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Artist talk by Tebjan Halm & Elias Holzer - http://vvvv.org
Duration 01h00min38sec

Tebjan and Elias are two developers of vvvv, a live-programming environment
commonly used to implement large scale media projects and digital art.
It's been used for around a decade and cultivated by a strong international community.

In the past few years they've been eagerly working on a complete rewrite of vvvv,
which lead to a new visual programming language in combination with a development
and runtime environment. In their talk they give a short introduction into the
key features of this new language internally calling “50″.


Watch Scope's website for upcoming shows and artist archive http://scopesessions.org / http://facebook.com/scopesessions

Thanks to Panke e.V. for hosting Scope Sessions!
http://pankeculture.com / http://facebook.com/pankeberlin

Thanks to Servando for Intro Sound!

SCOPE SESSIONS, Monday, Jan 12th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

credits Visuals and Editing by APMOHNKA | Directed by Prince$$ ドーナツ

I did some basic visuals and we recorded this video for a friend of mine:


apmohnka, Wednesday, Dec 24th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Watch on Vimeo

Optimised and revisited version of my glitch shaders made for Circle of Light mapping festival in Moscow (http://youtu.be/4auSlcRrTxw). Made entirely in vvvv with a lot of hlsl shaders. No post production or editing, just added audio track on top.

Music: "Kangding Ray – Thar"

IdwyR, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

A quick screencap from workInProgress. Another foray into the possibilities of visual instruments. I'd really like to outsource the overall movement of the tubes to an orchestra's conductor.
Heavily inspired by (and made possible through) the work of Natan Sinigaglia. VVVV and midicontroller. Again, all realtime, no postFX, straight recording

Music is Nest - Lodge

Urs Basteck, Sunday, Dec 21st 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

A closeup of the interactive animation in the measuring instrument for "therefore I am"(https://vimeo.com/86547683).
The animation can be explored by turning a knob. Ranging from chromosomes to DNA this simplified journey allows to experience an ever preciser measurement. Though the animation is linear, it contains generative elements and the camera motion is influenced by the speed of turning, so the animation looks and feels different every time and suggests a live view into the blood sample.

Made with vvvv.

Michael Burk, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

http://www.spaceibiza.com is well known for its rocking parties worldwide,astonishing club ¡¡.

For the Opening season Party 2013, http://geometricastudio.com/ was in charged of visuals and interaction for the event.We created custom software for all the led devices bars and stage, filling those with a mixture of generative and linear visual content,as well as Interactive scenes to react with the dancers.

//Lineup Space Opening Fiesta 2013//

//More pictures from the Party//

//Visual Design and Production//

Alfonso Ares

//Motion Graphics and Vj,s//

Efren Murcia
Alvaro Martin Treviño

//Custom software: Led Control,Generative Content and Interaction//

Alvaro Martin Treviño
Abraham Manzanares I www.colorsound.es

Big Thanks To :

Alma Vacas

Music of the video:
Surfin (Nice7 Remix)

colorsound, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

Performance 14.11. at festival ProToTyp
Brno, Richard Adam Gallery
interactive perforance vith vvvv software

Concept, media: Vladimír Burian
Concept, motion: Marie Svobodová
Music: Nèro Scartch
production: Marie Trefná

00:00 - 01:28 perofmance
01:28 - 03:53 freestyle with ambient music

vladimir burian, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

72 LEDs
Interact with music and video

Jeff Zhu, Thursday, Dec 18th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

CINEMA VERTIGO presents “Lost in the FEARest”, a gentle blend of papercuts, electronics, programming and 2d animation.
Inspired by the Smiths’ fears, we created a surprising pop-up book. Through a magic torch visitors of the Werkschau 2014 could unveil spooky creatures, scary trees, and crazy guests hidden under the white paper artwork.

Cinema vertigo team and the Smiths worked closely with papercuts, animations and programming to create this analog/digital installation. The project was conceived, prototyped and realized in three days.

Mika Satomi - www.kobakant.at
Daniel Huber - www.ceeyaa.com
Benjamin Hohnheiser - www.benju.net
Alessandro Maggioni - www.atelierperela.com

Rasmus Roos Lindquist
Nica Junker - www.nicajunker.de
Kerstin Unger - www.kerstinunger.com
Benjamin Hohnheiser
Alessandro Maggioni

Mika Satomi,
Hannah Perner-Wilson - www.plusea.at
Alessandro Maggioni

vvvv programming:
Daniel Huber

Mika Satomi

Torch design:
Thomas Gnahm - www.trafopop.com

Video Footage:
Benjamin Hohnheiser
Alessandro Maggioni

Picea (Spruce) by Bartolomäus Traubeck - www.traubeck.com
taken from his amazing project “Years” - www.traubeck.com/years/

Thanks to:
Schmiede Hallein - www.schmiede.at
Jakob Barth - www.anoba-film.com
Jan-Nahuel Jenny
Rüdiger Wassibauer
vvvv - www.vvvv.org
Show2go - www.show2go.at
Frau Wurst

Watch on Vimeo

schnellebuntebilder and kling klang klong developed an interactive framework to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from body movement.

In their first collaborative work „MOMENTUM“ the user and his surroundings transforms into a fluid creature in an ever-transforming system of particles. A virtual reality, in which movement becomes sound and music and matter seems to dissolve.




visuals – schnellebuntebilder http://www.schnellebuntebilder.de
audio – kling klang klong http://www.klingklangklong.com

vvvv – http://vvvv.org
Max – https://cycling74.com/products/max
Ableton Live – https://www.ableton.com/de/live
Microsoft Kinect 2
TimlinerSA Next Generation – timelinersa-nextgeneration

CCL – http://choreographiccoding.org
Motion Bank – http://motionbank.org
Daniel Shiffman for http://natureofcode.com
vux for Kinect 2 - VVVV implementation
dottore for Particle Madness Workshop at NODE13 – http://node15.vvvv.org

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~2h ago

beyon: ventolinmono: think there has been many, here is one: cellular-automata

~4h ago

readme: @gegenlicht: it runs in your browser and stays online for your. mobile app available for android and iOS - what have you done wrong?

~5h ago

ventolinmono: Is there a Game of Life node/patch?

~5h ago

gegenlicht: ah ok :) once again OS choices have thrown me into soziales abseits :)

~6h ago

readme: I'm using irccloud for idling purposes, which also has a mobile client ...

~6h ago

joreg: i am very happy with the http://irccloud.com mobile apps..

~6h ago

gegenlicht: i know joreg but everyone around me switched to platforms suited for mobil so my IRC friends deserted me and i do like to idle:)

~6h ago

joreg: @gegenlicht: IRC is still the place to be: howto use irc

~6h ago

gegenlicht: i miss IRC... anyone want to join a VVVV telegram group? https://telegram.org https://telegram.me/joinchat/002de318013943ca01e33d016d427f51 no need for phone number..