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Plain Text

Wikipedia on Plain Text
Wikipedia on Character Encodings
Wikipedia on Unicode

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Reader (String)
Writer (String)
Length (String)
Add (String)
Separate (String)
FormatValue (String)
Sort (String)
...and many many more

vvvv uses Unicode internally but it allows you to read and write plain text files in any encoding you like.

Nodes consist for different datatypes (Values, Colors, XElements,...) to convert them into strings and back again.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Strings

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Wikipedia on XML
XML Tutorials

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AsXElement (XML)
Element (XML Split)
Attribute (XML Split)
GetElements (XML ByXPath)
XPath (XML)
XQuery (XML)
...and many more

vvvv supports XML documents via a native datatype called XElements which wraps the .net type of the same name. There is a range of nodes operating on that datatype that allow you to navigate through XML elements (tags) and attributes, perform complex XPath queries and construct XML documents on the fly.

XML documents can be read and saved as plain text files.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Strings
  • IO\Web\05_Wikipedia Example

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JSON specification
Wikipedia on JSON

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AsXElement (JSON)

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Strings

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Regular Expressions

Wikipedia on Regular Expression

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RegExpr (String)

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Strings

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TTY Renderer

Wikipedia on TTY
Wikipedia on ASCII Art

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Renderer (TTY)
Write (TTY)

Renderer (TTY) has two main usecases: mostly it is used as vvvvs error console so it is good practice to have a tty open to be informed of things that go wrong. But also it doubles as your realtime ASCII-art renderer.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Strings\TTY_Overview.v4p

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