously "mean" I'm looking for, ignore saturday's stoned rambling. Go lecloneur, looking great!

~2d ago

joreg: @evvvvil: spread sinks

~2d ago

evvvvil: isn't there a node to do an average of a whole spread, can't seme to find it...?