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@chile: we know, we know..believe me all wheels are turning!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

plane tickets are getting expensive by the minute

I_am_from_Chile, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

Not everyone have the time to be in Frankfurt for a week ,please post program to book tickets and hotel!

I_am_from_Chile, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

are you teaching #vvvv at the moment? give your students 5 minutes to take the survvvvey: the-2015-survvvvey

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 17th 2015  

@readme Track (Vector3d) track-(vector3d)#

velcrome, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

Any other way making touch data more persistent than Cluster plugin? Like not loosing an ID if a touch is gone for less than a sec

readme, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

Selling my Muse Headband. Get your brainwaves into VVVV. Mail me at p.ÄT.steinweber.net if interested (preferably to Germany or Europe)

phl, Sunday, Feb 15th 2015  

@BK the last demo is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOaWzSqc1Sk

newemka, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

Very promising and a catchy name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZILzs6DY2a4

BK, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@sebl, very interesting !

nissidis, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@velcrome, super link

u7angel, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

Kölle Alaaf! Who ever is in cologne can see the oktoskop live at the Kolbhallen tomorrow night. http://oktoskop.com

blausand, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

http://render.otoy.com/newsblog/?p=547 3d-video anyone?

sebl, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

about #rgb : http://www.juicefoozle.com/tutorials/simpleshading.jpg

velcrome, Friday, Feb 13th 2015  

@ventolinmono please make this a "date" blog entry here: 25

joreg, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

Taller de VVVV en la Ciudad de México: http://www.localdearte.com/talleres03/vvvv-1#

ventolinmono, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

I'm giving a vvvvorkshop on Mexico City: http://www.localdearte.com/talleres03/vvvv-1#

ventolinmono, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

Very nice bjoern, thanks... i will mark that date in my calendar...

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  


katzenfresser, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  

in case you missed it: the #node15 diaspora account now features a listing of all workshops https://diasp.org/public/nodeforum schedule still to come

joreg, Thursday, Feb 12th 2015  


karistouf, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@twobeass: only the whole rental scene from my city :) dont know about v's though

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

Somebody at ISE tomorrow ?

TwoBeAss, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


DiMiX, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

tidy your random spread http://youtu.be/G3VYdiGPipI

newemka, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@DiMiX : I'd say Framecounter --> Mod with 3 in Mod's Input2. Is that what you're looking for ?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

anyone has a link of a minilumax board seller ? thanks

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  

@joreg - thanks for the heads up! turned on notifications.

elliotwoods, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


joyenusi, Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015  


DiMiX, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

node15 program'

fibo, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

@DiMiX : with a modulo maybe?

sebescudie, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

how to patch bang every 3rd frame? FrameCounter>?

DiMiX, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

@joreg: was not really thinking about the sense ;) saw your shout next to my link and thought: "yes i am older"; ok i am elder :)

udo2013, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

@udo "older" in terms of having an account on vvvv.org for a long time. not "elder".

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

@joreg: meint du mich? (smile)

udo2013, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

reminder to older users: you can enable "Allow users to send me mails via my vvvv.org" here: home/settings/personal

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 10th 2015  

new visual:: https://vimeo.com/119163884 audioreactive torus_particles on a pulsating surface ..does not look like particles(!)

udo2013, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

@I_am_from_Chile: we're in the final stages finalizing the workshop schedule

joreg, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

@gegenlicht: sweet!

m4d, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

I wish i could (like everyone else), but work and budget are important ,need to tell the boss when im off!

I_am_from_Chile, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

If you can stay the whole week I recommend doing so, all packed with workshops

tekcor, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

when is info for workshops coming up? cant wait too long for plane booking ,many from out of germany ,keep in mind(node15)

I_am_from_Chile, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

shadowplay works for me with vvvv fullscreen with "desktop mode" dx9&11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HGj2CC7zaE

gegenlicht, Monday, Feb 9th 2015  

elektromeier: hi man. A very interesting answer (smile)..i am thinking about. Mayyyiiibeee there is a prejudice in my mind..

udo2013, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015  

@screamer, @defetto: apps have to be whitelisted for shadoplay by nvidia. -> meh

m4d, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015  

@udo2013: would be happy to see you at my 3d print-workshop at node ;)

elektromeier, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015  

Any plugin for MYO on vvvv?? coundt make this one workinghttps://github.com/stereolux/Myo-VVVV

Takuma, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015  

U3 has 19 presets, but no custom input res

DiMiX, Saturday, Feb 7th 2015  

@ethermammoth maybe AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3? worked quite good. but i don't know about the resolutions.

tonfilm, Saturday, Feb 7th 2015  

same here, couldn't get shadowplay to work with vvvv

defetto, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

@dimix manuel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1cU9GEFP78

Noir, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

can someone recommend a screengrabber dvi -> usb that supports custom input resolutions?

ethermammoth, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

@manuel,noir:after trying dxtory,fraps etc. my choice-bandicam

DiMiX, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

@manuel dxtory http://exkode.com/dxtory-features-en.html

Noir, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

@manuel: just tried shadowplay, but dosen't seems to work. i press alt+f9 but nothing happens

screamer, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

3d_druck als neuer trend für visuals?? Wie bescheuert ist das? Beschäftigt euch mit vertex_noise. Ihr kommt zu gleichen resultaten

udo2013, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

anyone tried these ? (not fraps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDKK0L5ewOs

manuel, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

@ethermammoth: Thankx man! :)

evvvvil, Friday, Feb 6th 2015  

Soo, I took the survey earlier and: Framed*2.0 and vvvv? Yes? Pretty Please??!

purf., Thursday, Feb 5th 2015  

..claire b again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAYAuJ9dIlE -a performance, an inspiration..

udo2013, Thursday, Feb 5th 2015  

hello. do you know Claire Bardainne? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QplO8Ug-hTE ..seen on arte

udo2013, Thursday, Feb 5th 2015  

only 199 answers to the survvvvey so far. if you know someone who hasn't taken it yet please kick her to it: http://goo.gl/forms/tBKGt5B35F #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Feb 5th 2015  

deskriptiv http://youtu.be/9HI8FerKr6Q

rink, Wednesday, Feb 4th 2015  

@I_am_from_chile : seems interesting! i'll give it a try, thnx for sharing.

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 4th 2015  

anyone^... http://www.embrio.io/

I_am_from_Chile, Wednesday, Feb 4th 2015  

fuck yeah! @evvvvil

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Feb 4th 2015  

"kill vvvv" should come out-of-the-box hehe

graphicuserinterface, Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2015  

My LEAP MOTION HACK 02 made in vvvv DX11. Audio responsive extrude shader. Music by SAGA, volume UP mozerfukerz! http://vimeo.com/118583343

evvvvil, Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2015  


Noir, Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2015  

@h99 good point. added it to basichelp.v4p

joreg, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  

There should be a link to the girlpower folder in the basic help.v4p. And what about the leaf menu as well?

h99, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  

Hope some VVVVer wins some award https://segd.org/awards-entry

Urbankind, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  

here is how #vvvv brings generics to #visualprogramming 50-generics

joreg, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  

New Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10: http://bit.ly/1EzX6YJ

idab, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  

ah forgot to mention all along: new \girlpowers in #vvvv 45beta33.7: Transformations\Drag & Graphics\DX9\Geometry\Dynamic Meshes

joreg, Monday, Feb 2nd 2015  


bjoern, Sunday, Feb 1st 2015  

someone remember the link to the gpu-patching thread from a year or so ago ?

ggml, Sunday, Feb 1st 2015  

she should get dedicated node like DeNiro

DiMiX, Saturday, Jan 31st 2015  

girlpower this http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-queen-of-code/

joreg, Saturday, Jan 31st 2015  

just seen this, will be there as it's only 20 minutes away from my house luckily enough. you going Gareth?

evvvvil, Saturday, Jan 31st 2015  

Hadasi would like to invite everyone to TonFilm's v50 talk Sat, 5pm @ RCA Kensington, The Stevens Building

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Jan 31st 2015  

dxt slow as hell, but I like that quality alot :;]

antokhio, Friday, Jan 30th 2015  

@antokhio there's some benefits from hap over dxt1/5 image sequence (extra compression+data locality)

vux, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

not sure what you mean.. new thread ?

ggml, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

@antokhio, so we had years ago a similar tech, only not applied to video?

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

hehehe are you questioning the benefits of visual programming over text? ;)

defetto, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

@defetto: learning HLSL can save you 90 bucks ;)

microdee, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  


defetto, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

@anto Hap Alpha should be DXT5?

circuitb, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

hap = dxt1 dds seq

antokhio, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

@antokhio, hap: how does this relate to the question about a possible hap release ?

ggml, Thursday, Jan 29th 2015  

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~34min ago

guest: @microdee wonder how they did it? https://github.com/mono/CppSharp

~39min ago

microdee: https://mono-ue.github.io/ C# in Unreal Engine 4 huzzah

~41min ago

microdee: @drehwurm: yes, with the Reset pin

~1h ago

woei: @drehwurm: for the node the reset pin, else setpatch

~3h ago

drehwurm: Is there a way to Reset a Toggle?

~6h ago

m4d: unity 5 now free as in free beer for every entity earning less than 100k$/year. yay!

~10h ago

mediadog: @sunep - I'm dating myself, but I've used that! Once spent hours playing with video to Kraftwerk "Autobahn"...

~10h ago

mediadog: Hmmm, streaming for vvvv? http://limelight-stream.com/

~11h ago

sunep: Machines for graphics looked much cooler in the olden days Early CGI - Tomorrow's World - BRITLAB - BBC: http://youtu.be/gSpXMH9xJy0