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helo patcherpeople,

look what i found: openFrameworks 2013 survey results. that made for an interesting read so i thought we can rip that off and have our vvvvery own. you in?

what struck me though is that they only got 368 respondents, which doesn't seem a lot. can we get more? here is the URL to promote:

The 2015 Survvvvey

looking forward to getting a better idea of who we're dealing with here all the time.

joreg, Friday, Jan 23rd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 12 comments  


we don't want our latest fixes to rot in the alpha-builds so here you get a new maintenance release of the 33 series. as usual please see the change-log for all the details but here are the highlights:

  • a couple of fixes for some of the RAW datatype nodes
  • fixes to udp/tcp/boygrouping
  • fix for an age old problem with Automata (Animation)
  • the new 1€ Filter

looking for the new nodes to remote Photoshop? don't forget the addonpack!

so all in all not much, just better. and therefore also this modest release marks a perfect occasion for a click down there, if you're so inclined:

or if you're totally wild even check if your licenses need an upgrade: licensing/my-licenses

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 21st 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

So what we got here?

If you speak Photoshop have a look at Hello Photoshop which explains a way to talk to a running photoshop instance on your network. Get images from it, send images to it and stuff... Anybody got an actual usecase for that?

For more details about whats new in this release please consult the change-log.

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 21st 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Architecture and Media Art Studio in L.A is looking for a programmer to help us with a media wall art project located in a new City Hall lobby in northern California.

Great opportunity for a programmer interested in doing digital public art.

The person we are looking for will be able to do the following:

  • Program the system and interface that allows for people to upload text and images from their computers or mobile phones to the media wall.
  • Program a system that fetches and gathers images and text from social media or from a website to display on the media wall.
  • Set up media server that receives and stores images and text
  • Program the system that fetches images and text from media server and displays them on the media wall in an artistic manner (we will work with the programmer to get the look and feel close to original concept)

We are located near UCLA.

If you are an ambitious and motivated programer and you are interested we would love to hear from you.

Please Contact


Sebapes, Monday, Jan 19th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. delivered more vehicles in 2014 than ever before in its 111-year history, marking the fifth consecutive annual sales record for the ultra-luxury brand.
via yahoo finance

definitely in the wrong business.

helo and welcome to the 4th in a series of year-in-review articles about the numbers that make your favorite multipurpose toolkit that is vvvv. new to this? for last years rant see: vvvv-in-numbers-2013


so lets first have a look at where you come from. as you can see for the second year in a row the first 4 spots have not changed. the exciting bit happened with japan which climbed into the top 6 and settled on spot 5. 脱帽! shall we say thank you to mino and team for creating their vvvvook? oh, 確かにどうもありがとうございました.

2011 2012 2013 2014
germany (-) 16.82% germany (+) 16.99% germany (+) 17.02% germany (-) 13.81%
usa (+) 11.36% usa (-) 10.72% usa (-) 9.87% usa (+) 10.74%
uk (-) 6.33% uk (-) 6.31% russia (+) 5.78% russia (+) 7.39%
france (-) 5.17% russia (+) 4.98% uk (-) 5.64% uk (-) 5.37%
italy (-) 4.66% italy (+) 4.97% france (+) 4.93% japan (+) 4.85%
russia (+) 4.17% france (-) 4.92% italy (-) 4.56% france (-) 4.12%

the number of unique visitors still seems to increase though it gets harder and harder to tell due to a constantly growing number of spam (most of which you luckily don't get to see). on a normal weekday vvvv.org has ~1500 unique visitors. on march 6th 2014 it had 61.410 and not a single one of them bought a license! so i removed that number from the total amount for 2014 and still we see quite an increase compared to the years before:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
244.010 313.075 335.056 350.650 408.173

my guess: the number of non-spam unique visitors did indeed increase. just probably not as much as the number pretends (>50k) but rather in a range of ~15-20k like in the years before. sigh.

i spare you the sad details about what browsers you're using. when will they ever learn...

the spam-attack also destroyed the session-overview of the whole year. what you see below is starting from march 7th and compares 2013 (orange) and 2014 (blue).

you had even less interest in vvvv.org during the summer than last year but then made a strong finish towards the end of the year. see the strange spike (marked) end of november? that was when the combined tags of #vvvv and #photoshop in a facebook posting attracted >13.000 people to have a look at vvvv.org according to the click-stats of facebook. speaking of which: na, couldn't care less..

this diagram shows we had a sharp decline in questions asked in the forum. and also all other numbers regarding using features on the website (blog, screenshots, shouts) went down (i'll omit the depressing shot of those stats). the only numbers that went up were new and edited wiki-pages, ie. we put quite some effort in our Documentation and also the translators, most notably h99 (italian) and sebescudie (french), were quite active. grazie mille et merci beaucoup for that indeed.

and apart from the wiki-documentation robotanton has continued his дотошный work on the \girlpower demo patches shipping with vvvv. i can only hope that those efforts have at least contributed to the diminishing numbers of questions asked in the forum.


probably the best indicator of a user-count is the downloads because spambots don't do that. then of course every download is not an individual user but still we can make out two things from the statistics:

  • less downloads overall: bad.
  • slightly better ratio of people getting the addonpack as well: good.
2010 2011 2012 2013* 2014*
releases 4 3 5 5 5
core 45.700 32.100 36.000 45.000 42.500
addons 10.700 14.400 18.800 29.000 28.500

* x86 and x64 combined


as we often heard that people wanted to support vvvv even when using it non-commercially (nobel) early in 2014 we added the possibility to support our development via flattr, a practical and simple way to give and accept micropayments. and really all of the 17 people who requested that, flattred us at least once. some even multiple times so that in the first year we earned 30 flattrs worth 74.60€. now stop laughing already and get yourself an account and join in. then try here, it is fun:

actually a value of 2.48€ per flattr is quite something. like for example a slice of pizza at our downstairs dealer. very much appreciated.

if you're still not convinced. just have a look at the download-numbers again. if every download was a flattr we'd actually fly quite high. don't mistake the actual numbers we have so far with the potential this can have if people understand that it is a good thing to support something you like/use/benefit from not just with a +1/like but some actual micromoney. the crowdfactor then does the rest.

also remember that other vvvv users and contributors can be flattred as well. here are the stats:

1. vux 95 from 23 people
2. tonfilm: 38 from 10
3. joreg: 35 from 10
4. woei: 27 from 10
5. westbam: 25 from 11
6. elliotwoods: 25 from 7
7. velcrome: 8 from 3
8. microdee: 6 from 2
9. u7angel: 3 from 3
10. gregsn: 3 from 2
11. elias: 2 from 1
12. colorsound: 2 from 2
13. dottore: 1
14. robotanton: 1

makes a total of 299 flattrs which i'd like to argue is not nothing. still of course should be at least 10 times as many but it is a start. and btw flattr has announced improvements to their service. looking forward to those.


now first the bad news. as you can see the blue bar is below even its level of 2009. even though for the first time it includes the numbers of our new big business mainstay that is El Protektor. hmm...how can we talk that up..?

how about like so: licenses were bought by 81 (thats one more than just eighty) different companies from 17 different countries on this wonderful planet. compare this with the previous three years:

  • 2013: 69 companies from 17 countries
  • 2012: 61 from 18
  • 2011: 52 from 19

see a trend there? mhm, apparently more and more companies out there are using vvvv and are so happy with it that it feels totally natural to them to pay for their licenses. so proud of you people! (that just gave me the chills). so ja, if everyone just concentrates to get that number up, the other numbers will follow...

here is how the licenses spread over the world. germany and the uk hard to compete with in the top ranks. but then, switzerland made it again to spot three and most amazingly japan doubling its share. 驚くべき! あなたの努力のためにもう一度感謝 mino and team.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
germany 43% germany 48% germany 65% germany 55% germany 48%
austria 25% italy 27% uk 10% uk 25% uk 14%
uk 17% uk 12% switzerland 8% austria 3% switzerland 6%
russia 4% usa 3% russia 5% japan 2.8% japan 5.6%
switzerland 4% austria 3% austria 3% russia 2.5% aut, aus, usa 4.22%
south korea 3% switzerland 2% spain 2% france 2.5% russia, norway, czech 2.8%

hey usa, glad to see you back on the ranks. according to website-access-statistics you should be on rank 2 though, or are you just doing all the spamming?

all in all you see we are facing some gravity, but thats exactly why on april 28th this year we'll release our second album!. why did that take so long? hey it took guns'n'roses 15 years to release their last album. clearly good things take a while..

in the meantime get your node15 ticket and prepare for the best. so much looking forward to seeing you all again in frankfurt this year, horray. thanks for every single bug report that helps us polish vvvv and thanks for all your contributions that make vvvv so much more valuable to everyone than we could ever make it alone.

nur das beste im neuen jahr.

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 13th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 10 comments  

When Thu, Jan 8th 2015 - 00:09 until Sun, Feb 1st 2015

Hey all!

Together with the Deakin / Motion.Lab we, Motion Bank, are hosting our third Choreographic Coding Lab. It will run April 7-11th at Motion.Lab Deakin University in Melbourne Australia.

The lab is free but seats are limited. Application is open now and ends February 1st 2015.

Full announcement is here:

Official application form and website is here:

From the announcement:

Are you an artist working creatively with code and digital media with an interest in movement? Then come join Motion Bank and the team at the Deakin Motion.Lab in Melbourne, Australia for the next Choreographic Coding Lab where movement hackers and practitioners will be gathering to discuss and work on projects, ideas and challenges in a peer-to-peer setting.

The Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) format offers unique opportunities of exchange and collaboration for digital media ‘code savvy’ artists who have an interest in translating aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and applying choreographic thinking to their own practice. This format supports working with patterns in movement scores and structures through finding, generating and applying them with results ranging from prototypes for artworks to new plug-ins for working with dance related datasets. The CCLs also seek to support a sustainable collaborative practice among its participants encouraging ongoing exchange in a growing artistic research community.

Some results from the previous CCLs:

More here:

fjen, Thursday, Jan 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who Tebjan Halm, Elias Holzer
When Thu, Jan 8th 2015 - 20:00 until Thu, Jan 8th 2015 - 20:00
Where Panke e.V., Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5, 13347 Berlin Wedding, Germany

On Thursday 8th Jan all vvvv interested people in Berlin will have an opportunity to get a peek preview of the next big vvvv thing.

In the past few years we’ve been eagerly working on a complete rewrite of vvvv which lead to a new visual programming language in combination with a development and runtime environment. Tebjan Halm (tonfilm ) and Elias Holzer (Elias ) will give a short introduction into the key features of this new language we’re internally calling "50".

Tebjan / Elias


How to find the location:

Be there or be quad.

tonfilm, Sunday, Jan 4th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 9 comments  

dir businesspeople,

here is businessproposal from vvvv to you:

Buy a dongle in the period between December 24th, 2014 and Jannuary 11th, 2015
and pay 40% less than what you'd normally pay.

How does that sound?

The business saint: St. Dongle

What's a dongle? Well, glad you asked: If you need to deploy a vvvv project and want to make sure that it is only running a certain number of copies or for a certain period of time you can protect your vvvv source code using a dongle. For full details please head over to the Protektor page.

A dongle can be bought in addition to each active (less than a year old) full license for normally 250€, now minus 40%, you do the math. Naa, we did it for you:

  • 1-3: 150€
  • 22% off for the 4th to 9th dongle
  • 33% off for the 10th to 19th dongle
  • 44% off for the 20th to 99th dongle
  • 55% off for the 100th and more dongles

As you can see volume discounts also apply, so this would really be a good moment to stock up on dongles. Note that discounts are applied per customer, ie. dongles don't need to be bought in bulk. And yes, the 40% are also valid for existing customers who already have reached one of the bonus stages. 40% it shall be for everyone.

Now don't rush it. Good luck for all the celebrations you have to do these days and then come back online and discreetly order via mail to: licensing@vvvv.org
(shipping first week of jannuary)

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 24th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

This one is for all pixelpeople out there.

From now on vvvv can talk, control, send and receive images to and from your Adobe Photoshop started on any networked machine. Layers, Groups, Masks, Smart Objects, Adjustment and Filter layers, Tools, File Operations... you name it, everything can be controlled remotely.

If all you want to do is to stream images from a running Photoshop instance, just take the Photoshop (EX9.Texture) and you are done.

For more advanced cases, there are modules to send/receive commands (yes, Photoshop speaks JavaScript) and images. Open the NodeBrowser and type 'psd'.

The Photoshop nodes are coming with the addonpack and there is a special section in the girlpower folder, which is your first destination as always:


The possibilities of scripting Photoshop are endless, we're just scratching the surface and prepared an easy way to do so along with some examples and documentation.

At the moment DX9 is used for input/output of textures, but thanks to the modular structure there are only 3 modules waiting for a DX11 version:

  • AsTexture (Photoshop EX9)
  • AsRaw (EX9.Texture Photoshop)
  • Photoshop (EX9.Texture).


Available for testing in latest alpha.
happy photopatching.

robotanton, Monday, Dec 22nd 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 7 comments  

Dear lovvvvers

Right before christmas we finally managed to have the ticketing online for #node15.

NODE is a one week vvvv injection and we encourage everyone to take the whole week of your time and come to Frankfurt. The weekpasses are available now!!! Travel plans can be made. If you have questions about accomodations etc. please contact us at ping@node-forum.org

When the final workshop schedule is online by early 2015 you'll be able to reserve your seats in specific workshops. Only then we'll also start selling tickets for individual days.

Regular Pass vs. Company Pass

We distinguish between Regulars (Non profit artists, students, aliens etc) and Companies (commercial deployment of the collected knowledge). We trust your valuation which ticket suites you the best.

We are working on the financial situation, but we are still reliant on selling the company passes very much.

How to reserve a workshop seat? By early 2015 - when the workshop schedule is online - a user account is created for you. After logging in you can reserve workshops via the schedule on the days your ticket is valid.

Everything you know is wrong!
The future will be confusing!

david, Monday, Dec 15th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

anonymous user login


~4h ago

h99: @guest "no guarantees"? @devvvvs: ??? @vvvvers wtf?

~4h ago

dottore: @guest: obviously :)

~4h ago

psylion: Last night in Mons Belgium #mons2015 http://youtu.be/kHBmqm3KMfs

~8h ago

Dorosp: @guest: Definitely interested for a vvvv50 uk demo.

~9h ago

vasilis: @guest: yes!!

~11h ago

AndyC: @guest vvvv50 yes!

~17h ago

microdee: @guest: yep

~24h ago

jens.a.e: @motzi +1

~1d ago

guest: wovvvv!