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@Elias: I'll test the patch on another network. Slow network may be the problem. If not, I'll post. Merci

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

@Elias: I'll test the patch on another network. Slow network may be the problem. If not, I'll post. Merci

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

@Xini: pls file a proper report in the forum with patch showing the issue

Elias, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

pixel pioneers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzN2pgL0zeg#t=17

Noir, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

Using HTMLTexture-URL I can't anymore get the HTML from Facebook website...it worked some months ago, any issue? Page viewing works...

Xini, Wednesday, Nov 26th 2014  

try if contrl-d works on nodes pls

antokhio, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

I'm seeing enough odd things and exceptions when quitting that it smells like mem corruption somewhere.

mediadog, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

seen one too. made AvoidNil(switch insode) turn red. i'm still trying to hunt this down

u7angel, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

@ele that could explain some of the problems I have had lately

sunep, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

theres some weird, nasty framedelay bugs going on in b33.3. so weird that i havent been able to reproduce it in a simple patch

elektromeier, Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014  

@joreg great thanks

levi, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

@levi: if this is dx11 read install guide here: directx11-nodes-alpha

joreg, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

data table remake: vvvv.datatable

tonfilm, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

just updated machine to 33.3. all assimp nodes not working. setup looks allright.any ideas?

levi, Monday, Nov 24th 2014  

Just posted node15 in Hacker news. Please vote up! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8648463

fibo, Sunday, Nov 23rd 2014  

201 users in Linkedin vvvv users group! Thank you for join it, I hope it can help hiring people. Add vvvv as skill in you profile!

fibo, Sunday, Nov 23rd 2014  


guest, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

<---> this link will not open__choose this: https://vimeo.com/112271436

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

..a little bit better video_quality :: https://vimeo.com/112271436 artist hates social_media made quality losses

udo2013, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

@metrowave: thanks! i will never get those hours back :P

microdee, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  


metrowave, Saturday, Nov 22nd 2014  

sequence for two @ http://vimeo.com/103391836

zeos, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

Working: render DDS directly from AFX: http://fnordware.blogspot.de/2014/09/dds-plug-in-for-after-effects-and.html

Meierhans, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

@aivenhoe yes, just one directory per node

phlegma, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

Directory pin of Dir (File Advanced) does not allow spreads as input?

aivenhoe, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

cern.ch/go/tN15T #cernopendata

timpernagel, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

slower vvvvisual : https://vimeo.com/112457805

lecloneur, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

faster vvvvisuaaaal : https://vimeo.com/112374966

lecloneur, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

my first-really compsed-particle visual-using dottores gpu_library as a base_quality declined from upload_enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tvz5qZIoPk

udo2013, Friday, Nov 21st 2014  

@xd: "/allowmultiple" in args file

guest, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

ah ok. I have to rename vvvv.exe.config file too :)

xd_nitro, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

if I rename vvvv.exe to any other name it doesn't launch. It should right?

xd_nitro, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

vvvvisuaaaal : https://vimeo.com/111984773

lecloneur, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

anybody knows if its possible to use multiple leap motion controllers at one machine ??

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  


mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

thanks joreg, great tangible interaction stuff with projection!

metrowave, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

tracker people check out #bullseye http://cavi.au.dk/research-areas/bullseye/ via @mkalten

joreg, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

@mrboni: so many plans..

joreg, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

thanks joreg. plans to make whole address searchable?

mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

ah, tty peace..

mrboni, Thursday, Nov 20th 2014  

@mrboni: finder allows you to search for single IDs (not a whole address) using # + space + followed by the ID

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

how do you track down a node by it's node address? Ie found using the tty?

mrboni, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

Hey so much instancing going on I uploaded some instancing tesselation displacement examples intanced-tesselation-and-displacement

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

@everyoneishappy: Static does it?declare a global variable static & set it in vs, then grab it in gs. compiles, not sure it works..

evvvvil, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

@ravazquez documentation-topics-graphics-DX11 useful links

Noir, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

Thanks @Noir and @evvvvil. The link is not working for some reason but you pointed me in the right direction.

ravazquez, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

You might need to pass it from VS to GS. Otherwise can use SV_PrimitiveID

everyoneishappy, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

do you mean sv_instanceid?

tekcor, Wednesday, Nov 19th 2014  

struggling to pass or use sv_vertexid in geometry shader? Is it a semantic specific to vertex shader? @ravazquez follow Noir link!

evvvvil, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

outracks fuse invites here: http://fusetools.com/referer/20ba6ac5-0a25-4e08-94d6-67be44f72244 (disclaimer: uses my personal referrer)

m4d, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

dx11 useful links?

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@ravazquez dx11 useful links?

Noir, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

Where should I start if I want to get into DX11 shaders in vvvv?

ravazquez, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@pechart: not mine. just stumbled upon it.

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

joreg, great stuff (toucheverything)! Is it from you?

pechart, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

@joreg after all these useless 3d paint demos someone figured out the best usecase for LEAP: picking beercans.

manolito, Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014  

is posible to run the gui in another thread so renderer doesnt freezzes/sumbles when live patching?

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Nov 17th 2014  

A friend of mine developed this nice robot. Maybe someone might join the competition. https://community.conrad.de/contest/zuri https://community.conrad.de/startup-innovation-ansehen/roboter-aus-papier/5

jfox, Monday, Nov 17th 2014  

@tekcor great work :-)

cyper, Monday, Nov 17th 2014  

Released AVActivist finaly! Get it for free http://www.symbioticcube.com/avactivist-audiovisual-production-performance-tool/

tekcor, Sunday, Nov 16th 2014  

@joreg: easy! :P

microdee, Saturday, Nov 15th 2014  

toucheverything patch anyone? #leap http://vimeo.com/111624691

joreg, Saturday, Nov 15th 2014  

@mrboni Yeah dude, pretty weak shit, there is only one evil guy with 4 vs, let's be clear on that ;) @joreg ok man didn't know thkx

evvvvil, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

@evvvvil you can send email to any user via their userpage. and i am available on howto use irc 24/7

joreg, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

are you telling me someone else already had evvvvil@gmail.com?

mrboni, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

@joreg what's your email or skype? I'm "evvvvil" on skype, with 4 v obviously. ;) or evvvvil0@gmail.com

evvvvil, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

@joreg nice touch Joreg. I was actually gonna make a pdf & send to see if we can do this together, take a visual approach too...

evvvvil, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

@evvvvil just so we don't work on the same stuff. here is what i have planned to write an intro about: dynamic plugins overview?

joreg, Friday, Nov 14th 2014  

@joreg, thankx ok I will do, cheers

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 13th 2014  

@evvvvil the documentation pages are a wiki everyone can edit. we wanted to do something in that area soon also but please go ahead.

joreg, Thursday, Nov 13th 2014  

who is in charge of documentation pages by the way guys? could I jump in and write some dynamic plugin dev documentation?

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 13th 2014  

@katzenfresser: what are you after bro? I learnt quite a lot developing evvvvil tweet engine...

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 13th 2014  

@katzenfresser: what are you after bro? I learnt quite a lot developing evvvvil tweet engine...

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 13th 2014  

documentation on DynamicPlugins? dynamic plugin tutorials rather empty sections here... thx

katzenfresser, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

hell yeah :)

u7angel, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

https://mobile.twitter.com/shanselman/status/532558786486370304 definitely #monosoft

velcrome, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

vvvv macyeah

fibo, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

@korriander: thanks! i've seen your MQTT implementation, seems to be pretty awesome! i'll check out in detail when i'll have time!

microdee, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

Max 7 https://cycling74.com/max7/

rrrr, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

@hrovac we have two of them here in the office and i've also one at home. great device.

timpernagel, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

i wonder if they are making some money with this tool. http://niall-moody.itch.io/a-diary-of-whispered-truths

hrovac, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  

@microdee nice to see that there is some websocket in the making !

korriander, Wednesday, Nov 12th 2014  


zeos, Tuesday, Nov 11th 2014  


circuitb, Tuesday, Nov 11th 2014  

12 hours left: who hasn't yet, who wants again? last-call-support-node15 current rank #6 looking good but still... #vvvv #node15 #startnext

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 11th 2014  

anyone know what reg expression to use to separate string with arbitrary multicharacter intersperse?

mrboni, Tuesday, Nov 11th 2014  

@io @antokhio the cloud thingy is already here shadertoys

sebl, Monday, Nov 10th 2014  

io: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XslGRr

antokhio, Monday, Nov 10th 2014  

NEW: Friends of V4 and InernetofThings checkout the new MQTT Sender&Receiver Nodes based on @M2Mqtt. mqtt-sender-receiver

korriander, Sunday, Nov 9th 2014  

NEW: HTTP REST Node with basic HTTP Authentication based on @RestSharp. restful-http-node

korriander, Sunday, Nov 9th 2014  

anonymous user login


~21h ago

StiX: see you guys on node, i am trying to get people that use vvvv in cz/sk to come with me

~1d ago

aelfwine: anything have BullEye software?? I don't find the file :( merci

~1d ago

~2d ago

mediadog: @evvvvil you dawwwwg! #1 place I want to go that I haven't been. Enjoy it!

~2d ago

dannielmach: @evvvvil tel whatsapp 55 32 9913 2509

~2d ago

evvvvil: @danielmach: Eu sou "evvvvil" no skype, Qual e seu skype ou email? Nao posso achar no seu vvvv perfil...

~2d ago

evvvvil: @danielmach: Shame Brazil is such a huge country. I might go to Belo Horizonte, if so i'll be in touch :)

~2d ago

evvvvil: @everyoneishappy: Kyle, if you come I will learn juggling and introduce you to my wife's sisters.

~2d ago

dannielmach: I am currently out of money to go matias barbosa mg is 10 km :(

~2d ago

dannielmach: @ evvvil 1073.41 km de juiz de fora mg