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Everyoneishappy was commissioned by Phoenix Creative GmbH to produce stage projections for their new production "Destellos". The show premiered at Feria de Leon 2013 and had an outstanding 75 show season.

We worked with Phoenix to integrate the multimedia design with their impressive array of performance technology, including programmable LED props, lights and lasers.

Editor: Eva Luenig
Production and performers: http://www.phoenixfiredancers.com/
Video production: http://everyoneishappy.com/
Audio production: http://www.artedge.at
Client: http://www.ferialeon.org/

Kyle McLean, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Working in NCmedia for interactive test installation with leap motion.

noobusdeer, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Audio visual concert for Harp & Hang, SpaceTime Helix and Reactive Visuals

recorded at Schmiede 2013 // RETURN

Ciference Symphony
Martina Stock & Christian Schratt
song: Sharkkiss

SpaceTime Helix
Michela Pelusio

Reactive visuals
Antony Raijekov // raijekov.cc

Olivia Wimmer
Jannik Weylandt
Ela Grieshaber
Gregor Sams
Nicole Jäger
Petra Kettl
Christian Mairinger
Matthias Gross
Jochannes Löberbauer

Antony Raizhekoff
Dimiter Ovtcharov
Emanuel Andel

Can Sözen
Special Thanks to Ivo Francx

Holunder Heiss
Hannah Perner-Wilson
Nikolas Psaroudakis

Cinema Vertigo
Jakob Barth
Benjamin Hohnheiser

Jakob Guggenberger
Andreas Hansel
Special Thanks to GameLab

raijekov, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Interactive Paper Interface + Mapping on sheet of paper
Music: Arovane

Vision Nocturne, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Realtime live graphic composition done with C-MiX.
Music : NeedForMirror - Riptide
Recorded with AverMedia LiveGamer Portable

cloneproduction, Wednesday, Feb 25th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

credits Music: Roberto Memoli Visual: Luca Moroni

  • -------------

contact: http://k-sine.tumblr.com/

  • -------------
esnho, Saturday, Feb 21st 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Watch on Vimeo

Interactive exhibit to demonstrate the BMW Laserlight.

The MESO Team:
Valerie Vogt, Benjamin Schiek, Johannes Scherg, Paul Schengber, Sarah Schmid, Klaus Peter Texter, Nikos Mechanezidis, Sebastian Oschatz

Music: Denuevo by Imi


(c) 2014 by MESO Digital Interiors GmbH

credits Artist: Rio Grande Concept: aufderlichtung Technical Execution: WE WILL SEE Production Company: büro bewegt Patching: Florian Burchett Photos: Yvonne Schmedemann

Überjazz Festival

Watch the video here:

complete Patch and Documentation is up here:


NEON, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

credits bit_arTék

  • Capture DMX channels via a connection artnet for subsequent processing
  • Screenplay with thumbnail animations scheduled
  • Various modes of the user interface to have more information or desktop space
  • Programming Console or performance
  • As a driver you can use the table itself lighting, a midi controller or an application OSC
  • Includes a 3D simulator to display in programming the lighting and visual generated
  • The simulator has a virtual camera control and rendering options Outbreak
  • Generated graphics can be displayed on projection screens, LED, or be mapped in the spotlight
  • Polygon tool mapping
  • Packs are created in DirectX: 2D and 3D graphics shaders, filters, particle systems ...

vvvv is an excellent development environment

We can establish the bridge between the human and the machine that rhythm is part of the signal: one must know how to read it.

kld4, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

credits S. Retschitzegger, M. Retschitzegger, J. Holzer, W. Glökler, H. Richter, D. Huber, A. Hernandez, J. Schmidt, A. Manzanares, S. Rosinski, M. Steinbeck, N. Matveiev


magenta 1 mapping
magenta 1 mapping
magenta 1 mapping

At IFA 2014, Telekom launched its new Magenta 1 pricing scheme via a large-scale mapping production. Based on a concept and architecture by q bus, the Magenta 1 CI was staged in space to impressive effect using hundreds of physical “trixel elements” affixed to the stand’s exterior surfaces as well as a central sculpture.

m box brought these trixels to life via generative projection mapping – and then combined these projections with large-scale embedded moving images. To this end, the m box vvvv based media servers served a total of 48 projectors with graphic modules – all generated in real-time. This generative feed enabled flexible adjustments of the contents on location and optimization for spatial effects.

The basic atmospheric visuals (several scenic loops) were regularly interrupted by an immersive 1-minute “Magenta Eins” production: Throughout this interlude, the entire trade fair booth underwent an even more striking media transformation due to further dimming of the lights and a synchronized 360° soundtrack.

In addition, m box also programmed and designed audio-reactive modules for band PAs and a stage performance with laser tracking controls for the central media sculpture.

tin, Sunday, Feb 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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