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Who Intolight, Laterne, Marko Ritter, Robert Willner, Erich Querner, Lukas Baubkus
When Mon, Oct 20th 2014 - 15:00 until Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 - 20:00
Where Altes Wettbüro, Antonstr. 8, 01099, Dresden, Germany

We offer a two day beginner and advanced vvvv based VJ workshop
Workshop content:

  • audioreactive graphics
  • animated graphics
  • mapping techniques / objekt mapping

Registration via: vjworkshop@dave-dresden.net
More information (german):http://www.dave-dresden.net/im-vorfeld-von-dave-vj-workshops-mit-intolight-und-laterne/

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Who david, nodeforum, node+code, fjen
When Thu, Oct 9th 2014 - 20:00 until Thu, Oct 9th 2014 - 20:00
Where basis Frankfurt, Gutleutstrasse 8-12, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

NODE+CODE #October _Lauren McCarthy_

You, me and my computer

A Talk with Lauren McCarthy, artist and programmer

Can we use technology to help us be more human? To smile more, to touch and to listen to each other? What if a computer could make decisions about our social relationships better than we could ourselves? Would our interactions be improved by algorithmically determining what to do and say? What happens if we crowdsource our dating lives and actually find love? In this talk Lauren McCarthy attempts to understand these questions through an artistic practice involving hacking, design, and self-experimentation.

Lauren McCarthy is an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is full-time faculty at NYU ITP, a Berkman Center affilliate, and recently a resident at CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and Eyebeam. Her work explores the structures and systems of social interactions, identity, and self-representation, and the potential for technology to mediate, manipulate, and evolve these interactions. She is fascinated by the slightly uncomfortable moments when patterns are shifted, expectations are broken, and participants become aware of the system. Her artwork has been shown in a variety of contexts, including the Conflux Festival, SIGGRAPH, LACMA, the Japan Media Arts Festival, Share Festival, File Festival, the WIRED Store, and probably to you without you knowing it at some point while interacting with her.

lauren-mccarthy.com / p5js.org / @laurmccarthy

Free entrance, be on time and link up:
Facebook Meetup Twitter

Supported by
Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main

tnkstn, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

It's been a little while since last DirectX11 update, so since beta33.1 is out let's sync the boys and have a one day release.

Most work on last build has been to fix bugs, but of course there are some new nodes/options/examples.

So here is the (non) exhaustive changelog:

Bug fixes:

  • Fix render states not resetting properly if an error was caused during render
  • Fix Mip change on temp target renderer (was not locking the right texture).
  • Fix memory allocation issue on Quad layer node (from azeno)
  • Dynamic buffers should be faster in most cases, same speed in worst case, and consume less memory.
  • DynamicTextures (Value and Color) : now upload correctly for small textures, faster upload, better memory handling in both cases.
  • FrameDelay will send a warning if it is fed a depthbuffer, but won't crash
  • Fix issue in BubbleNoise texture fx
  • Shared Texture fix for 64 bits.
  • Fix texture coordinates in Polygon geometry
  • Bone matrices from models were not transposed
  • Fix memory leak in gsfx and autolayout. Also reduced the frequency for layout rebuild.
  • TextLayout node was not updating on enums change (alignment)
  • Texture FX can now use iterations at pass level.
  • Fixed issue (on alpha build only, with TextureFX resource release)
  • Fix issue in topology node not updating at times.
  • Fix bounding box not copied on geometry shallow copies
  • Fix Nil issue on dynamic buffers
  • Fix Line (DX11) module crashing on ATI
  • Fix Sampler pin on shaders not changing correctly.

Changed nodes:

  • Writer Nodes (Texture 1/2/3d) now have a create folder toggle (disabled and hidden by default)
  • Texture Array Renderer has option to bind the whole render target instead of do one pass per slice (so slice selection can be done in Geometry shader).
  • Texture Array renderer can now create mips

New nodes:

  • Viewport validator (selects on viewport at object level).
  • SelectViewport (DX11.Layer), replacement for Transformation index pin (removed)
  • DispatchIndirect
  • RawBuffer renderer
  • Skeleton Assimp loader node
  • Add Renderer (DX11.Buffer Advanced) which also allows to create counter buffers.
  • Writer (DX11.Texture 1d)
  • Renderer (DX11.StreamOut)
  • DepthPipet module from unc
  • Pipet module from unc
  • DistortFlow texture fx from unc
  • Lomograph texture fx from unc
  • InputElement Join Advanced
  • All bullet nodes, in both 32 and 64 bits flavour


  • Dispatch indirect sample
  • Fix some examples so they could work on sm4/sm4.1 thanks joreg
  • more examples from joreg, check overview in girlpower root
  • Sampler State example
  • Depth Pre pass example
  • Depth rebind example

Side note 1:

Please submit bugs here, this is much easier for me to track (it's very easy for your bug to be lost in forum within 2 days):

Side note 2:

If a few kind users would like to give me a hand for help patches/girlpower examples please manifest yourselves ;)

Download from directx11-nodes-alpha and enjoy

vux, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 9 comments  

helo patcherpeople,

here is the third release in the 33-series just exactly a month after the last one. Mostly bugfixes and specifically quite a performance-boost. So updating is highly recommended.

For more details about the 33-series see the changelog and the previous announcements:

And in case you missed it, go checkout http://node15.vvvv.org

joreg, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  


this is the addonpack for beta33.3. mostly bugfixes as far as i can see. until people add their stuff the changelog you can have a look at the recent pullrequests against the repo: https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed

thanks everyone for your fixes.

joreg, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who Game Science Center, VR Meetup Berlin, Leap Motion, Berlin Mini Jam, IndieCade
When Sat, Oct 18th 2014 - 20:00 until Sat, Oct 18th 2014 - 23:30

Leap mounted on a Rift DK2

On the 18th, we're hosting a free entry development night for Motion Controls and Virtual Reality at Game Science Center in Berlin. We'd love to have developers over who want to show their projects or ideas. We're also going to give away Leap motion hardware.

For more details as they are added, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1535626113336095/

There will be a talk by Leap engineer Isaac Cohen, Leap and VR demo's, and a kickoff to the Leap Motion Jam, that starts on the 19th. You can get hardware to participate in the jam here as well.

Interested? If you have a project or idea, let us know! kontakt@gamesciencecenter.de

GameScienceCenter, Thursday, Oct 9th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who fleg, joreg
When Fri, Oct 10th 2014 until Wed, Oct 22nd 2014
Where Mohsen Art Gallery, No. 42, East Mina Blvd, Farzan Street, Naji Street, Teheran, Iran


Teheran annual digital art exhibition

TADAEX has been established as an annual program with a mixture of fascination, curiosity and hope to the future of contemporary art and a commitment to share, introduce and promote digital and inter-disciplinary art with the help of international platforms.

With the support of the Goethe Institute Teheran, for the 2014 edition NODE - Forum for Digital Arts http://node.vvvv.org is one of these platforms and through this of course the vvvv world.

For the full schedule including an openframeworks and a pure-data workshop see:

fleg and joreg will give an introductory two-day workshop to get beginners accustomed to the world of vvvv followed by another two-day workshop focusing on stage design.

Who's joining?

joreg, Wednesday, Oct 8th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

Who vvvv
When Sat, Oct 11th 2014 until Sun, Oct 12th 2014
Where Digital October, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, Moscow, Russia

большой привет,

Circle of light said
The educational program of IV Moscow international festival "Circle of Light" is aimed at both professionals in the field of media arts, multimedia technologies, video mapping and lighting design, and mainstream audience, who is interesting in production such large events as the Olympic opening / closing ceremonies, world music stars concerts, big city events, interactive installations and light shows.

Dear Guests, during the event it is necessary to carry proof of identity!

да, сэр!

I know you're only interested in vvvv but you should have a look at all the other большой stuff they have in the educational program. Just a look and then go here:

Goal of the Workshop: Ripp off 20hz by semiconductor

Know of some more vvvv during Circle of Light? Let us all know in the comments. Looking forward to see you there.

joreg, Tuesday, Oct 7th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who signalfestival, woei
When Sun, Oct 19th 2014 - 14:00 until Sun, Oct 19th 2014 - 18:00
Where Plovoucí galerie (A)void, Prague, Czech Republic

While years ago abstract computer images were considered op-art or simply computer-graphics, the recent rising of coding-frameworks, interfaces for third-party plug-ins and accessibility of graphics card power has simplified the application of algorithms as design strategy. Hence algorithmic elements have emerged within ‘classic’ design fields like graphic design, architecture, and animation. This workshop will explore the common styles and methods of generative design while explaining the algorithms -from applying simple tricks, to directing complex systems- and present the ways to implement those in VVVV (the basic knowledge of which is mandatory).

Tutor: woei
Capacity: 15 people
Price: 300 CZK

The workshop will only be held if there are enough participants.

woei, Tuesday, Oct 7th 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

Who id144
When Fri, Oct 17th 2014 - 11:00 until Fri, Oct 17th 2014 - 17:30
Where Czech Center, Rytířská 539/31, Prague - Old town, Czech Republic

Kinect: Interaction for design and art
workshop is part of Signal festival Prague

We will explore the possibilities of depth sensors such as Kinect in the context of site-specific art and interactive installations.

These sensors do not see how things look, they see where things are. This allows us to use the for complex yet easy to create interactions for public and private space. During the workshop, we will design and prototype public art installation using sensor Kinect and PC. We will also explore basics of binary logic, how could we use it in real space and real situations for public games, social experiments, interaction design? We will use the creative coding framework VVVV, however prior knowledge of this tool is not required. Workshop is suitable for artist and designers curious about innovative tools.

Workshop instructor is Andrej Boleslavsky. Reserve your place, workshop capacity is limited to 10 people. Participation fee is 19EUR. The workshop will be held in Slovak, or English per request/need.


If possible, please bring your own laptop with the Windows operating system, Kinect sensor and install VVVV.

id144, Friday, Oct 3rd 2014 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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