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here is to you the latest and greatest: vvvv_45beta33
in other words: bestest release evvvver.


some highlights from the changelog:

  • optimized patch redrawing (should also reduce occurances of infamous IOBox bug)
  • added a command to cleanup patches with corrupt links. see: corrupt-link-inside-reader-(string)
  • a patch with evaluate=0:
    • now now allows default patching/panning: gui-strange-behaviour
    • shows a "NO" cursor when hovering input pins indicating that you cannot change those

code editor

  • for each file only one editor will be open
  • completion window for HLSL will only popup when pressing Ctrl + Space. It will also only show predefined functions and parameters as no proper AST for HLSL available.

new nodes

  • MouseMatch (Mouse) node able to detect certain mouse events like up/down/wheel and click
  • SplitAt (T) node - splits a spread at given position into two subspreads

fixed nodes

  • AsRaw (EX9.Texture) now ~30 times faster
  • DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Raw) now ~10 times faster

For the following two goodies please head over to the Addonpack release announcement:

  • the new (ultramodular) PolygonEditor by vvvv meisterschüler dominikKoller
  • the html-texture upgrade sponsored by meso

Also restless robotanton has been continuing work on the documentation bringing to you everything we know about Video (and specifically syncing them) in vvvv with a shiny new section in the girlpowers:


that is accompanied by a rework of the Video section of the documentation.

If you like what you get and are a non-commercial user consider pressing the button below:

have a good patch,
yours devvvvs.

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

may i have your attention please.

two major things in the addonpack this time:

HTMLTexture update
Everybody say thanks to meso for sponsoring an upgrade of the HTMLTexture nodes to now make use of CEF3, see htmltexture-node-using-cef-3-now

vvvv meisterschüler dominikKoller gives to you: The PolygonEditor (2d) which following the tradition of vvvvs other editors (Point, Grid, Mesh) is patched from the ground up (including multiselection, snapping, keyboard-interaction, serialization,...). Only this time in a quite modular manner allowing you to easily adapt its functionality to your personal needs. Also with a beautiful seperation between model and view allowing you to easily adapt this to DX11. For a first usecase, see the revamped: badmapper.

Plus the usual smaller fixes, as you can see in the changelog linked below. thanks everyone for your contributions.

Want to support individuals who contributed? Find them on the list of flattrable vvvv users.

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who Abduct
When Sun, Sep 7th 2014 - 19:07 until Sun, Sep 7th 2014 - 23:07
Where MÜSZI Community and art center , Blaha Lujza square 1., 1085 Budapest (Corvin Shopping Mall III.), Entrance from the Somogyi Bèla, big green door With muszi logo, Ring the bell if the door is closed, Budapest, Hungary

shuffle room

Shuffle Room is an interactive audiovisual installation designed to completely submerge the audience in a rich 360º navigable sonic environment.
The piece uses a quadrophonic audio engine and an edge-blending multichannel projection transforming the room into an immersive audiovisual experience where converged mashups of abstract geometric objects and micro sound textures are emitted at high intensity and frequency, while they are also constantly seamlessly coordinated in a coherent whole.
Centrally located, a monolith shaped physical object enables the audience to have complete control over their surrounding using said multi-touch interaction device. It invites participation of the audience, and once it receives feedback from an audience member, the whole space awakes with activity, provokes further experimentation by the observer. Their fingertips now become the environment, and the observer becomes a conductor of his own audio visual experience.
The exhibition explores the possibilities of a limited space and represents an ever-evolving state of shape and sound where new patterns are constantly emerged and rearranged. It creates dialogue between the audience and the environment exploring modes of interaction and responsiveness, input and output, human intuition and curiosity.
Inside the custom built touch reactive interface, a real-time simulation software is situated, making use of various technologies and protocols all routed up in VVVV in conjunction with custom programmed audio engine running in Usine.
Participating in this exhibition, the observer is highly empowered to become part of the exhibition, part of the world he is now in charge of manipulating. The sheer spontaneity of interacting and changing such a complete set of multimedia, fully covering the main senses, introduces a specific state of mind that is unique and leaves an imprint with lasting effects.
Shuffle Room is developed as a collaborative work between Saso Puckovski (MKD) and Rodrigo Guzman (MEX), to be premiered on 7th of September at the art centre MÜSZi in Budapest, Hungary.


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I am from Japan

mino, Monday, Sep 1st 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 4 comments  

I am from Australia

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I am from Australia

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I am from Australia

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I am from Australia

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I am from Japan

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I am from Switzerland

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