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Contour (FreeFrame DShow9)

Info This node comes with the addon pack. Get it here.

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~2h ago

elliotwoods: aha. news when will there be a copy of the new vvvv with VL in the Downloads page?

~8h ago

drehwurm: It's been a great week! Thanks, and hope to see you all again soon!

~9h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: @Bogdan Susma please get in touch!

~15h ago

~16h ago

cunk111: came in porsche cayenne, left in vw golf. sums it up! Hope next node will be NODE16

~20h ago

ndrv: Big shout-outs to the NODE team! Been a great week with so many things to experience!

~1d ago

Noir: thanks evvvveryone

~1d ago

boplbopl: Avvvvvesome week in Frankfurt! So much things learned and so much interesting people! Thanks to the team!!