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Hey all!

Now that you have been charged and prepped to the topic of embodiment at NODE15 … the application form and announcement for the next Choreographic Coding Lab at ITP / NYU in August 2015 is online.


Application form:

Here is some documentation from the last two CCLs …

The information for CCL-5 in L.A. (at DMA/UCLA) in September will go online soon as well.

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Hey all!

Now that you have been charged and prepped to the topic of embodiment at NODE15 … the application form and announcement for the next Choreographic Coding Lab at ITP / NYU in August 2015 is online.


Application form:

Here is some documentation from the last two CCLs …

The information for CCL-5 in L.A. (at DMA/UCLA) in September will go online soon as well.

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Who you and desaxismundi
When Thu, May 28th 2015 - 09:00 until Sun, May 31st 2015 - 18:00
Where Space UNDER, Solomou str., Exarcheia 10683, Athens, Greece

Space Under is an Independent Research Center for Architecture and Technology based in Athens, Greece.


In this workshop participants will be introduced to visual design with vvvv with a focus on projection mapping.

Participants will be guided through the basics of the software and will then focus on how to setup and design projections.

At the end of the workshop you should have learned how to create patches from scratch and how to project on unusual surfaces and geometries.

The workshop aims to a final projection mapping project of 1:1 scale on a geometrically complex structure.

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Who you and princemio
When Fri, May 15th 2015 - 10:30 until Fri, May 15th 2015 - 17:30
Where A Lab , Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam, Germany

Projection and Dance

In interactive installations artists and designers often work with 2D and 3D moving images by using sensors. These bodies are overlaid with visuals often made in platforms such as Processing or OpenFrameworks, but it’s quite a steep learning curve to learn these text-based coding platforms and create interesting visuals. vvvv is a tool to create stunning artworks and design. Its visual user interface allows you to create anything from huge projections to interactive applications and high quality 3d graphics in realtime. And yes, all that – without writing one line of code.

NOTE: We are not going to use rulr as it is not open source yet. Instead we use another implementation in Open Frameworks to calibrate Camera and Projector. The resulting calibration can be imported to vvvv - and GOOOOO!!!

more Info:


On Friday it’s hands-on, with several workshops and a Creative Coding Amsterdam meetup. Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair, known for his undertakings in fusing code and choreography, will present a vvvv workshop. One of the goals of this workshop is to kickstart and fuel the Dutch vvvv community. FIBER asked Mio, what are the benefits of using vvvv?

Mio: I think vvvv is the most social and efficient tool for interdisciplinary work. Working with dance and code, I often feel a gap between the two worlds that is deeply rooted in the production. You interrupt the rehearsal – you interrupt the execution of the program – you write lines – no one understands – dancers feel unguided -muscles getting cold waiting. This separation between coding and performing doesn’t reflect my vision of interdisciplinary art. Therefore I believe that vvvv is the quickest tool for prototyping design decisions. It allows adjustments on the fly and its visual user interface invites people from other disciplines to follow the process.

During the workshop focused on intermediate coders, people will learn how to create interactive visuals. What are the artistic possibilities for merging visual worlds with physical bodies?

Mio: We see dance because there is light. No light – no bodies – no motion – no atmosphere. It’s fundamental to all visual arts. A machine that reads movements by the use of a camera and articulates light by the use of a projector offers endless possibilities to redefine the interplay of body, space and light. It can read movements, abstract movements, and translate movements to finally communicate 2.000.000 dots of light in real-time. We are able to define performances which dynamically hide the human body or emphasize the movement. We can create particles and fluids erupting from the moving body in space – or simply project a red hipster beard. The possibilities of light and motion are endless and allow new perspectives towards our body and digital entities.

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dir lovvvvers of patching,

let us introduce to you: vvvv50 + the VL pack.
What the VL? Short version: VL is a new object oriented visual programming language embedded into vvvv that allows you to create compiled vvvv-plugins on the fly. Later it will also be available as a standalone version that will allow you to save patches as executables. Interested in the long story? Read our previous blogposts.

vvvv50 is now available with the latest alpha downloads and includes the VL pack for you to try.

Game logic patched in VL used as dynamic plugin in vvvv

What happened so far

To give you an idea of how the vvvv50 naming makes sense, a little history:

  • vvvv10: early inhouse at meso
  • vvvv20: early inhouse at meso
  • vvvv30: initial version with visual programming UI (still inhouse)
  • vvvv31: spreading revisited (inhouse)
  • vvvv32: with subpatches, undo (inhouse)
  • vvvv33: initial public offering
  • vvvv40: introduced the plugininterface
  • vvvv45: introduced dynamic plugins (ie. a C# editor)
  • vvvv50: introduces the VL editor

Interested in more history? Watch our NODE08 Keynode where we went into more details about the early days of vvvv.

Getting Started

Documentation is still very rough, we're on it. For now you have two entry points:

1) For getting started read the Dynamic VL plugin reference and then continue browsing The Gray Book. This is where we're going to put everything we know about VL. In order to help us focus on the right content for the book please ask questions in the alpha forum using the VL tag so we get an idea about the most pressing issues.

2) For just having a look check the girlpowers:


The Road Ahead

Since VL is in its very early days and it will still see quite some (hopefully not breaking) changes we're still trying to keep this a bit low-profile, ie. just among us, the existing vvvv community. Only later when there'll be a standalone release we'll make some more noise about this.

For now we're hoping to get some of you interested in it enough so that together we can iron out the biggest buggers and prepare for a smooth standalone release we're optimistically targeting towards the end of the year.

Besides fixing bugs we also have tons of features planned and we want you to help us prioritize them. Watch out for a new blogpost with the title: "VL Feature Voting" that is still to come..


For now, when using VL integrated in vvvv, no additional licensing terms/costs apply, ie. free for non-commercial use, commercial use requires a vvvv license. What an amazing deal!

Eager to support this? We always appreciate a flattr:

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here we go again..

in an attempt to save the collected wisdom of node15 for posterity this blogpost aims to provide a reference of where all the stuff that was handed out during node15 workshops went.

For a listing of workshop videos see: NODE15 Documentation Videos

Patching & Coding

Object Oriented Patching with VObjects and Messages
Description - contributions: VObjects & Message 2.0
vvvv für newbies/für Anfänger
Description - Beschreibung
vvvv50 snail/rabbit introduction
BYOP - Bring Your Own Patch
Machine Learning with vvvv
Description - contribution: VVVV.Packs.MachineLearning (alpha)
Git for vvvv Projects
vvvv.js: Extending your Patching Skills to the Web
Description - github: vvvvjs workshop
Multiscreen Setups & Boygrouping
Description - contribution: Multiscreen&Boygrouping, Node15
Dynamic Plugins
Description - contribution: Dynamic Plugins
Plugin Development with Thirdparty SDKs

Animation & Graphics

Emeshe: An Advanced Rendering Technique in DX11
Description - contribution: Emeshe
Description - contribution: Vectors & Transformations
Video Effects and Compositing
Basic DirectX11 Shading
Advanced DirectX11 Shading
DirectCompute: A Multipurpose Shader
Generative Design Algorithms
Description - github: GenerativeDesignWorkshop
Oculus Basics
Box2D Physics in vvvv
Realtime Physics in 3D
Shading Pointclouds
GPU Particles

Hardware & IO

Cutting & VVVVolding Paper
Description - contribution: Cutting & VVVVolding paper workshop, node15
Ways of Seeing (with Computers)
Description - contribution: Ways of Seeing with Computers workshop (Rulr workshop), node15
Connecting Things to the Internet of Things
Description - github: IoT Intro
Arduino & VVVVirmata
Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies
Description - material: http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=5414 and http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=5539
3D Printing - vvvv and OpenSCAD
vvvv meets G-Code
Description - contribution: G-Code in v4
Grasshopper & vvvv
The World is our Canvas! Projection Mapping with vvvv
Knitting with vvvv
Description - contribution: Knitting with vvvv, node15 workshop


Kinect Basics
Kinect Interactions with DX11 - Pointcloud
Description - contribution: DX11.Pointcloud
Kinect & Oculus
Recording and Annotating Movements
Interacting with Choreographic Installations


Sonic PI
Description - Download comes with full tutorial built into the app, just hit the Help button and select tutorial - also: follow @sonic_pi
Interfacing Reaktor and vvvv
Description - contribution: Interfacing reaktor & vvvv, Node15 Workshop
contribution: vvvv.audio-node15-workshop-patches

Looking for node13 material? Check this: node13 workshop material

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Who you
When Thu, Sep 10th 2015 until Sun, Sep 20th 2015
Where Schmiede, Hallein, Austria

Every year in late September an abandoned industrial salt refinery on an island in Hallein, Austria opens up to around 300 Smiths and their ideas. We physically gather in order to get inspired, network, create, present and share. Schmiede provides a basic cooperative prototyping environment and an infrastructure full of impulses and passionate people.

  • Do you have a project in mind, but don't have the space, people or tools to realize it?
  • Do you want to take time to develop yourself and your projects engulfed in a large group of peers?
  • Do you want to meet like minded creatives to collaborate, exchange ideas or just get inspired?
  • Do you want to present your project or idea in front of your peers and get feedback?

Schmiede might be the right place for you to get started or continue.

  • Cost Participation: 50Eur
  • Application closes: May 31st
  • Application confirmation: June 15th
  • Age limit: 18+

Apply here

Schmiede home: www.schmiede.ca

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classic tomeic (unrelated)


in the run-up to node15 a large number of contributions was released for the first time or updated for being used in some of the workshops. to make sure none of them gets lost in the general post-node depression here is a listing for our convenience (in no particular order):

i remembered it was a lot, but putting this list together i was stunned by the sheer amount of diverse and extensive contributions. Chapeau and massive thanks to everyone responsible. And if you find any of these useful make sure not to miss their flattr button!

joreg, Tuesday, May 5th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 8 comments  

When Tue, Apr 28th 2015 - 19:30 until Tue, Apr 28th 2015 - 19:30

The megashow of the latest and greates vvvv developments is streaming into the world!

Just follow this link:

19.30h part one: Contributer presentations
21.30h part two: vvvv50 world premiere (now really!)

All times are Berlin UTC+1 times.

Further details:

A lot of things have happened since the last big gathering of vvvv enthusiasts for NODE in February 2013. We'll have a look back to remind us all of what happened since and let contributors demo us their latest and greatest.

And remember when last time we gave a cocky demo of that next big thing? That new version of vvvv that will bring us a lot of joy (and despair)... we have more of that, this time. The only difference, this time it's for real. Whatevvvver we have knocked together until this evening will be yours to test. Promised.

Also there shall be music, drinks, games,... schaun sie sich das an!

tonfilm, Tuesday, Apr 28th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

Since Node is (almost) there, here is a deploy for lates DX11 version.

As usual, changes, new nodes... So let's go :

Bug fixes
  • Small fix on topology on some edge switch cases.
  • PerVertexDrawer was not always updating properly.
  • Fix null error on StreamOut renderer buffer Pin
  • Texture FX was unlocking some reources twice sometimes, which resulted in really weird situations, now sorted.
  • Fix issue with gsfx when sending nil on view/projection pins.
  • RWByteAddressBuffer was not bound properly for compute shader usage
  • Small memory leak fix on TextLayout node joreg
  • Indirect Drawers/Dispatch nodes now all have a Buffer version
  • SetSlice (DX11.TextureArray) : Fix mip slice set to all by mistake
  • Renderer (DX11 Buffer.Raw) : Index and Vertex Buffer binding were not applied properly
Changed Nodes
  • Cylinder now has a "Center Y" Pin
  • ViewPort (DX11) now had a default size of 1
  • Info (DX11) also shows the name of the graphics card that is currently in use.
  • Now uvspace annotation for transforms will default to the same behaviour as in dx9 (eg: Y is inverted). Set invy=false to go back to same old behaviour.
  • Renderer (DX11.MRT) : clear pin and background color can now bet set per target.
  • Renderer (DX11 Buffer.Raw) : Allow binding as Argument Buffer as well
  • Geometry resolution minimum value set to avoir negative inputs joreg
New nodes
  • SegmentZ (DX11.Geometry): segment with Z extrusion
  • StencilReference (DX11.layer): to allow to set reference value for stencil writes/tests.
  • ViewportArray (DX11.Layer) : Allows to bind an array of viewports to rasterizer stage (in pixel space)
  • Mesh (Geometry Split) : Allows to split an assimp mesh
  • Info (DX11.Texture 1d) : Same as per 2d/3d counterpart
  • IndexOnlyDrawer (DX11.Drawer) : Allows to ignore vertex buffers and send a draw call with index buffer only.
  • Sampler (DX11) : Presets for sampler states as per other states nodes.
  • RenderSemantic (DX11.Layer Color) : To set a color as render semantic
  • Reset Counter (DX11.Layer) : Allows to enable/disable counter resets for buffers that support this feature)
  • BlendTarget (DX11.RenderState Advanced) : Allows to set blend state per render target.
  • AttachDispatcher (DX11.Layer) : Allows to attach dispatch buffers at layer level
  • AsGeometry (DX11.Buffer Advanced) : Quite complicated node that allows flexible RawBuffer to geometry binding.
  • Many overviews update from joreg
  • New dx9 modules ported to dx11 by robotanton
  • New tfx, samples from unc, too many to enumerate them ;)
  • Running vvvv.exe /dx11mode:nvidia will try to auto select nvidia card for optimus setup
  • Dynamic texture nodes will nos send a warning in case user tries to upload a 3 channel texture (which is not recommended), since samplers are not allowed on those. There is also a suppress warning pin to avoid tty spam in case you know what you are doing ;)
  • Shader nodes now also send a warning to tty in case of invalid layouts.

Download here as usual:

That's about it, see you @node15

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~3h ago

tmp: @ventolinmono: i have a game of life implementation on my pc at work. i can upload it on tuesday.

~4h ago

bjoern: @ventolinmono there is one in VL but for some reason it didn't make it into the girlpower folder.

~8h ago

beyon: ventolinmono: think there has been many, here is one: cellular-automata

~10h ago

readme: @gegenlicht: it runs in your browser and stays online for your. mobile app available for android and iOS - what have you done wrong?

~11h ago

ventolinmono: Is there a Game of Life node/patch?

~12h ago

gegenlicht: ah ok :) once again OS choices have thrown me into soziales abseits :)

~12h ago

readme: I'm using irccloud for idling purposes, which also has a mobile client ...

~12h ago

joreg: i am very happy with the http://irccloud.com mobile apps..

~12h ago

gegenlicht: i know joreg but everyone around me switched to platforms suited for mobil so my IRC friends deserted me and i do like to idle:)

~12h ago

joreg: @gegenlicht: IRC is still the place to be: howto use irc