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The winner of the VL feature voting is now available in the alpha builds.

The type browser will assist you when annotating the type of a pad by providing an auto completion list with all types valid in the current scope.

So give it a test run and as always, report your findings in the alpha forums.

happy typing,
your devvvvs

tonfilm, Monday, Jun 22nd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

An der Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung Linz gelangen am Institut für Medien im Bereich Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien folgende Lehrveranstaltungen für das Studienjahr 2015/16 zur Ausschreibung:

Generative Grafik und Realtime Processing (VVVV)
Wintersemester 2015/16, 2 lit.b Semesterstunden

Realtime Processing A
Sommersemester 2016, 2 lit.b Semesterstunden

Bewerbungen sind bis spätestens 08.07.2015 in digitaler Form an ufg.bewerbung190@ufg.at zu richten.

Alle Details: Ausschreibung.pdf

via Lehraufträge bei Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien

joreg, Friday, Jun 19th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

dir people interested in our nextbigthing that is VL,

we've taken a bit of rest after node15 and are getting back into our business of creating serious visual programming experiences...

Feedback regarding VL so far has been cautiously positive and some of you already encountered the most pressing features that are still missing. On our road ahead we want to ask you to help us identify the best order in which we implement things. So of our long list of features that we're definitely going to implement, we've extracted 5 for you to vote on.

Regarding the selection: Those features are only the top five results of our internal voting. Also they only include features we thought we can clearly communicate. Of course there are many other issues we'll address independently anyway.

Think shortterm: Which of the following features could your patching most benefit from?

  • Type Browser: At the moment you still have to know the exact spelling of possible types by heart. The type browser will assist you when annotating the type of a pad by providing an auto completion list with all types valid in the current scope.

  • Automatic Type Converters: At the moment some links (like Float64->Float32) can not simply be made without manually placing a converter node (like: ToFloat32) in between. We'll introduce special links which convert a value from one type to another and will directly allow you to make such connections saving you quite some clicks.

  • Custom Enum Types: At the moment you cannot define your own enum types. You need this in order to be able to create operations like “Map” that can switch between different modes, like Wrap, Float, Mirror...

  • ForEach Component Region: At the moment when you want an operation to be applied to all components of a vector at the same time you'll have to split and then join it again. We'll introduce a new region especially made for vectors which executes its body for each component of a vector. This allows you to use nodes working with scalar values on vectors without doing the splits and joins manually.

  • Dynamic pin counts: At the moment nodes always have a hard-coded amout of pins. Nodes with potentially dynamic pin counts (Cons, Group, ...) will automatically get a pin added when the mouse is close and a pin removed when a link gets deleted. This means no more changing the pin count in the inspector.

Voting ends on June 14th.

Why Flattr? This excludes a large number of people who can vote?! Well, first, anyone can easily sign up to Flattr here, and on the other hand it specifically invites those who probably take this a bit more seriously. So this is an experiment. Looking at the list of vvvv flattr users it seems that we have a potential of 27 votess in total at the moment. Lets see how this goes..

Still not sure about that flattr thing? Read the rationale again: Flattr on vvvv.org.

Very much looking forward to your votes,

joreg, Sunday, Jun 14th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 12 comments  

Who wisp - a network of digital artists
When Fri, Jun 26th 2015 - 21:00 until Sun, Jun 28th 2015 - 21:00
Where Spacelab Lindenau, Demmeringstraße, 49, Leipzig, Germany

Wisp, Ciao Kakao & friends open the doors of the Spacelab Lindenau in Leipzig for three nights, from 26th to 28th of June, 21:00 o`clock for an exhibition of several digital installations.

In focus is the installation clink, a collaborative project by Felix Deufel, Markus Schuricht and Paul Schengber.

The whole system of the installation is programmed with vvvv. Bodytracking with 4 Kinect Cameras, 360° 3D-Mapping on a complex dome construction, generative audio & visuals, control of Fraunhofer IDMT`s Spatial Sound Wave system, an object orientated 3D sound system.

Event Program:

21:00: 3D Soundperformance from Laszlo & Paul Schengber ( https://soundcloud.com/laszlos )
22:00: Exhibition Opening
01:00: electronic music & live-visuals

Emrauh live//Leipzig
Paul Schengber//Leipzig
Michael Terbuyken//Hamburg


21:00: 3D Soundperformance von Laszlo
22:00: Exhibition
00:00: concert/live jam


21:00: Exhibition


Felix Deufel | Markus Schuricht | Paul Schengber | Pablo Engelhardt (P Λ T Λ M) | Christin Marczinzik | Thi Binh Minh Nguyen | Christian Losert | Denim Szram | Dominik Vogel | Dirk Siegmund | Jakob Netter

digital projects:
ClinK | Alienature | Ziggybox | Swing | Wisp TV


wisp, Thursday, Jun 11th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

2015.6.8 vvvv Japan meetup vol.7

We held vvvv workshop for MSP(Microsoft Student Partners) at Microsoft Japan office.


1.Intro, About vvvv : Minoru Ito
2.vvvv Newbies(JA) : Junki Yoshioka
3.vvvv Advanced (Generative Audio Reactive Performance ) : Yuki Hirano
Support : Yusuke Murata


Everyone is crazy about vvvv!!!

Junky_Inc, Thursday, Jun 11th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

When Wed, Jun 10th 2015 - 12:40 until Fri, Aug 21st 2015 - 12:40

Re-Shape is a place for creative technologists of all levels to exchange ideas and to present their work complete or in progress. We are currently looking for participants who are willing to talk and exchange ideas about their project.

We have 5 main focuses but we'd love to hear about your projects even if you doubt that they fit in any of them:

  • Design/Code
  • Audio
  • Performance
  • Physical Computing
  • Interactive Media

We are also looking for participants from outside of Tehran who can present their work via Skype.
Check out our website athttp://re-shape.io/ for more details and click on register to join our presenters and sign up to our mailing list on the website for announcements and more information.

We look forward hearing from you with a submission.

arash, Wednesday, Jun 10th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

helo evvvveryone,

sorry for being a bit late with this. We've planned to include the survvvvey results in this years keynode but ran out of time to prepare it. So now here you are:

Some more...

Do you know the beautiful Wordle? We took all your answers to the "best&worst" questions and put them through it. This also reflects the overall mood quite a bit. (Stole that idea from the Openframeworks survey results. Scroll down to compare with their word-clouds).

Click images above to enlarge

For those interested in educational institutions that support vvvv here are the three most prominently featured universities where people learned vvvv:

Regarding wiki-page translations we plotted: How many people prefer to read wiki-pages in their primary spoken language rather than the english original versions. (In brackets: number of people who specified that primary language):

  • chinese 100% (2)
  • japanese 75% (4)
  • korean 75% (4)
  • spanish 73% (22)
  • italian 46% (13)
  • russian 40% (15)
  • german 28% (127)
  • french 16% (19)

Interesting with the french, isn't there this stereotype that they are not very much interested in other languages?


A few more details on licensing:

Do you use vvvv in any professional/income-generating work?
Yes 47.2%
No 52.8%
Have you worked on a commercial project where for some reason no license was bought?
Yes 29.7%
No 70.3%

Where, when asked why no license was bought the answer was mostly "because the project was to small to afford a license". But some of you gave a more..personal answer:

  • "Boss is a cheap idiot that don't want to pay for licences."
  • "because I've been working with fuckers, who don't give a shit at licences..."
  • "Always tell my boss they sould buy a license for big projects. Boss is a dick."

Specifically the last one sounds quite unfortunate when i picture that literally. Word of advice if you find yourself in such a situation: Don't stop looking for more interesting people to work with. Yes, they can be very hard to find, but it is soo rewarding once you got them!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to fill out the survvvvey. If you've got any ideas how to improve the questionnaire for next year, please let us know in the forum thread started by h99: The 2015 Survvvvey.

joreg, Monday, Jun 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 5 comments  

Who sunep
When Sat, Jun 6th 2015 - 18:30 until Sun, Jun 7th 2015 - 01:00
Where Mayhem, Ragnhildgade 1, Copenhagen N, Denmark

Tomorrow Saturday June 6, I will premiere my very first Live AV set - Deuterium.

It will happen at the event R.P.T. party XX grand gala where I will perform it at some time after darkness.

It is done purely in vvvv, with video feedback (as usual, I am me after all) and the new thing is the inclusion of VAudio to generate audio straight from the video image.

Please come by if you are in copenhagen, entrance fee is DKK 50. for those DKK 50 you get 20 noise concerts besides my performance!


sunep, Friday, Jun 5th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

Hey all!

We just opened the upcoming 5th Choreographic Coding Lab for applications … join us September 14-19 on campus at UCLA hacking away with Processing team members, local Krumpers and many more.


Application form:

Here is some documentation from previous CCLs …

Also still open for applications is the New York CCL-4 (August 2015):

fjen, Tuesday, Jun 2nd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Just in case you live behind the moon...

...there was this Forum for Digital Arts going on last month. And because we have an incredibly professional team working behind the scenes you get an amazing coverage of many of the events delivered right to your browser of choice.

Part 1 below is required watching for anyone who's into the world of vvvv. Part 2 is still a little bit more special interest as there we're talking about the future which can be confusing at times...

Massive thanks again to all the presenters, our intern famousenewmediaartist jeremy bailey, the band motzi, dominikkoller and zeos and sowieso everyone who is responsible for making this evening such a smooth experience.

Or if you want it all (including talks of the symposium) go to: https://vimeo.com/nodeforum/videos

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 2nd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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~19h ago

dottore: @ventolinmono: It will be a pleasure to meet you there! I'm performing and giving a workshop in a festival.let's chat via skype ;)

~2d ago

sunep: @soundreactor s+h should help you out with that somehow

~2d ago

soundreactor: what is like setslice but keeps the value? :)

~3d ago

joreg: @all: beta34 release imminent. please test your current projects with latest alpha now and report problems. #vvvv

~3d ago

ventolinmono: @dottore what brings you to this god forsaken country?

~3d ago

2nz: Street art powered by vvvv https://vimeo.com/131461962