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~3h ago

StiX: Hey #node15 Is it ok to have ticket in electronic form?

~6h ago

sunep: first hacker in hack space :)

~6h ago

metrowave: warm weather in Frankfurt :)

~6h ago

Meierhans: someone driving from stuttgart to node tomorrow morning? skype:meierhansmobil

~19h ago

tekcor: ah thanks and sorry I should read things

~20h ago

joreg: @tekcor and node15 website you cannot login

~20h ago

joreg: @tekcor login data for framed submissions are mentioned here: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions

~20h ago

bjoern: just login as NODE15Artist

~20h ago

bjoern: no need to register as explained here: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions

~21h ago

tekcor: and Framed page. I want to submit something for framed but both pages i miss 'register'