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Orbitone is an ambient interface for musical interaction by means of tangibles and user motion. It was developed with vvvv, reacTIVision, OpenCV and Ableton Live.


face2face, Monday, Apr 12th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
a very late post to the gallery, 4 years too late. this was my first vvvv project and the first dome system based on vvvv.

ICH² (Me to the power of 2) is an interactive dance performance especially developed for fulldome planetariums. The performance combines expressive modern dance and 360° interactive motion graphics.

In this way ICH² is a very unique piece of the emerging genre called Digital Theatre, in which digital media technology enables alterable and imersive stage settings. Technical Setup using VVVV Fulldome Renderer.

A Cooperation of Muthesius Academy of Arts, Mediadome Kiel and Ballett Kiel, Germany.

hiRes videos
vimeo video (with english subtitles)
vvvv.org image site

u7angel, Tuesday, Mar 30th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
Alessandro Perini
El mono de la tinta
6-channel electronic music with video

Music is originally built for a 6-channels setup.

Video made with VVVV and Max/MSP connected via OSC protocol.

Premiered at Connect Festival, Malmö (Sweden), November 2009.

Author's website

Xini, Friday, Mar 26th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

intolight is a small dresden based interaction studio.

Today we finished the documentation of two projects we'll submit to AEC, but i figured, the Galería is just as important to showcase our work.


IdolTask - an interactive dance performace with 6 terminals and 7 projectors.

tonfilm, Wednesday, Mar 17th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Dear vvvvriends,

our ( www.abstractbirds.com ) new audiovisual show "Genesi" will premiere in Paris this April, during the Nemo festival ( www.festivalnemo.fr , www.arcadi.fr/rendezvous/calendrier.php?seance=245 french only).

We will have two live shows, on the 9th and the 13th of April.

The links below gives more details about the two events


Hope to see someone of you there!


defetto, Friday, Mar 5th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

A interview about Strukt will be published in the upcoming print magazine "thegap" and the unabridged version is already on their website:

Luxuriöses Licht (sorry, only available in german)

It's about mapping, media installations and the people that made many things possible. We took the liberty of mentioning a few members of this excellent community and VVVV in particular!

The article has also to do with our upcoming installation in the "Project Space Karlsplatz" in Vienna. Opening is on April 1st


ampop, Monday, Mar 1st 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

The Clavilux 2000 is an interactive instrument for generative music visualization, which is able to generate a live visualization of any music played on a digital piano. The setting of the installation consists of three parts: A digital piano with 88 keys and midi output, a computer with vvvv and a vertical projection above the keyboard.

For every note played on the keyboard a new visual element appears in form of a stripe, which follows in its dimensions, position and speed the way the particular key was stroke. Colours give the viewer and listener an impression of the harmonic relations: Each key has it's own color scheme and "wrong" notes stand out in contrasting colors.
All stripes stay and overlap each other in an additive way, so at the end a kind of pattern remains – a summary of the music – which will be always unique since the notes of the composition aswell as the interpretation of the piano player are influencing the outcome. Furthermore the piano player can switch between the standart 2d view and an additional 3d view of the visualization while playing.

The Clavilux 2000 project was supervised by Prof. Michael Götte and Veldana Sehic / Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

For more information please visit my website:

Or watch the video here:

uleria, Saturday, Feb 20th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

‘Flutter’ is a new interactive artwork by Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio that explores the viewer’s encounter with a rabble of virtual butterflies. It is the product of our on-going fascination with the motion of a butterfly’s flight and the iridescent reflections and scattering of light by the scales on a butterfly’s wing.

See Video on Vimeo for better understanding

dommeruk, Sunday, Feb 14th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Moe (modular screen) is a light and video augmented sculpture, based on a single building element that can form an array of different, adjustable and reusable stage designs for club events and concerts. Dynamic structure that comes from the fact that elements come together at a 45 degree angle allows Moe to function well even as a standalone light object, a virtual kinetic sculpture.

This combination of a physical object and computer generated reality comes together via vvvv, a software for video synthesis designed by meso. A specific proprietary patch was built for the sculpture, using the same modular principle so that the composition of the video texture follows the thought pattern of the physical object. Every piece is textured separately, video textures are generated in real time and are input or ambient sound responsive.

For 2009. Illectricity festival in Zagreb Moe was built 5 meters tall and 8 meters wide, out of 180 elements. The entire installation cost a little bit more than 250 euro to build (just raw materials).

Moe awaits to be reincarnated in a different body.

web: www.projectmoe.net
video on Vimeo

vedran, Friday, Jan 29th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

VVVV was used in this full realtime video work to manage video and sound. VVVV was remoted in art-net by my schwartzpeter, using its abilities of cues , times and events handling, and of course light managing.

This show is a 47 minutes show, and contains about 16 very differents scenes.
It was completely created from scratch during improvisations and rehearsals. No plan, no global view of what it will be at the end.
And every scene is ovelapping the other graphically, between video caracters or decor elements. Wich means no Subpatch loading !

In this way, VVVV was fabulous, and my choice to use other tools for recording cues and playing time transitions was very wise, as a lot of things were moving from day to day, all along the rehearsals. The problematic of storing and preseting was completely exited by using schwartzpeter.

This was my very first attempt for a complete and complex show with VVVV. Next time, I will try to work with others, as developping and patch handling is somewhere killing the time in your head for artistic and creation.
But well, VVVV is terrific. Thanks devvvvs .... and thanks for the support when bugs or philosophical questions !

photo Phil Journee

some videos from rehearsals : http://vimeo.com/9068424

karistouf, Wednesday, Jan 27th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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~4h ago

joreg: patches from the #res14 manipulating faces #vvvv workshop with @woeishi are up now: manipulating-faces

~4h ago

lecloneur: vvvv tutorial for Chinese beginner :http://www.tudou.com/home/mimangqin/item

~8h ago

nothingtolose: how to use dialog

~4d ago

mino: metaio SDK update. supports managed C++ app.

~4d ago

everyoneishappy: Thanks Cat

~4d ago

catweasel: @everyoneishappy https://copy.com/OOK1Xrc8qC1AmMfl Is a quick hack of a playerDx11

~4d ago

Westbam: So I wanted to send a user an Eamail, the Captcha went wrong and I lost all my text!!

~4d ago

everyoneishappy: @skyliner thanks. For a second was wondering what that had to do with dx11 player lol. Vimeo. Gotcha.

~4d ago

Urbankind: Kinect-Powered Projector Guides Climbers Up A Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNr3bxysSb0