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Help Select which slices and how many form the output spread
Info This node comes with the addon pack. Get it here.

Here you are supposed to see an image (rendered with SVG) describing the pins of this node. However, this does not work with Internet Explorer. You may want to consider using another browser, like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera that do support SVG.


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~25min ago

aerisdied: No goal in particular, just playing around, seeing what is and is not possible. Been patching for about a week now.

~38min ago

joreg: @aerisdied: well, then you don't have a driver installed that would work with that node. it is rather ancient... what's your goal?

~52min ago

aerisdied: Can anyone help me with VideoOut (DShow Device)? The driver inpin just says Nil?

~3h ago

joreg: former user Alec is now idab

~9h ago

Noir: @ElliotWoods pleaaseee more info about this hack https://vine.co/v/MlaUPOXQtYH

~10h ago

Patxi7: latest setup for Oort

~10h ago

Patxi7: última configuración de Oort https://vimeo.com/120277441

~17h ago

ventolinmono: https://vimeo.com/ventolinmono/theta my submission to Node15, didn't make it ;|

~1d ago

joreg: @manuel: signing to individual workshop should be possible soon. will be announced extra.

~1d ago

manuel: How do we sign to the workshops ? have ticket already