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Trapeze (Transform)

Help Squeezes the incoming transformation to a trapezoidal shape
Author vvvv group

Here you are supposed to see an image (rendered with SVG) describing the pins of this node. However, this does not work with Internet Explorer. You may want to consider using another browser, like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera that do support SVG.


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~2h ago

catweasel: @antokhio yes but you can export it from osx and windows apps without another conversion step...

~16h ago

joreg: node15 status: 48 mostly #vvvv related workshops by 58 hosts in 5 days.

~16h ago

antokhio: In the end Hap works same as file texture pooled

~18h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: @tonfilm + catweasel: Mr. Vux is in London tomorrow night. There's a place at The Pill Box, Bethnal Green

~18h ago

Noir: +1 hap

~22h ago

Alec: @ggml: it would be vvvvery useful...

~22h ago

StiX: @joreg> oh thanks did not bump into that page

~1d ago

ggml: is there a public hap implementation planned for 45 ?

~2d ago

joreg: @stix: a similar intro can be found here: shader#custom effects feel free to add the link to ex9.furtherreading

~2d ago

StiX: http://www.catalinzima.com/xna/tutorials/crash-course-in-hlsl/ very helpfull, should be added somewhere to docummentation imho