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I wish that one day vvvv will run on my oven: https://juneoven.com/

readme, Wednesday, Jun 10th 2015  

When opening a patch, if you don't remember you unevaluated a subpatch, you'll have empty ioboxes and a little bit shorter life.

h99, Tuesday, Jun 9th 2015  

5 days left for #flattr voting #VL features vl-feature-voting #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 9th 2015  

here are the 2015 survvvvey results. meet the #vvvv user: the-2015-survvvvey-results

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 9th 2015  

This is how object oriented visual programming languages like #VL are made. #vvvv #berlin #timelapse https://youtu.be/EFKEM7-W3_c

tonfilm, Monday, Jun 8th 2015  

Any vvvv guy in Reykjavik Iceland ? Here till Wednesday and up for a drink :)

synth, Monday, Jun 8th 2015  


Noir, Monday, Jun 8th 2015  

framedelay rage. I know that mindstate

manuel, Monday, Jun 8th 2015  


readme, Monday, Jun 8th 2015  

The more me and Pedro drink wine, the more framedelays we add to this fucking patch.

evvvvil, Sunday, Jun 7th 2015  


metrowave, Sunday, Jun 7th 2015  

I can record using the exposed record button this was recorded that way https://vimeo.com/129431563

sunep, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

Except you have to arm the recorder in the plugin interface The exposed record button seems to only arm the recorder for a sample.

guest, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

@sunep, Excellent, thanks!

guest, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

@guest on @tonfilms recommandation I used MRecorder to record in VAudio http://www.meldaproduction.com/plugins/product.php?id=MRecorder

sunep, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

@pdubost you might also find interesting: sphere-physic-dx11

everyoneishappy, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

Is it just me or does the writer in vaudio not make a file?

guest, Saturday, Jun 6th 2015  

woops just found it after posting ! thanks dottore boubles-proximity-dynamic

pdubost, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

Tomorrow in Copenhagen: deuterium-at-r.p.t.-party-xx-gtand-gala

sunep, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

hey guys trying to put instances of 2d disks in a limited square area with collisions.Saw something similar 4 yrs ago here, hint?:)

pdubost, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

Bella zio

Xini, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  


Noir, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

+1 elektro, there was a survey with licences questions, and others very interesting as well...

lecloneur, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

i dont mean v4 isnt worth 500 euros but sometimes you really use a tiny fraction of its possibilities (eg. media players)

elektromeier, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

@pechard: being a bit polemic now, but a 30 euro computer with a 500 euro vvvv license somehow doesnt make sense :)

elektromeier, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

Today I got a mail from MS, including a link to the Windows10 dev preview for the RPie2! https://dev.windows.com/de-de/iot

pechart, Friday, Jun 5th 2015  

cant wait to know how many of you have a beard..

aivenhoe, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

@eno sorry I had some internet issues. looks like mino will sort you out

mrboni, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

@hrovac will be out soon

joreg, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

where can i find the results of the user survey?

hrovac, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

@eno: pls send email to me from mino i'll give you.

mino, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

we will vvvvisual on the Chinese Great Wall : http://www.greatwallparty.com/djlineup/

lecloneur, Thursday, Jun 4th 2015  

sometimes, with vvvv open, I can't type some chararcters like or ;) (seriously) Is that a known thing?

purf., Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2015  

@eno - yes, I'll upload now but it will take a couple of hours

mrboni, Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2015  

does anybody have a metaio sdk installer lurking around on his harddrive?

eno, Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2015  

open a file chooser

sunep, Tuesday, Jun 2nd 2015  

how to freeze vvvv to test a watchdog?

LCA, Tuesday, Jun 2nd 2015  

cclab5 L.A. open for applications: apply-now-5th-choreographic-coding-lab-in-los-angeles

fjen, Tuesday, Jun 2nd 2015  


Noir, Monday, Jun 1st 2015  

@cat, ranging from 350€ to 2500€ second hand. bit of a lottery.

u7angel, Sunday, May 31st 2015  

and now something completely different :D https://www.shortoftheweek.com/2015/05/30/kung-fury/

tonfilm, Sunday, May 31st 2015  

Any vvvv coders in Australia looking for casual work? We have some jobs coming up and could use you...

tobyk, Sunday, May 31st 2015  

U7 How much are they?

catweasel, Saturday, May 30th 2015  

nice :)

soriak, Friday, May 29th 2015  

the sick does 75 scans per second ;)

u7angel, Friday, May 29th 2015  

@soriak, seems like coolux and radartouch utilize this sensor http://goo.gl/UfbSYA

u7angel, Friday, May 29th 2015  

@u7angel: do you know if this one is better than airscan? http://www.coolux.de/products/airscan/

soriak, Friday, May 29th 2015  

nice one u7 ;)

uvvvve, Friday, May 29th 2015  

again, working on a plugin https://vimeo.com/129126617

u7angel, Friday, May 29th 2015  

working on a plugin for it:https://vimeo.com/129126617

u7angel, Friday, May 29th 2015  

Node based CAD modeling http://www.mattkeeter.com/projects/antimony/3/

m9dfukc, Friday, May 29th 2015  

metaio was purchased by apple. OMG! http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/28/apple-metaio/

mino, Friday, May 29th 2015  

Fulltime vvvv patcher wanted in St.Petersburg http://ivanrastr.com/ru/vacancies

ivan.rastr, Tuesday, May 26th 2015  


metrowave, Monday, May 25th 2015  

I did a Game_Of_Life mixer (effect DX9) that Xfades textures based on CA and can also feed the CA based on those sources…

blausand, Monday, May 25th 2015  

@ventolinmono: i have a game of life implementation on my pc at work. i can upload it on tuesday.

tmp, Saturday, May 23rd 2015  

@ventolinmono there is one in VL but for some reason it didn't make it into the girlpower folder.

bjoern, Saturday, May 23rd 2015  

ventolinmono: think there has been many, here is one: cellular-automata

beyon, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

@gegenlicht: it runs in your browser and stays online for your. mobile app available for android and iOS - what have you done wrong?

readme, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

Is there a Game of Life node/patch?

ventolinmono, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

ah ok :) once again OS choices have thrown me into soziales abseits :)

gegenlicht, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

I'm using irccloud for idling purposes, which also has a mobile client ...

readme, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

i am very happy with the http://irccloud.com mobile apps..

joreg, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

i know joreg but everyone around me switched to platforms suited for mobil so my IRC friends deserted me and i do like to idle:)

gegenlicht, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

@gegenlicht: IRC is still the place to be: howto use irc

joreg, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

i miss IRC... anyone want to join a VVVV telegram group? https://telegram.org https://telegram.me/joinchat/002de318013943ca01e33d016d427f51 no need for phone number..

gegenlicht, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

for architecture lovers: http://gracefulspoon.com/blog/2015/05/03/frank-gehrys-middel-finger/

metrowave, Friday, May 22nd 2015  

Node15 VAudio workshop patches are online: vvvv.audio-node15-workshop-patches

tonfilm, Thursday, May 21st 2015  

@vjc4: separate instance with 300 fps, queue and append with timestamp to txt file every couple of thousands of frame

tekcor, Thursday, May 21st 2015  

guys any alternative to Duration timeline? need to record and playback osc data

vjc4, Thursday, May 21st 2015  

sunep: should be pretty easy to do a dx11 geometry shader which extrudes simply along one axis (no b-spline shenanigans though)

evvvvil, Wednesday, May 20th 2015  

@u7angle yes .js is getting really smooth, as in paper.js. Python is another winner.. https://vimeo.com/groups/oaod/videos/123498481

metrowave, Wednesday, May 20th 2015  

@evvvvil, I just used DX9, but it would be nice to be able to make old skool screensaver in DX11

sunep, Wednesday, May 20th 2015  

sune, If I recall correctly there is a text extruder in the 3d printing workshop? Maybe not dx11 but I remember seeing it...

evvvvil, Wednesday, May 20th 2015  

is there an equivalent to Text (EX9.Geometry) in DX11 ?

sunep, Wednesday, May 20th 2015  

@graphicUI: only line comments: ctrl+#

joreg, Tuesday, May 19th 2015  

is there a shotcut for block comment inside shader ide?

graphicuserinterface, Tuesday, May 19th 2015  

http://node.com.ua/ node spread

antokhio, Tuesday, May 19th 2015  

nevermind, it is listed in the 2d section but without scrollbars i didnt recognized the lower part of the list, hehe, this gui...

hrovac, Monday, May 18th 2015  

quick one: how to split a 2dvector in VL(like vector 2d split in good ol v4)

hrovac, Monday, May 18th 2015  

@Joreg, nice and thanks.

guest, Monday, May 18th 2015  

@guest here is an update regarding fields: http://vvvv.gitbooks.io/the-gray-book/content/en/reference/vl/fields.html #VL

joreg, Monday, May 18th 2015  

Did anyone record the advanced shader or compute shader workshop at node15? I am missing some bits...

evvvvil, Monday, May 18th 2015  

@metrowave, speechless...the JS stuff is getting more and more impressive, see famo.us

u7angel, Monday, May 18th 2015  

Apply for CCL-4: apply-now-4th-choreographic-coding-lab-in-new-york-city

fjen, Monday, May 18th 2015  

World Elevation Data for free

mino, Monday, May 18th 2015  

@Abduct, sure it is a codec issue, ask in forum next time. codec-help

Westbam, Monday, May 18th 2015  


metrowave, Sunday, May 17th 2015  

I put a io box in seek time and a change in the do seek in filestream and it works when i go up and down but it clips :(

Abduct, Sunday, May 17th 2015  

Thanks beyon! and catweasel i need a rew :(

Abduct, Sunday, May 17th 2015  

you could use waveplayer to play the audio and sync the time from that into filestream for the video, but its not pretty...

catweasel, Sunday, May 17th 2015  

Abduct: FileStream (DShow9) does adjustable playback speed for audio but only forwards I believe

beyon, Sunday, May 17th 2015  

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~3h ago

lecloneur: DVA - vvvvisual remix. Abduct, Idwyr, Lecloneur - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx-p2hRju6Y

~6h ago

tekcor: Dear vvvv community I am happy to introduce my new studio http://000.graphics/

~2d ago

dottore: @ventolinmono: It will be a pleasure to meet you there! I'm performing and giving a workshop in a festival.let's chat via skype ;)

~3d ago

sunep: @soundreactor s+h should help you out with that somehow

~3d ago

soundreactor: what is like setslice but keeps the value? :)

~4d ago

joreg: @all: beta34 release imminent. please test your current projects with latest alpha now and report problems. #vvvv