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Some more images from experiments with dynamic mesh and complex functions. All images by Sanch


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~3h ago

ndrv: Big shout-outs to the NODE team! Been a great week with so many things to experience!

~15h ago

Noir: thanks evvvveryone

~15h ago

boplbopl: Avvvvvesome week in Frankfurt! So much things learned and so much interesting people! Thanks to the team!!

~21h ago

Abduct: Thank U Node15 Team and all the geeks that made this possible!! also to the guy that brought weed 4 the noders!Thanks dude ur a hero

~22h ago

lasal: @Evvvil: i saw Pedro naked with your megaphone ;)

~22h ago

everyoneishappy: NODE was amazing! thanks to all \o/

~22h ago

evvvvil: Major thankx to vvvvgroup for organising and everyone for participating. love all you #douchebags

~23h ago

evvvvil: Made it home thankx to WEST, lost megaphone, Lasal lamp survived, Pedro in jail after trying to expose his nodes to air hostess.

~1d ago

beyon: tip of the day: subscribe to updates of The Gray Book: https://www.gitbook.com/book/vvvv/the-gray-book/details

~1d ago

foxonfire: Back to the other side of the land ends. Thanks for the mind-blowing week and look forward seeing the next!