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– A kinetic installation in space –
– Rediscovered time –

G8 LABS of LICHTFRONT/GROSSE 8 are exhibiting their first kinetic installation as part of the Passagen 2013 forum at Interior Design Week in Cologne.

The installation CL:0C is a perpetual motion machine. It is in constant motion and mostly under its own power. In its whirring mutation, it is constantly stimulated by random pulses from its control unit. Such electronic stimulation leads to quiet moments within the functioning and progression of CL:0C itself, but also in the eye of the beholder. The resulting stop-motion effect is no illusion of motion but one of cessation. CL:0K’s tentacles only lie still for a few seconds at a time.
CL:0C operates using elements of light, sound and motion, primarily acting as a kinetic element in space. The unfamiliar use of both analogue and digital aspects changes the whole room. Familiar two-dimensionality is transformed by the 28 elements of CL:0K into a full three dimensions of length, breadth and depth.
During the various phases of the transformation, each of the elements changes its position in space and the way it is perceived in an ostensibly labyrinthine choreography. For brief moments there will be a sense of structure and shape, until CL:0C in its continuing mutation once more discards them.
Unexpected pauses interrupt the mutation and project film stills into a space with no screen. While their vivid colours echo on the retina, the viewer then rediscovers time. Analogue digits extend into all dimensions of the space, awakening in the viewer once more the sense of how quickly time passes – CL:0C.

Grosse 8, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Real-time audio-visual performance work created in 2012.
Sound design and generative video synthesis by Paul Prudence.

Stills of the piece can be found here:

CyclotoneSpin-up Finale cound be found here:

Paul Prudence, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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a:rpia:r soundsystem @ casino sinaia
dreamrec & cote visuals
track : dan andrei "mai de altceva"

videogram, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Imposition - A/V Performance - Excerpt

Live audiovisual performance by electronic musician Edisonnoside and visual artist Daniel Schwarz.
Dark, blurry electronic music and non-linear rhythms meld with hypnotic, abstract visuals, superimposed on a matrix of rods.
Image and sound go hand in hand -each influences the other, feeds off the other- and in this fusion, play with the perception of space and reality.

Duration: 40 minutes

Upcoming Dates:
Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 11 May 2013
Performed at:
Sonar Festival +D 2014, Barcelona, Spain, June 12-14, 2014
Plums Fest, Moscow, Russia, 18th May 2013
Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 11 May 2013
NODE13 - Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 11 February 2013

Pop Corn Club, Venice, Italy, 23 November 2012


Daniel Schwarz, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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an installation by Joanie Lemercier

VISUALS: Joanie Lemercier
Video by Jérome Monnot (http://www.jeromemonnot.com) and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki
Produced by Elefant Films

Music used in the video report:

  • Caribou - Children Play Well Together
  • Nicolas Jaar - Wouh

Inspired by the icelandic volcano, which wreaked travel havoc across europe earlier this year,
Joanie Lemercier presents the latest incarnation of its audiovisual mapping project
Painted directly onto a large wall, a wireframed scenery is slowly revealed by gentle light effects.
The audience’s sense are progressively challenged as optical illusions question their perception of space.

This project was initially developed during a onedotzero residency at EMPAC in the USA in April 2010.
The early version of the project was produced in collaboration with AntiVJ and Nicolas Boritch. www.antivj.com/empac


Joanie Lemercier, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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clmbstrmnt() {

concept_programming() {
arduino_best_boys() {
wood_work() {
sound_design() {
mechanic() {
software() {
hardware() {

Gábor Pribék, Wednesday, Dec 17th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

credits Refik Anadol (Video Artist), Sebastian Neitsch & Woeishi Lean (Senior Generative Designers), Dave Hunt (Artistic Management), Efsun Erkilic (Executive Producer), Raman K. Mustafa (Senior 3D Designer), Simon Russell (Senior Animator), Bahadir Dagdelen + Michael Hsiu + Kian Khiaban + Toby Heinemann + Laurence Menor (Junior Animators) and Jarad Solomon (Research Assistant).

Audio/Visual Performance
conducted by Esa-pakka Salonen, performed by Los Angeles Philharmonic
6th of November, 2014
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

kleinkariert, Saturday, Dec 13th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Astronomers assume that The Oort Cloud is a space beyond the confines of the solar system where (believe) born comets. The objects in the Oort Cloud would be gravitationally bound to the Sun, but very weakly, so that other stars, and even the Milky Way itself, can affect and change their orbits.
Oort _Mutants_ is a generative audiovisual work in real time that speculated with the plasticity of a computing environment, decision making, information transfer and contagion.

Patxi7, Friday, Dec 12th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  

credits Concept & Idea: Open Constructs // Project Lead: Anna Ulak, Philipp Rahlenbeck // Architecture: Open Constructs, Anna Ulak // Programming: Multitouch Berlin, Philipp Rahlenbeck // Workshop Team: Alya Grishko, Marcus Foth, Cristina R.Maier, Piotr Celewicz, Meletis Stathis, Urs Basteck, Giulia Panadisi, Michelangelo Vallicelli, Jeanette Falk Olesen, Flores Thomas, Lloyd Emelle, Ana Moutinho, Winnie Soon, Hanna Schneider // Festival: Media Architecture Biennale 2014 // Technical Support: Peter Friis, Godsbanen // Venue: Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

Pavillion at the Media Architecture Biennale - November 2014
Exhibited at Godsbanen in Aarhus Denmark
Media Biennale hosted by Aarhus University and Media Institute of Denmark


This project proposes a new way to look at the interweaving of the natural world and urban life through the use of new media and architecture. Rather than trying to manage the relationship between the natural and built environment with computation (and its metaphors) this project sets out to augment the natural world. Thus creating artificial environments that evokes the organic. An architecture that artificially amplifies the experiences of nature that is diminishing in the urban context.

Multitouch Berlin, Monday, Dec 8th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

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